Blog tour and big giveaway for The Colette Sewing Handbook!

All through the month of November, I’ll be participating in a blog tour to help share The Colette Sewing Handbook with the world!

As many of you know, with this book I really wanted to create something that would be a guide to more thoughtful, beautiful, and engaged sewing. That’s why I tried to cover topics that aren’t always well represented in sewing books, such as planning out projects, learning about different types of fabric, and getting a good fit. These are the types of things I wish I’d learned first thing, rather than through years of trial and error. And of course, I wanted it to be very visual and hands on.

You’ll get a chance to see some of that in the posts on the blog tour, as well as some interviews and giveaways.


I’m also doing a giveaway right here, for a copy of the book (signed, of course!) and five patterns of your choice. All you have to do is leave a comment here letting me know your favorite pattern (either from the book or the shop), and I’ll draw a winner on Dec. 5, once the tour is over.

This giveaway is open to everyone, and I will ship worldwide!

ETA: We have a winner! Congratulations to Renee, who was randomly chosen by the random number generator, with her comment:

“I’ve been waiting for a book like this one! My favorite would be……….the Lady Grey coat! I love it!”

Tour Schedule

Here’s the schedule for the tour. Visit these guys for more fun posts, reviews, examples of things they’ve made, and giveaways!

Nov 2: Craft Buds – interview and giveaway
Nov. 3: Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing – lace insertion tutorial for the Licorice dress
Nov. 4: Sewaholic – book excerpt
Nov. 8: Flossie Teacakes – Interview with Sarai and book review
Nov. 8: A Fashionable Stitch – book excerpt and review
Nov. 9: Pink Chalk Studio – Book review
Nov. 10: Craft Gossip – Interview with Sarai and giveaway
Nov. 11: Bolt Fabric – book review
Nov. 14: True Up: Fabric Fives with Sarai
Nov. 15: Frolic! – On styling the book’s photos
Nov. 15: Threads Magazine – Giveaway
Nov. 16: Whipstitch – book review
Nov. 16: Honey Kennedy – Styling ideas
Nov. 17: A Dress a Day – Interview with Sarai
Nov. 18: Not Martha – book review
(break for Thanksgiving week)
Nov. 28: Casey’s Elegant Musings – Project Planning, book excerpt and Casey’s thoughts
Nov. 29: MADE – giveaway
Nov. 30: Sew Weekly – book review
Nov. 30: Oh! Fransson – Elizabeth’s version of the Taffy pattern
Dec. 1: Sew Mama Sew – Guest post from Sarai on grainlines

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Angela Hathaway

I would love to win a copy of your sewing handbook! I love all of your patterns and follow your blog like crazy. Can’t wait to try out the Clover pants. As of now…my favorite pattern is Rooibos….I’ve made a few, fits like a charm! Thanks for everything you do :)


Wow – my favorite pattern is such a hard choice – I love them all! I love the classic shape and how easy it is to add variations to Peony!


OH!!! This might be my chance of getting your book even in Belgium :oD (as a stay at home mom I just can’t afford the transport-costs at the moment :o( … sounds stupid I know … )
My favorite pattern is the Crepe, which I have already made and it looks awesome!
I must say though that the Peony is the next one I want to buy … looks so great!
This month is my birthday and I am hoping for some sponsoring from mom and dad lol)

Love your work and I will be following your tour!


My favourite pattern is a toss up between the Macaron and the Beignet. If I have to chose one then it would be ….. the Beignet skirt!!!


tough call, but I think my favourite pattern is the Crepe.


I love the Sencha top. Thanks so much for the chance to win your book, I’d be honored to win it!

Magpie Mimi

Wow! Thank you for such a wonderful competition! I love the Macaron pattern! I’d be so happy to win a copy of your book…if not it’ll be on my Christmas list for sure!

Ruth Leopardforce

I love the simplicity (and possibilities) of the Peony – plus I have to say I never thought a cummerbund could look so cool!


I love the Peony dress and also the Clover pants! Thank you for this opportunity and I hope your book is successful! best wishes.


My favourite is still Macaroon, with Clover coming a close second but just because I haven’t tried to sew it’s yet!


Hmmm, that’s a hard one. I love so many of your patterns and they have really been a catalyst to get me excited in sewing again and to build up my confidence. I fell in love with the polka dot Licorice dress when I saw it in your book preview, so will have to say that that one is my favourite pattern… for now any way :)


Woohoo!!! I’m sure the book will be a smashing success. Now a favourite pattern….that is a very difficult question you know. I love the Beignet, so versatile! I also love Lady Grey. There’s so many other patterns from you I have not yet had a chance to do. I’m sure I’ll love them.


