Free Pattern to Download: The Madeleine Mini Bloomers


Valentine’s day is coming this weekend, and whether you love it or hate it, you must admit having something adorable to lounge around in makes any day that much sweeter. So I present to you the madeleine mini bloomers, a free sewing pattern that you can download! It takes only a yard of fabric (along with some elastic and ribbon), and an hour or two of sewing to whip up these pretties.

These are no prim and proper Victorian bloomers, as you can see. They sit low on the waist, and are scandalously brief. The back view is particularly flattering. The waistband is sewn with two rows of elastic, and the legs are cinched with a length of ribbon. With just two pattern pieces, a beginner who is comfortable with elastic and buttonholes can make these.

The pattern is put together like any Burdastyle pattern. You just print out the sheets and tape them together to form the pattern. It’s multi-sized for XS to XL, which encompasses the usual sizes 0-18 in Colette Patterns’ range.

Download the Madeleine Mini Bloomers pattern!

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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[…] j’avais beaucoup de tissu, j’ai complété le tout avec un caraco et le « Madeleine mini bloomer« , la meilleure surprise du lot. Je ne suis qu’à moitié contente de mes deux […]


very cute, but just one criticism – 33 inch bust and 25 inch waist is not a size 0! that’s an inch too big on the waist and 1-3 inches too big on the bust. i’d love to use your patterns, but they’re too big.


so alter it–alterine is SUPER easy, especially to make something smaller.


You also have to remember that pattern sizes are a lot different than the sizes we buy at the store. Just because you wear a 0 from the mall doesn’t mean it is a zero in patterns. :)

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[…] weekend I also started making a pair of these cute little bloomers, just for fun. They’re super close to being done, I just have to finish the leg […]

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[…] ondertussen. Zoals patronen aan elkaar tapen die ik afgeprint had. Onderstaande foto is van het Madeleine Bloomers patroon van Colette. Met zo warm weer zie ik dat wel zitten om daar met in mijn tuintje te loungen. […]


I’m sorry but I can’t understand how do I have to do waistband.


did you found out how to make the waistband??

Patrones 303 (April 2011) « the curious kiwi

[…] for some cute bloomers as underwear why don’t you check out Colette Patterns free download: Madeline Mini Bloomers, very […]


I just finished them. They’re so cute! I used a blue calico I had on hand. Left off the bows since I didn’t have ribbon and just put elastic around the leg openings. I will alter the waistband for the next one; I made the first hem too big so there isn’t enough cover on my rump. Wont be wearing them outside so it isn’t an issue.

Thank you for the pattern. I’ve decided to put together a Steampuk outfit and these are the perfect undies.


So glad you like them!


please, I don’t understand how to make the waistband :(


Alma, please try posting in our forum with the specific problem you’re having and perhaps someone can help you?

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[…] To go with all this, I added pajama bloomers using Collette’s fabulous pattern. […]

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[…] but I was pleased at actually having finished a sewing project, so bear with me.  These are the Colette Mini Bloomers that made the rounds on Craftster some time ago, and I finally got around to finishing […]

Pat nerren

As I was growing up in the south my grandmother called bloomers or panties “step ins “. This is a great example. I have friends that still call them that as I still do.

Oops… I did it again « Stitch and Witter

[…] stars on bottom layer so completely reversible. I have a forthcoming project to knock up a pair of Colette Bloomers so it might be perfect for that, though reversible knickers might be a bit forward thinking. […]

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[…] The bottoms are Colette Patterns Mini Madeleine Bloomers (free pattern here, profiled by me here, listed in the sewing directory here). The top is based on the Super Simple […]

Cindy Ericsson

Thank you! Printing the pattern for these out to go with the Sorbetto top, as you suggested. Can’t wait to have some new cute pjs!

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[…] you are looking at the picture of this lanky model in her wee little bloomers right now and thinking, “Wow, that does not seem like it would be a good look for […]

faye doll

LOVE THESE!!! SOoooo many different ways to fancy them up or down! i did only one row of elastic at a 1.5” hem, and they are great! whipped these babies up in an evening.

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Diane Keane

Help!! I am unable yo download the bloomer pattern. Any suggestions?


Hi Diane, can you tell us what exactly is happening? Have you tried from another computer?

Diane Keane

The pattern will not show up on the screen. I do not have another

Madeleine Mini-Bloomers with Vintage Nautical Details — Stitching in the Dark

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Shared with my facebook fan page to show these off AND remind me to make them later!!! :)

Thank you SO Much!!/pages/lostsentiments/191302995028

Sarah G.

When I click on the download button it keeps saying “404 Not Found”. AAAAH! I’m desperate to make these they are soooo cute!!!! Any thoughts? I just updated my Adobe! Help!


Sarah, the pattern went down for a few hours when we updated our website, but it should be working now!


What material is used to make the bloomers in the picture?


I think it was a silk habotai (in pale pink).


Would using linen work for these?

