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    The Colette Patterns Pants Fitting Cheatsheet

    fabric hanging vertically around the hips Narrow hips Remove width at the side seams (see Wide or Narrow Hip Adjustment) Back and Butt Symptoms Potential Issue Adjustments Excess fabric pooling…

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    Some pants fitting basics

    across the waistband. This may require both adjusting the waistband and the sway back alteration. This article is full of different types of adjustments, including sway back adjustment for the…

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    Choosing the right fabric: Clover

    Palette Challenge. Stretch This pattern calls for fabric with 1-3% lycra (AKA spandex). This isn’t because the pants have negative ease (i.e. smaller than your body measurements). It’s because they…

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    Fall Palette Challenge Week 2: Glowing Clover

    to the underlining with right sides together along the vertical seams, using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Then turn them right sides out, press, and sew your seams with a 3/8″…

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    Corded Pintuck Tutorial

    a-okay, practice sewing some designs! This part is so fun! First, draw on a few simple designs with a fabric marker and then sew as you normally would. Here are…

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    Seamwork 22: Power Dressing

    a classic turtleneck dress, appropriate for both the office and cocktails. Its body skimming shape and knit construction make this dress as easy to wear as it is to sew….

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    Blue Clovers with welt pockets

    They’re especially great for dressing up anything simple and tailored, like these pants or a simple little shift dress. I’d love to do a little video series on welt pockets,…

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    Tutorial: Sewing A Fly Front

    photos, how to sew a fly front. This type of zipper installation is usually seen on jeans, pants and shorts. Though sometimes you might see it on a straight skirt….

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    What We Made: Volume 7

    an outfit like this takes some serious time. One of my previous jobs was working with denim and making pants, so I am used to that sewing time frame –…

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    What could go wrong?

    pants. It was awful. I adjusted as best I could, and then resigned myself to the idea that they were total wadders, and it was 100% my own laziness that…

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    Featured Seamstress: Rachel

    time. Breastfeeding makes those kinds of outfits near impossible. This outfit has therefore been my ‘uniform’ of late. It is flattering and stylish, yet totally practical. I was so excited…

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    Wardrobe Architect – Plan Your Sewing!

    our queues. Seasonal Sewing Here in Portland we’re already seeing the first signs of spring! That means all of those remaining cold weather garments in my sewing queue such as…

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    Issue 24: Stay at Home

    sewing master shares her story, tips, and industry techniques, by Katie Whittle. Block Paper Scissors: Turn Charlotte into a nightgown with side slits, by Anna Aguirre. Creative Risks: Kristine Vejar…

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    What We Made Volume 5

    it’ll look good with slim pants, sheaths, pencil skirts, and fitted knit dresses. That’s mostly what I wear already. Since the sleeves are a bit cropped, I may knit some…

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    What We Made Vol. 3

    finding something with an exciting texture was key. Anna’s Sunny Hawthorn Finally, meet Anna! Anna’s just joined us as a production assistant, helping to prepare and layout patterns. She’s been…

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    Seamwork Issue 10

    custom fabric at home, by Melissa Dettloff. Behind the Seams: A look inside a 1970s Victor Costa Dress. The Seamworker’s Guide to Los Angeles: Get to know this sprawling city…

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    Fall Palette Challenge Week 3: Chevrons and velvet

    this challenge Week 1: Golden floral lonsdale: The first dress for the challenge, a special anniversary dress. Week 2: Glowing clover: And my second project, some Clover pants for Fall….

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    Detail Inspiration: Trousers

    As a continuation from last week’s post in celebration of the new patterns release, I’ve got an inspiration post with some fantastic ideas that would mesh well with the Juniper…

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    Palette Challenge: Wide legs and deep pockets

    that linen is known for. I’m wearing them with a coral pink silk sorbetto. My only challenge with these pants was the length. I think wide leg pants look best…