I’ m not sure which is my favourite. Every time I look I see a fabric or a look that makes me go ‘wow I love that’. At a push I have to say Parfait is my current favourite as I’m eyeing that as my next (and first one) to make! Susan

Tiffany W

This is an awesome giveaway! My sewing skills are at a beginner level so I have sewn the Ginger and the Crepe to date. I love both! I am purchasing the fabric for the Clover this weekend. However, my desire is to get to an advance level to sew the Lady Grey which is my all time favorite. I really looking to the book.


The only pattern of yours I’ve made is the Sorbetto and I love it so much, I’m actually planning on making another one tonight! But I would love to make the Crepe, I love the lines and the fact that it’s a wrap dress!


I love your pattern line and so looking forward to the book. I just started checking my local bookstores shelves for it! My favorite pattern would have to be the Oolong and/or the Pastille that I made but I’m really looking forward to having a wardrobe of Clovers in all colors and all fabrics too. Good luck, but it seems this book is already a huge success.


Clover is currently my Colette Patterns fave, …which I just purchased from The Needle Shop in Chicago, (since the pants are so fitted am waiting to lose 5 lbs before starting the muslin!). Would enjoy (and will enjoy) reading the Colette Pattern Handbook this Winter.


I love the Lady Grey coat for it’s swingy-ness and it’s classic style. Thanks for creating such beautiful patterns!


I really love the Jasmine pattern but I think the Lady Grey is my fav from the ones I have not yet made!

So looking forward to the book but as the Book Depository is not shipping it yet I have a few more weeks to wait but no doubt the tour will give me plenty of inspiration in the meantime!

Katie B

I really love how Lady Grey turned out but I’m looking forward to Crepe!

Nicole Runde

This is awesome!! My favorite is Rooibos–I’ve made two so far as a result of the GREAT sewalong here, and it’s the first pattern I’ve really gotten to fit me well. I tell everyone about your patterns–I feel like a CP groupie. Thanks for the giveaway!


I think Ginger is my favorite; I keep on coming back to that pattern when I daydream about patterns. :) I’m excited for the book blog tour and will be following it closely!. :)


Wow!! What an amazingly generous giveaway! Thank you Sarai!
Even though I have yet to buy a Colette Pattern, my favorite would have to be Cinnamon. It can easily be made with a different fabric to make an adorable lounge outfit!


I am in love with the Clover pants. Flattering, beautiful, and versatile–that is my kind of pattern!


Love your work. Good luck with the tour. Of the patterns I have made my fav is the lady grey (made with Gerties sew along). Though I am loving the clovers I’ve seen made up. That’s on my ‘must sew’ list.


I quite like the Peony dress – unfortunately didn’t sew it yet. Thanks for the giveaway!


Favorite pattern: Sencha! Love the keyhole neckline and the simple pattern…

Katie B.

Awesome! I always loved Lady Grey, and your newest dress pattern- Peony. Simple and classic. I love it! :)


Ooh so many to choose from! I love a lot of them but the Meringue skirt has to be my favourite because I’m really looking forward to making it from your book! It looks simple yet cute!


I really love the parfait. It’s so versatile and I love it’s vintage yet modern look.


I’ve got most of the shop patterns on my Christmas wish list (marked with many *** to indicate the level of desire). But the one I most want to make would be the Macaron dress. It’s got pockets and I don’t have to worry about whether or not my bra will show. Plus the fabric combos are endless. Super Win!

Bec Clarke

Oh my goodness I hate having to choose a single pattern so here is 2 that I have on my wishlist.
I love the Crepe and the Nutmeg patterns.
Thanks for the chance to win this great prize.


How to pick a favorite?! I love the many Beignet skirts I’ve seen made up.


My favorite pattern is the Crepe, which I am just starting. I am learning how to sew and my first two garments were the Madeline Mini Bloomers (Modern Domestic class) and Sorbetto Top.


My fave pattern is the Beignet skirt, I think, though I also love Lady Grey and Crepe.


I have never sewed from your patterns but have been wanting to since when I discovered them. Your book will be the perfect way to start! I love TRUFFLE, it’s so elegant, timeless with a wonderful interesting twist.
Thank you for the giveaway and all the inspiration you give us!


My gasp at the giveaway just made my boyfriend come in the room to check I was OK! (how sweet)…… and how exciting!
I’ve had to make the favourite pattern decision recently when i had to decide which will be my first purchase and Jasmine won it for me. I am busting to finish my degree , get my free time back and dive right into some serious sewing time. I will post my results (of the Jasmine, not my degree :) – only 5 weeks to go….!