Dyeing Clothes DFW Mama

[…] and she picked out some bright rainbow striped fabric for her bloomers.  I found a free pattern on-line and “whipped” up a pair for my little alien.  I continued to search high and low for […]


Love these. Since I don’t wear trousers, out of desperation I’ve made myself some knee length bloomer out of flannel, with lace trim around the knees. You wouldn’t believe how warm and toasty they were in the wintertime at 7000 ft elevation with 3 ft of snow on the ground! Actually warmer than pants.


my god these are to cute i will todoy make these when i get my printer

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[…] und wie bekommt man sowas? – Natron&Soda haben natürlich was. – Coletterie hat auch was. – Das Larpwiki hat ein Bruchenschnittmuster. Fehlt nur die Spitze. – Ehe du […]

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[…] these […]


Thanks so much for making this pattern free. I’ve been making stuff up from your book and loving the detailed instructions. Do you happen to have this file untiled? I have a really good copy shop nearby that prints on extended ream paper I find it easier to have the whole pattern on one sheet rather than printing out 6 pages and taping/gluing them together I always make a mess of sticking things together like that..

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[…] making one thing and talking about making more one day maybe. So far we have made two versions of these bloomers, one in white poplin with black ribbons (intended as a practice one for eventual white […]

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Kate C

I found you on, and I’m glad I did! This is adorable! Definitely downloading for later sewing, and coming back to read more! You have great branding.

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[…] going to make one of these paper bag skirts with C&C’s tutorial. And look at these bloomers!! […]

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[…] This pattern for bloomers […]


These bloomers are adorable! I would like to make them in sizes for babies 0 to 18 months. Would have a pattern sized for babies or any suggeston in how to make the pattern smaller?

Thanks Much!

The ‘Blooming Marvelous’ Bloomers « Handmade by Freya

[…] for £3. I used the Colette Patterns Madeleine bloomers which is available free to download from here. So all in all, a nice cheap little project. And if you are a beginner, I would highly recommend […]

Luscious lingerie | Knivshults Anna

[…] the Madeleine Mini Bloomers, from Colette Patterns […]


Soooo cute! I made a pair of high-waisted bloomers using a vintage pattern I picked up on ebay, and added my own lace and ribbon detailing. I’ve also made 30s-era side-button tap panties using vintage patterns. They looked just like something Carole Lombard or Ginger Rogers would have worn. My husband, who is a classic movie buff, loves me in vintage lingerie, and I’m happy to oblige by sewing what he likes. It adds so much more glamour than the modern panties which are boring by comparison. I won’t even mention the dreaded butt floss some call lingerie.

Vide grenier « Hachis Parementure

[…] tiré du livre Tuniques pour petits et grands, modèle M Little Mari. Bas Madeleine de Colette […]

Hjemmesydde “bloomers”/underbukser | Titanica Art

[…] fant denne oppskriften på denne bloggen og fikk lyst til å prøve meg. Det var en utfordring å sy i det glatte stoffet, men en haug av […]


I have just found the bloomers, , my students have been going nuts over.
I try to teach kids after school to see and quilt. As a volunteer I a,
always looking for patterns and inspiration. Two ?
1. Can the I adjust the location of the waist on the bloomers just VHS.
lengthimg the Patten?.
2. Where can I buy your book own. Budget? :) please.

Samantha Anderson

I tried making these over the weekend. It was a miserable fail. They were too long in the leg and too short in the waist. I have a slight “pooch” and they hit way too low. The waistband was difficult and the elastic wouldn’t thread properly. I am going to try again and alter the pattern to hit higher. I like the idea but if you have a “pooch” not gonna be attractive!

Bloomers für drunter | mushroomwood

[…] den Bloomerswahn zu haben. Habe hier im Internet eine Anleitung mit Schnitt für wirklich süße Bloomers gefunden. Die sind aber wohl eher als Unterwäsche oder Schlafhöschen gedacht. Ich also meinen […]

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[…] the pants were an easy variation too. I’ve had my eye on the cute (and free!) Madeleine Bloomers pattern for a while (check out these gorgeous versions) but I wasn’t sure it would work so well on my […]

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[…] 40s bra pattern, one of several, available  from mrsdepew on Etsy.Gorgeous Colette Patterns Madeleine Bloomers available as free tutorial. […]

Crafting History « swallowed it all and feeling fine

[…] used this pattern to make the bloomers. It took me quite awhile, but the end result was worth it (even if the shorts […]


Bloomers are a nice alternative to briefs or tap panties. They are easy to make and are very comfortable to wear, particularly under dresses or skirts, or just by themselves when lounging around the house. Adding ribbon detailing or lace trim around the legs makes them very feminine. You can do cuff or band legs. Both look sweet. I’ve made them in both cotton and satin.

Mini-bloomers « When Big Kids Play Dress-up

[…] happened to me this weekend when I rediscovered Colette’s Madeleine Mini-Bloomers. I first came across them when I found the Sorbetto pattern. At first I thought, “Cool! Free […]


[…] kurze Hose  […]

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[…] Posted on June 28, 2012 by craftylittlebugger Much earlier this year, I made a pair of Colette’s Madeline bloomers, which have become a nice little pair of shorts to sleep in. In a mission to de-stash before I […]


You let me put a picture of your bloomers in my blog ( with a link to yours? I’m doing a post on bloomers and I love yours ..
Could do it?



