Blog tour and big giveaway for The Colette Sewing Handbook!

All through the month of November, I’ll be participating in a blog tour to help share The Colette Sewing Handbook with the world!

As many of you know, with this book I really wanted to create something that would be a guide to more thoughtful, beautiful, and engaged sewing. That’s why I tried to cover topics that aren’t always well represented in sewing books, such as planning out projects, learning about different types of fabric, and getting a good fit. These are the types of things I wish I’d learned first thing, rather than through years of trial and error. And of course, I wanted it to be very visual and hands on.

You’ll get a chance to see some of that in the posts on the blog tour, as well as some interviews and giveaways.


I’m also doing a giveaway right here, for a copy of the book (signed, of course!) and five patterns of your choice. All you have to do is leave a comment here letting me know your favorite pattern (either from the book or the shop), and I’ll draw a winner on Dec. 5, once the tour is over.

This giveaway is open to everyone, and I will ship worldwide!

ETA: We have a winner! Congratulations to Renee, who was randomly chosen by the random number generator, with her comment:

“I’ve been waiting for a book like this one! My favorite would be……….the Lady Grey coat! I love it!”

Tour Schedule

Here’s the schedule for the tour. Visit these guys for more fun posts, reviews, examples of things they’ve made, and giveaways!

Nov 2: Craft Buds – interview and giveaway
Nov. 3: Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing – lace insertion tutorial for the Licorice dress
Nov. 4: Sewaholic – book excerpt
Nov. 8: Flossie Teacakes – Interview with Sarai and book review
Nov. 8: A Fashionable Stitch – book excerpt and review
Nov. 9: Pink Chalk Studio – Book review
Nov. 10: Craft Gossip – Interview with Sarai and giveaway
Nov. 11: Bolt Fabric – book review
Nov. 14: True Up: Fabric Fives with Sarai
Nov. 15: Frolic! – On styling the book’s photos
Nov. 15: Threads Magazine – Giveaway
Nov. 16: Whipstitch – book review
Nov. 16: Honey Kennedy – Styling ideas
Nov. 17: A Dress a Day – Interview with Sarai
Nov. 18: Not Martha – book review
(break for Thanksgiving week)
Nov. 28: Casey’s Elegant Musings – Project Planning, book excerpt and Casey’s thoughts
Nov. 29: MADE – giveaway
Nov. 30: Sew Weekly – book review
Nov. 30: Oh! Fransson – Elizabeth’s version of the Taffy pattern
Dec. 1: Sew Mama Sew – Guest post from Sarai on grainlines

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Beignet is my favourite – it’s the first Colette pattern I made, the one that inspired me to buy so many of your other patterns. There are so many possibilities with fabric and colour, and it’s easy enough for me to create!


So hard to pick one! I think I’ll go for the Macaron dress, I already made 2 and only got positive responses to it. And I’m ordering a copy of the book today, because I can’t wait :-)


It’s hard to choose, but I just made my first Crepe and I love it so much. I can’t wait to make more (and to get the book!).

Joseph Tolman

I like the Negroni, but I’m sure my wife would also want a pattern or two for herself!

Tonya Richard

Being fairly new to your patterns, I have lots of favorites. I would say the dress that I want to make next after I make my Clovers would be the Macaron. I love that dress! Can’t wait to read all the posts on your blog tour.


Chantilly is my favorite, I can’t wait to sew it!


Oh, what a giveaway!!! My favorite is Macaron; I was surprised at how easily it came together, and how beautiful it looks. And looking through photos and reviews, flattering on all!


My favorite pattern is Clover because those pants are stylish and classic, versatile, and universally flattering. How is that even possible? I’m so excited to get my hands on your new book. It looks beautiful. Congratulations!

Anna | Mormor hade stil

Wow this is so exciting! I love just every Colette pattern I’ve seen, but my favorite is definitely the Ceylon.


I love Negroni and I think my hubby would love it. He never likes the patterns he sees.


Lady Grey is my favourite, and also the only one I own. :)


Without a doubt, I love Nutmeg! I was hesitant to try it at first because I’ve never sewn lingerie but it was so easy and it came out gorgeous! (Jasmine comes in at a really close second).


I think my favorite is the Peony, but it’s so hard to choose! What a fantastic giveaway.


I love the Clover pattern, and I’m in the middle of a cute Sorbetto. I love the simple patterns that we can all put our own touch on, though many of the others are quite beautiful as well. Congratulations on the book!