Amazing Giveaway! Congratulations on your book, I’d love to have it! I’d reallu like to make the Ceylon dress, I love the vintage feel of it.


Lady Grey is so beautiful, I would love one made with lovely black and a jewel tone purple lining (and purple stitching for interest on the belt) (drool). I am also in need of some nice fitting pants so the clover is a close second! Thanks!


I’d really love to try out the Peony! It’s so sweet and cute :)


Lisa in New Zealand

What a great giveaway! My favourite pattern would have to be Jasmine, such a lovely classic pattern.


Wow what a book, can’t wait for it to reach the UK…my favourite pattern is without doubt Parfait, it just looks so totally wonderful…one day I might pluck up the courage/confidence to actually make it…instead of just gloating over the pattern and the instructions…


Ah, how to choose just one pattern? Almost impossible… but if pressed, I’d have to say Ceylon – so flattering and very elegant. A very generous giveaway – thank you!

Tracey Wirth

I love all your patterns, but I think my favorite is the Rooibos dress!!! So cute, slimming, vintage looking! It’s the best!


My favorite is Chantilly, but I want to make sooo many!! Thanks for the giveaway, I’m such a fan of your patterns!


Oh what a marvellous giveaway! I love Peony, oh and Violet, and Ginger and……I could go on. Thanks Sarai for such great pattern designs. I can’t wait for the book to launch in the UK. :-)


i am new to sewing, having just started a dressmaking course in september, but i totally love the look of all your patterns, i am working on my first project in the class (sadly not a colette pattern, i only discovered you after i had started, and i felt i should stick with what i had started, hopefully i have a lifetime to stitch all the clothes i would want!)

but i have already bought the chantilly and rooibos and i think the truffle dress in the book looks absolutely gorgeous! i cannot wait to get onto these patterns!

good luck with your book xx


I’ve made two Gingers and am planning a third, but my favourite pattern has to be the Ceylon dress – it took three muslins to sort out the fitting, and now I’m about to cut the fashion fabric. It’ll be my swing-dancing-inspired wedding dress!


What an amazing giveaway! My favorite pattern is the Oolong, although I’ve never made it. It is so beautiful though


Congratulations on the release of the book! It looks utterly beautiful, stylish and useful. I adore pretty much all of your patterns, but my favourite is the Peony, which I hope to start sewing soon. Thank you for your fantastic blog and website. I’ve found it such a great help and inspiration for my sewing.


love clover & jasmine! can’t wait to try more…!


I have to say that I think the Clover pattern may be my favourite sooo far….I definitely want to make up all the patterns in the book!


<3 Chantilly. I keep putting off purchasing it because I need separates more than dresses!


Thank you for such an amazing giveaway and congratulations on your beautiful book. Your patterns are a joy to sew from, and my most recent favourite is Jasmine.


The Beignet was the first Colette pattern I was introduced to and it is still my favorite! I love the vintage feeling of the entire Colette collection and feel inspired that I could actually pick up one of your amazingly well-written patterns and produce something fashionable and custom-made while learning a few sewing tricks along the way. Congrats on the book launch and I look forward to diving into my personal copy soon!


The lady grey and beignet are two solid wardrobe staples for me! I enjoyed the process of making them almost as much as I enjoy wearing them. The rooibos pattern has been on my to-make list for quite some time, I hope to get around to that one soon.

Emma SL

After seeing some drop dead gorgeous versions on here – my favourite pattern would have to be Ceylon and I am totally kicking myself that I didn’t buy it last time!!! o/s shipping for one pattern would sting a bit much right now, and as much as I’d like to buy more to dilute the shipping cost, that would be even less helpful to the wallet *le sigh*


Love the beignet, although the clover seems amazing. So excited about the new book & your Portland launch party!


It’s so hard to choose because I love all of your patterns. I’m going to go with Sencha because it’s the first one that came to mind.

Congrats again on the book!


Wow, great giveaway! I think my favorite pattern might be a new one– the Jasmine! It’s such a good representative of Colette Patterns– feminine and classic, but just a wee bit cheeky!


Oh what a great idea to do a blog tour! I’d lurrrrve to win the giveaway. My favourite pattern is Beignet. It’s so versatile and wearable. I ‘ve already made three of them!

Ruth Nakamarra

Can’t wait to see the new book! My favourite of the new patterns would have to be a tie between the Peony and Truffle dresses :)


Thank you for having a giveaway! I can’t wait to open this book up and start dreaming in fabrics and patterns! i think my fav pattern so far is the Beignet skirt. I am a beginner and that’s how far i ventured. After finishing it nad reading your book, i will try the Clover pants. They seem the perfect pair of pants!
Once again, Thank you and Congrats on your book!