“and some for me” bloomers

[…] used the adorable and free (!!) Madeleine mini bloomers pattern by Colette Patterns. This pattern is simple to sew and the fit is largely adjustable due to the […]

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[…] Madeleine Mini Bloomers, fra Colette patterns. Colettes er en spennende mønsterprodusent. Klærne hennes er i utgangspunktet ikke helt min stil (bortsett fra den nydelige Lady Grey) men disse er søte. Hva jeg skal med dem? Aner ikke, men i brede, vertikale svart-hvite striper så er de vel et must uansett? […]

Le pyjama | Hachis Parementure

[…] tiré du livre Tuniques pour petits et grands, modèle M Little Mari. Bas Madeleine de Colette […]

Ashleigh Jeanne

How FANTASTIC these are! I’m currently shopping for Halloween costumes, and at 5’11” barefoot, I’m finding everything to be ass-cheek short. These will be the perfect compliment under any skirted costume. And bless you for offering this pattern for FREE!!!


Debi B



it is very beautful.

Madeleine | Hachis Parementure

[…] Avant de m’acheter une machine à coudre et de ne plus m’en passer, j’ai suivi pendant des mois les projets qui circulaient sur le net, j’ai rêvé, j’ai choisi ceux que je réaliserai « le jour où »… Et j’ai téléchargé ce patron. […]

Style Forecast: Loungewear

[…] with these shorts from PJ Salvage, Collette, and Eberjey. When the nights get colder slip into these fun cheetah PJ’s by Jonquil. Try these […]


I think this tutorial great ideas, lovely.


I just finished these shorts this morning and they turned out so fabulously cute. I happen to have quite the tooshie and I was so pleased that your sizing was pretty accurate and the pattern flattered even my toosh. Thanks for the great pattern. I think its time to go get some more fabric and stock up while I’m feeling confident with this pattern. I might even try and alter it a little to make some nice summer shorts!

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[…] Bonus: Download this cute Mini Bloomers pattern and […]

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Thank you ! Very nice pattern !!!

Palju õnne, David Bowie! | Kohustuslik tegevusvabadus

[…] pidin nüüd vanast peast otsast peale hakkama. Esimesena tegin vist Colette Patternsi püksid Madeleine, sest nende lõige ei maksnud midagi ja neid oli lihtne teha. Neid olen ma ikka kandnud ka. […]

Frothy Pink PJs

[…] waist), I wanted to make some that would continue to fit me during my pregnancy. I used the Colette Mini Bloomers pattern. I decided to cut out one size larger than my measurements, so that they would be extra […]


I love these! They look so adorbale


Sewing Inspiration: Valentine’s Sugar Rush | Sky Turtle

[…] about a new pair of cute pajamas? Your could use Sarai’s free bloomers pattern. Before starting this project make sure you have some elastic thread in the house and choose a […]


I just love this pattern, I made thease for my daghter when she was a little girl. She is now 52.

Thank you


I absolutely love these but I know that I will not be able to make these. I am just horrible at sewing, do you have an Etsy shop or do custom orders? I would love to order one of these in my size!

Õmblema hakkamisest | Kohustuslik tegevusvabadus

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My daughter found this pattern on the internet and she loved them. I have 5 daughters and didn’t get any made for valentines, but I have made several to send out for Easter. Thanks for sharing the pattern. They love them!


Too cute. Thank you so much

free pattern download: the madeleine mini bloomers | the crafty avenger

[…] From The Coletterie […]

Cathie @ sewing supplies

Very old-fashioned and lovely.

[Nähen] Rock’n’Roll Dress – Ready? Party! | Das Hexenhaus

[…] was macht Frau dann am Feiertag? Nähen natürlich! Und so sind noch Madeleine Mini Bloomers entstanden. Den Stoff hab ich aus meinem Vorrat genommen, kam mal von einem Restetisch im […]

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[…] It really was a simple design! I used the Madeline Mini Bloomers free pattern from Coletterie ( to make the bloomers. I really love how this turned out and can’t wait to make another! […]

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[…] a taupe shade of very light cotton shirting by Marc Jacobs that I will use to make a set of the Colette Madeleine Mini Bloomers.  Then, I took some time to get a little better acquainted with more of the fabric collection at […]

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[…] YES! […]

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[…] something.  At this store, I chose to purchase some 1/4″ elastic and satin ribbon for my Madeleine Mini Bloomers and found a suitable choice for both.  However, it seemed like every sales person (and there were […]

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[…] antics, I thought it might be time for some cute new pajama shorts. So, I made myself a pair of bloomers from Colette! I loved how fun and feminine the pattern was (also the fact that it was free. The free part was […]

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[…] (photos: one, two) […]

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[…] as a finishing touch, I made her some satin-silk bloomers from the colette madaleine mini bloomers pattern, previously made and blogged about […]

jess porter

great job I really like them and I want to make them oneday!!

jess porter


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