I love Violet! I haven’t been able to work with it yet, but I’ve been looking for a sweet Peter Pan collared shirt forever!

Little Miss S

I love the Crepe dress. Just my style. Or Peony. Or… Well, I could see myself in your whole collection. Congratulations on the book.


How excellent! Looking forward to following the tour. I just got my first patterns and am going to be cutting my first Jasmine next week, but I’m working up in skill level to do my favorite, Lady Grey.


Wowza! Picking a favorite pattern is hard… I’ve made & loved Beignet, Clover, Rooibos and Ceylon and I have a few more patterns just waiting for the perfect fabric. But if I have to choose, maybe Nutmeg? I adore the vintage-y details and I’d love to make a lingerie set in luscious lightweight silk as soon as I gain the confidence! The book looks wonderful, too and if the chapters are anything at all like your blog posts, it’ll be invaluable as a must-have sewing resource.


I love Rooibos from the first time I saw it somewhere, that’s how I discoverd you:))


My favorite pattern from the shop is definitely the Crepe pattern – my first Colette dress, and made in my signature colors! I probably make the Sorbetto pattern most often because it is just perfect for all seasons.

Thanks so much for hosting this!!!


You might as well ask me to decide which of my pets I like best. I haven’t met a colette pattern I didn’t like. Right now I’m the most EXCITED about Peony.


Oh, my goodness – what a tour! I can’t wait! There is never a lack of awesomeness coming from you guys.

My favorite (right now! It cycles..!) is the Jasmine blouse, that perfect bow! And my next favorite is going to be the Licorice dress. Just so you know.


I love the Chantilly. Yay for your book. How exciting!! Can’t wait to see what else the future holds!


I have an abiding love for Macaron: it’s classic but modern shape, the endless possibilities for variation. My next project will be Peony, and I can’t wait to tackle it! The pattern I’m most looking forward to in the book is Pastille.


Oh goodness, I think my all-time favorite (at the moment) is the macaron. Simple to make and terribly cute, and also various programs autocorrect it to “macaroni,” and that’s fun. I’m also very excited to make peony and clover.


What a great giveaway! Can’t wait for the blog tour and more peeks of the book! I’ve made the Chantilly twice now and I just love it. I wore it to my brother’s wedding last weekend and got a ton of compliments!

Amanda Trakselis

Peony! It is a gorgeous dress. I have the pattern and am looking for the perfect fabric.


Oh, I am really in love with the Roobios pattern! I have seen a lot of lovely crepes, too… can’t wait to read through the blog tour!


I love the Chantilly and Peony patterns….the two I don’t own yet! But I love the lines on those and hope to get them next.

Barbara J

Thank you for the generous giveaway. My favourite pattern must be Clover. The beginner skill level requirement is surely an incentive!

Brenda Marks

I’m going with the crepe dress today. Every time I see a review, I want to make one. But Oolong is next up for sewing.


So exciting! Congratulations! My favorite pattern is Clover!


Oh my, how exciting! I would love to win an autographed copy of your book!

It’s really tough to pick one favorite Collete Patterns pattern. I think I’d have to go with Peony because it’s so cute and versatile. I’m in the middle of sewing it, but I know I’ll love it. Also can’t wait to try Sencha — such an adorable classic look!


My favorite is the Jasmine blouse. I asked for that pattern (and a couple others!) for Christmas this year. :) I’m so excited for the blog tour. I read a couple of those blogs, but I haven’t heard of some of them yet!


I can’t wait to read your book (ask it to DH for Xmas) it is so gorgeous!!!! As all your work, of course. It is difficult to choose a favorite pattern, but I am in love with the elegant simplicity of Peony :) Thank you very much for this giveaway!

Rachel Morrow

All of your patterns are so lovely. They have such a past, classic feel. I love Ceylon. It reminds me of beautiful dresses my grandma would wear in photograhs, probably that she made herself. I love how you can do so many variations of this classicly unique dress.

Sharon Pickles

I have the book on order from Amazon, will be a while longer before the UK gets it though.
I have the Peony dress pattern and looking forward to giving it a go when I have found some fabric. Very exciting give away x


Yay!!!! My favorites are many but I’ll say Beignet and Ginger today.


