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  • S***suit Inspiration

    Swimsuit. That word has always been a dirty word to me. That is, until this past year where I’ve learned quite a bit about sewing and realized I could make my own swimming suit (mind blown). I’ve always had a very short list of must haves in mind when buying a swimsuit as an adult. …

  • What We Learned from Me-Made May

    Me-Made-May has become a sewing community holiday. Every May, my Instagram feed (and I’m sure yours as well) is jam packed with me-made after me-made. This year we decided to participate as an office, posting our makes on the Colette and Seamwork Instagram daily, but five of us pledged to wear me-mades every day of …

  • Sewing Chatter: What’s your sewing superpower?

    When you were little, did you ever wish for a superpower? I wished to be able to time travel. I still haven’t really let go of the idea of superpowers, so I like to recognize my every day superpowers, many of which pop up while sewing. Just being able to dream of a garment and …

  • Sewing Chatter: Do you ever sew for glamour?

    I’ll wear a nightie a few times a year, usually only when summer is at its hottest. And by nightie, I mean something vaguely breezy with spaghetti straps. Otherwise, you’ll find me in sweats and an old concert tee. For some reason, I’ve shied away from the traditional idea of glamour in my wardrobe, because …

  • February Inspiration

    This month Anna gathered vintage imagery to inspire her spring sewing.

  • Sewing Chatter: Do you sew gifts for the holidays?

    We hope you are enjoying a relaxing holiday week. Currently, I am taking a break from adulthood in Disney World, and the rest of the team is scattered across the country from Georgia, to Texas, to Missouri, to Kansas, to California. I might be speaking for myself when I say this break is much needed …

  • Behind the scenes: Phoebe

    This year, our production team grew to include 4 awesome individuals. Phoebe was the first pattern that involved the whole new production team, so we thought it would be fun to share some behind the scenes peeks. Kris is our designer for both Colette and Seamwork patterns. We caught her in between researching and sketching …

  • September Sewing Inspiration

    What’s going on in my inspiration book this month, and the 3 patterns I plan to sew in September

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