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    Fall Palette Challenge: Sarai’s Moodboard

    Here’s the moodboard I put together for my Fall Palette Challenge. Mostly, this moodboard is all about the warm colors that are inspiring me for Fall right now: mustard, pumpkin,…

  • Finished Projects

    Fall Palette Challenge 2011!

    …is the Fall Palette Challenge? In a nutshell, it’s a 10-week challenge to get you thinking about sewing pieces that work together, coordinate, and work for you. It’s designed to…

  • Finished Projects

    Fall Palette Challenge Week 1: Golden floral Lonsdale

    …my next project (whether it’s completed or not). Some related posts you may be interested in: Fall Palette Challenge: In case you missed what this whole palette challenge business is…

  • Finished Projects

    Fall Palette Challenge Week 2: Glowing Clover

    …Moodboard: And here’s my palette and moodboard of inspiration. Your moodboards: Some of the inspiring moodboards from the forum. Fall Palette Challenge 2011: Intro to this year’s Fall Palette Challenge!…

  • Finished Projects

    Fall Palette Challenge Week 5: A Modified Meringue

    …all over it (Saint Tropez, Monte Carlo, Nice, Cannes, etc). Can you tell I’m obsessed with scarves? So that’s it for the Fall Palette Challenge from me this week! Hope…

  • Finished Projects

    fall palette challenge: caitlin’s moodboard

    Hi there! How’s your inspiration search going? I’ve put together my mood board for the Fall Palette Challenge using a bunch of images from my Pinterest boards. For this challenge

  • Finished Projects

    Fall Palette Challenge Week 3: Chevrons and velvet

    …this challenge Week 1: Golden floral lonsdale: The first dress for the challenge, a special anniversary dress. Week 2: Glowing clover: And my second project, some Clover pants for Fall….

  • Finished Projects

    Fall Palette Challenge: Your moodboards

    …Check out Sarai’s FPC Moodboard from last week. Caitlin’s Moodboard: And here’s my moodboard. Fall Palette Challenge intro: If you’re wondering what this is all about, read the intro post….

  • Studio

    Sneak Peek: Fall patterns, from inspiration to design

    …practical considerations? Or do you work more directly from your inspiration? A related post you might be interested in: Fall Pattern Inspiration: Inspiration for the upcoming patterns for Fall 2011…

  • Finished Projects

    Welcome to the Spring Palette Challenge

    {photo of the lovely Carlie in Eclair by the talented Lisa Warninger} Welcome to the Spring Palette Challenge, a 10 week challenge for creating a mini seasonal wardrobe based around…

  • Inspiration

    Palette Challenge – Spring & Summer 2012

    It’s that time of year again! I’m so happy that you guys are so enthusiastic about the new patterns. This year, I’ve decided to time the Palette Challenge to coincide…

  • Inspiration

    7 ways my planner helped me organize my fall sewing

    …is a goal you can actually accomplish and feel good about. My goal for Fall/Winter is to “create a mix-and-match capsule for Fall/Winter.” There’s also an area to list steps…

  • Wardrobe Architect

    The Wardrobe Architect: My Silhouettes

    …to dress pretty differently depending on the season. Fall and Winter Let’s start with Fall and Winter. These were really easy to throw together since it’s Winter now and I…

  • Finished Projects

    How I designed my fall wardrobe, part 1

    …I’ll talk about how I went from here to creating my list of projects I want to sew this fall/winter. Have you guys planned your fall sewing yet? Are you…

  • Finished Projects

    Palette Challenge: Caitlin’s Loopy Peony

    Hi there! How’s your palette challenge coming along? I’m so glad I decided to tailor this challenge to what I could actually manage because I’m zipping along with my three…

  • Wardrobe Architect

    Wardrobe Architect: May challenge

    …wearing a lot of deep browns in the fall and winter, it makes my wardrobe feel drab and heavy in the summer. Plus, giving yourself some seasonal variation in your…