Apparel weight textiles from Ink & Spindle!


I really must get myself to Australia one of these days soon. There seem to be so many talented people there, particularly related to fashion and textiles.

Ink & Spindle is one of those companies, a small business producing hand printed sustainable textiles in Melbourne. I’ve long admired their work, so we were beyond thrilled when the lovely Tegan emailed about using some of our designs to show off their brand new range of apparel weight textiles. So very lovely.

These photos show the Sencha in some of their new fabrics. They modified the neckline, which I think looks just beautiful.

Check out their new apparel fabrics on their site. Isn’t it refreshing to see small textile companies venturing into garment fabrics? It warms my heart!

{images: from Ink & Spindle, photographed by Eric Ronald Photography at Manysquaremetres}

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Aaah! I must resist the urge to buy more fabric!

I just love this version of the Sencha! I can’t wait to try it out! How many inches do you think they modified the neckline by?


Beautiful, beautiful fabrics I must say! Thank you for letting me know about Ink and Spindle. Independent designers and businesses are the heart and soul of this industry. The Sencha top looks so wonderful in their fabrics. Isn’t it always great see see other people’s inspiration of your work?


Beautiful, I love what they’ve done with Sencha.


I love the Indie business community! That’s where you find the fresh, high quality, inspiring and inspired work of individual’s that take commerce to a beautiful place.
Mediocre just doesn’t work in the world of Indie business. It thrives on and places high value on a “relationship” with the customer. What a wonderful world it would be if the larger world of business would remember or at least attempt to step up to that higher standard. My congratulations on this awesome connection between two,” cream of the crop” innovators.


Lovely, but oh-so expensive… I love the modification of the Sencha. I’ll be trying that!


Love all the these, especially the Sencha mod. The fabric prices are crazy out of my budget, beautiful though.


As an Aussie living in North America I feel a moment of pride when I see things like this. It really is amazing how many super talented Australians there are in the crafty and sewing world. We do alright for a total population of only 22 million.

Reana Louise

You most certainly should come to Australia! We would welcome you with open arms and fabric stores :)

And thank you for sharing this; I’ve never heard of them but the fabrics are beautiful! Added to my wish list!

Maria M.

What pretty fabric! The red bonsai print would look lovely in my bedroom. Thanks for providing the info and link.


Please come down to Australia – there are lots of Colette sewists here. (We sidle up to one another in fabric shops and ask quietly ‘Excuse me, but is that a Jasmine and a Ginger you’re wearing?’). Melbourne is the place to go for independent clothing and textile designers, but we Sydney folk have the funkiest button shop in the world (and I’ve been to ones all over – it’s a little obsession of mine). So come to sunny Sydney, visit ‘All Buttons Great and Small” in Newtown, and have a book signing for the Down-Under Colettists (Coletters…whatever). Oh and Amanda – all good-quality fabric is horrendously expensive in Australia..I guess it’s because of the transport, or the small market, or something.


@ Penny, I’m from Sydney too, and get quite excited when I see another Colette sewist in a fabric store too.
It’s true, unfortunately for us Aussies, quality fabric is sooooooo expensive and we only have a handful of fabric stores.
Sarai, please come to Australia and visit beautiful Sydney too! You would be very welcome.


Wow, those photos are so soft and pretty! I also love their variation on the Sencha – the fabric is really sweet looking. It’s funny, I was just thinking that I’ve been noticing a lot of cool sewing stores and people that sew from Australia lately! Thanks for sharing this – I’m off to peek at their fabric some more. :-)


Those are really beautiful fabrics! I just love the yellow birds on linen. But am I to understand that they cost $100 per meter? Ouch. At first I saw the $28 price and thought, ok, might be worth a splurge, but then realized that you need to buy 4 units to get a full meter, which is strange, and that the price was per unit not per meter. So, wow, $100. I don’t think I’ve ever seen $100 a yard fabric before. I love how they have shown Sencha.


Oh thank you for showing this! As an Australian (and specifically Melbourne girl), it got my attention, and then when i went to their website I saw that their studio is just around the corner from me! The video on their website is lovely to watch, seeing how they go about creating the fabric, and their opinions on the whole process. But yes, the price is a little bit too much for me (even with us Aussies generally being used to nice fabric being expensive. I am so jealous when I read you American girls getting lovely fabric for a steal, the only thing you’d get for $2 or $3 a metre here would be the most polyester of polyester!)

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