Very excited about the book– my roommate and I tried to find it in stores on its first day in print. My favorite pattern is Ceylon. It’s just BEYOND.

Susan – Knitters Delight

While I have purchased many of your patterns, my favorite is now Clover. I have made five so far and have the material for 2 more. It will be my version of “Seven days of Clover”. I always get comments about how thin I look, which is a huge bonus after having my first child 11 months ago. I have work versions, downtown versions, weekend cords versions, you name it! Very versatile.


My favorite pattern is Crepe, and my favorite part of the Crepe pattern is the instruction book!


I have to say the Eclair dress is one of my favorites it was also the first of your patterns I made so it has a special spot in my heart!

Jane Elise

I’m really looking forward to making the Taffy blouse. It is something that will extend my skills as I have minimal experience sewing with chiffon and cutting on the bias but the top is so gorgeously simple. And it is Spring here in Australia so I am sure I will wear it lots in the coming months!

Lauren Fitzgerald

It’s a tough call, but I think my favorite is the Rooibos dress. It’s a very flattering shape, with such thoughtful details. Congrats on the new book! Can’t wait to see it/win it!

Carol Carrier

Favorite pattern now is rooibos, but love them all


Awesome! I’ve got the book on preorder and I’m so looking forward to getting it! :D
My favorite pattern… gosh, they are all wonderful, but I think the Crepe dress. I love the neckline and the style of the skirt so much!


I love your Ceylon pattern. I have seen it pop up all over blogs and BurdaStyle – everyone looks amazing. I have bought the pattern and am just waiting for time to make it.

Laila Bee

My favorite pattern is the Macaron dress. It’s so adorable!

Natasha Jane

My favorite Colette pattern is the Macaron dress! I’ve used it multiple times. I also have my eye on the Peony dress!


i LOVE ceylon and have my fabric all ready for it. just want to get a few more projects under my belt so that i can do it justice


My current favorite is the Ceylon pattern, but I lust after them all!!

Patty Hatfield

I would love to win an copy of the book and patterns. I am new to sewing and so inspired by your designs!

Aurora Celeste

So hard! I love the Macaron dress and the Sencha blouse both!

Patty Hatfield

Forgot to say- Peony pattern is my new favorite!

Manette Gutterman

I love the Sencha blouse and the Rooibo dress (I’m sure I spelled that wrong). They’re both fab!


I hope Santa brings me your book. My favorite Colette Pattern is the Crepe dress.


I just love the Crepe dress. If forced to pick a favorite, it might have to be the one.
I am so excited for this book!


I cant wait to get the book! I think my favourite is… Violet. I was planning to ask for that and Peony for my birthday!


I think my favorite pattern (so far!) is the Ginger… it’s got so many easy variations…


I love the Peony pattern! It’s been the most flattering dress I’ve made since I’ve been sewing.


My favorite is Ginger. While I love the details on many of your other patterns, I love Ginger for it’s simplicity and versatility. It could be made 1000 different ways and still look fresh every time.


So hard to choose favourites! If I really HAVE to narrow it down, my two faves would definitely be the Rooibos dress and the Jasmine blouse. So stylish and elegant!


My favorite pattern is the Violet blouse. It’s charming and playful. I’m thrilled for the book release. Congratulations Sarai!


I really love chantilly. It’s such a classic feminine shape.


Oh what a great giveaway! I just got Ginger, which I have been eying since it came out, but I love the new Jasmin and Peony patterns. Thanks for such wonderful patterns and what I’m sure is a fantastic book.


I love Rooibos! It’s simple and straightforward, yet the tiny collar and the unusually shaped pockets make it special.

lyn l.

What a generous and fabulous way to celebrate your book! I hope I will be lucky in December!! My absolute favourite pattern is Chantilly…but seeing so many peonies blooming they are a close second :) Have a great ‘tour’!


I love Parfait! I made my first in light denim. It is versatile, flattering and comfortable.


I love your first dress patterns and have always loved the Macaron. So sweet.

Janelle P

I love the Ginger skirt because it looks like something pretty that I could actually make! (I am a beginner sewer)


What a generous giveaway! Thanks so much!

My favorite pattern is the Ginger skirt. It was my first skirt and I was shocked at how quickly and easily it came together.


I looooooove Jasmine and Ginger! Congratulations on your new book! I love what you do <3


Lady Grey! I’m still working up the courage.


I love the Jasmine blouse – simple, elegant and beautiful! The peony dress is also beautiful.


I love the Jasmine blouse! It’s so cute and stylish. Although I must say I really love my Crepe too.

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