What a fabulous idea, I love the blog tour!
Favourites… well I have to say Sencha because that’s the one I’ve made. I have Rooibos and Crepe lined up in my sewing room, but somehow 4 Sencha blouses have appeared before either dress. I think of the books, I’m most looking forward to Taffy. Or Pastille. I’m clearly not good at picking favourites.


Ooooh, I think my favorite is the Jasmine! I’m always putting skirts and dresses together on the fly, but I need a great pattern for blouses! I have so many fabrics in my stash that are itching to become pretty tops! ^_^


I like the Licorice dress the best :) Thanks for the giveaway!

Sara Upshaw

Wow, this would be amaaaaaazing to win! I so want this. My favorite pattern is the Macaron. Thanks for the chance!


Wow! Great giveaway :)

If I had to choose a pattern it would have to be the Chantilly dress, I’ve been thinking about ordering it but I feel guilty doing that before I finish my Parfait!

P.S. I can’t wait to get my copy of your book in the mail, I hope it’s in my mailbox today!

lauren king

I love all of your patterns. Although, of the ones I made the Crepe is my favorite. I made it as part of a class at Modern Domestic. I loved every minute of the class and I adore the fabric. I wore the dress to three weddings last summer!

Susan B

I love your Sorbetto Tank Top pattern. Thank you for the opportunity.

lisa g

i really love the macaron! though i haven’t made it yet, it’s very high on my list of sewing projects! good luck with the new book, it looks very useful and inspirational. can’t wait to have my own copy!


I heart the beignet skirt!


It’s a tie between Macaron and Beignet. I can’t decide!!!


I love the Peony dress. Hopefully my husband takes my not so subtle hints regarding my birthday presents.


I love Beignet! And having followed along since you released your very first patterns, I wanted to say, well done Sarai. Everything is lovely, the patterns, the blog, the website, and the book. Congratulations.


I love Clover and I really need some pants so it works out.

Petra dijkstra

In The Netherlands there is no sewing community to speak of, so i am happy that i can find inspiration, encouragement and beautiful patterns here! Favourite pattern is eeeehm, crepe, no! Eeh.. Parfait! Difficult to chose, but if i have to chose it will be Rooibos. thanx for the inspiration and your lovely book, i hope i will win, otherwise i know what i will get myself for christmas this year ;)


I love the Ginger skirt. And this book is on my Amazon Wish List, so if I don’t win, I’m still planning to get the book. Yay!


wooo,what an awesome giveaway! (and there are many more to come!!!)
my fav pattern is Violet(it was hard to pick one). ever since it came out, I am dyeing to try it out. maybe once my pregnant belly is gone, I ‘ll get to make myself one :)


I would love to sew a macaron dress. It´s modern but retro, elegant yet comfortable.
And, definitly, the clover pants.


I love the peony dress pattern. I love the retro look with a modern update. I’ve preordered my book and can’t wait for it to arrive. Wishing you every success with the book.


Your sewalong has made me most anxious to try the Clover pants. I can promise you that those will make it on my Xmas list (assuming I won’t win this!). thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway! Kelly


My favorite is cinnamon. I look forward to seeing the book!


what a generous giveaway!! I think my favorite pattern has to be the cinnamon slip!


I really love the new Peony pattern. The boat neck is great, and it’s the perfect dress. Congrats on the book, I can’t wait to see it!

Ashley Little

Can’t. Choose! I think I’ll have to go for Crepe. It looks great in many different fabrics, and I can wear a cardigan over it and stretch it into winter!


I love pretty much all the patterns, but I’m super-excited about Peony right now. Congratulations on the book! I’m looking forward to reading it.


I love Ginger the best!! I don’t know how to sew (yet!) but I plan on making Ginger someday. Its the first pattern that I saw that really made me want to learn how to sew. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the book and start learning!


I love your Macaron pattern. I think it’s so sweet and stylish. I’d love to try some of the newer ones. Thanks for the chance!

Cynthia Froman

I love them all, but Ceylon is my favorite. I love the yoke. Such pretty vintage lines.


May I choose more than one? Macaron, Chantilly, & all of the rest! My friends at UPS are supposed to deliver my copy today & I can’t wait to tear that box open.


It’s hard to pick one favorite, but I think the one I love the most is Ceylon. I love the vintage vibe it has and I think it’s a great canvas for adding your own personal touches.


Congratulations on your book! I love Oolong: bias, no fasteners, perfect. :) Thank you for the amazing giveaway!


My favourite patterns are Crepe and Lady Grey. I’m actually in the process of making the Lady Grey coat, but progress is slow due to time constraints.


My current fav is Crepe…but Lady Grey is pretty nice too!
Congrats on the book!


I love the new Clover pants pattern, such a classic style. Congrats on your book.


I love, love, love violet! So flattering and beautiful. I feel so pretty in this shirt!


So hard to choose one favorite pattern, so I will pick two. I love the Crepe and the Ginger patterns.

Bree Crocetti

I just finished my second ginger skirt! Thanks for creating these lovely patterns!


My favourite pattern is Lady Grey. I love coats!

Perpetual Beginner

I’ve been in love with the Crepe dress ever since I first saw it, easily my favorite of your patterns, though the Lady Grey is lovely too. I’ve been eyeing a few other patterns as well, but those two hit my buttons just right.


My favorite pattern is probably the Sencha or the Crepe dress. Both of them I’ve been wanting to try out for a while!

Congrats on the early release for the book and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!


The Chantilly dress is my favorite! The new peony is also very nice. All of your work is so lovely!


So far, I’ve made the Sencha blouse and the Parfait dress, and love them both.
I would now like to try the Ginger skirt or the Clover pants. But really would enjoy making any of your patterns.
And I read your interview on the French threadandneedle site. It was really interesting.
Congrats on the book. I wanted to order it but learnt from the Lilweasel shop that she would get the French version. So, I am waiting for it.


:) There’s never enough of good sewing books, in my humble opinion, don’t you think?
Talking about patterns… I really like most of Colette patterns and been eyeing Violet for a while now :))

Lynne L.

I think my favorite pattern will end up being the Pastille. I’ve been dreaming about making it up in charcoal wool, aqua linen and a crimson silk and the endless ways I can alter little details that will keep me coming back to this pattern over and over. I also can’t wait to make it without the top, because that skirt is absolutely darling.


I still want the Chantilly dress. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


I love your site and check it everyday. My favorite pattern is Violet (or maybe there’s a tie with Macaron?).


What a great giveaway! My absolute favorite so far is the Macaron, but then again, I haven’t been through all patterns yet.


I like Lady Grey

Kim S.

The book looks fantastic. My favorite pattern is crepe.


Ginger is my favorite. And I think it’s going to be my next project.


Beignet. I’ve made one and now I’m working on a nicer one. Nicer meaning using a woollen fabric my grandmother gave me as a christmas present about 10 years ago (with a note saying that I should make a skirt out of it) and making 11 bound buttonholes.

I just really, really love the tiny waist-effect.


I think the Peony dress is my favorite


Ceylon is my favorite pattern from the shop.


How exciting!! I’ve already ordered a copy but to have one to give as a gift would be amazing, not to mention the patterns since many of my favorite me-made garments are made from Colette Patterns.

I’m not sure I could live without the Rooibos, I just foresee making variations on it for years to come, but in terms of patterns I don’t have, my favorite is likely the Parfait. Everyone looks good in it and I can’t wait to try my hand at it in the spring.


Such a hard choice but I love Chantilly!

Rarer Borealis

While Macaron is my favorite design, I’d ultimately have to say the new Peony pattern has the most versatility and would be a pattern to return to.


I love the free Sorbetto pattern because of how versatile it is. Also am really excited about the book! I wish I was still in Portland to attend the release party. Cheers!


Must I really pick just one? Even though I am super new to apparel making, I am SO smitten with the Lady Gray coat–as soon as I’m confident in my skills, that will be mine!

Helen Bennett

I absolutely love the style of the Ceylon Dress but for pure ease of construction for someone who’s new to sewing I love the Crepe dress and the Ginger skirt – both those patterns got me hooked on sewing my own clothes!


My favorite pattern is the Ceylon. I have been drooling over your patterns and can’t wait to get your book as well. The clothes seem magnificent and I am excited to try my own hand at them.


I excitedly expecting my pre-ordered copy to ship from Amazon! But I’d have to say that my favorite pattern so far is Jasmine, even though I haven’t made one yet. I’m looking forward to making one in navy and white!


The Ceylon is so unique and adaptable making it my favorite. I’m looking forward to reading the blog tour posts. There are a lot of sites I haven’t heard of in the list too. It’s always fun to find new, interesting blogs.


I love the idea of a blog tour! great publicity for all around – and I can’t wait to see the posts!

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