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August Favorites: The fall transition


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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Is it starting to feel like fall where you live (that is if you’re in the northern hemisphere)?

It’s still warm here, but things are definitely shifting. It feels like the perfect time for late-summer sunset colors mixed with denim.

Images: Dress by Black Crane, Telio rib knit in mustard, Telio 4.8 oz. denim in light blue, Fall flowers, Laura skirt pattern, High neck spaghetti strap Julia tank variation, Marios straight leg trousers in rust velvet

Images: Solid cotton jersey in mustard, Pattern hacks for the Laura skirt, Monochrome outfit with midi skirt, Grid print top, midi skirt, and sneakers, Carolina double band block heel sandals, Botanical sketch by Cocorrina, Haley Boyd on Instagram

Images: Girl With Curves blogger, Tanesha Awasthi, Lovely color palette on this stationery, Brushed oblong earrings, Photographer, Jeana Sohn, Julia tank pattern, Kaufman canyon colored denim 6 oz. in chestnut, Gold midi-skirt from Anthropologie

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I love that reddish-orange color. What is the name for it, is it rust? Autumn? Dark orange? Whatever it is, it is really nice


I love your patterns, I love the magazine. Thank you for the wonderful creations and inspiration. I am a middle school teacher and I wear a lot of things made from your patterns. Every time I get compliments from both staff and kids, which is pretty awesome.

Johanna Rosenfield

I love the color and fabric of the Moneta dress – a mustard color solid (maybe a cotton with spandex?) Do you list where the fabric is available? Do you list sources for fabrics show in patters photos?


Hi Johannah! The Moneta dress is made from a ponte that we purchased locally. I found a pretty similar fabric here. We usually list fabric in the announcement email or blog post, but I believe this was a sample we made to illustrate a technique. If you ever have any fabric source questions. Feel free to comment or send an email.

Dee Dee Steele

Wonder where the gorgeous white summer dress sandals on one of the models came from? I’ve been looking for this style for years, in white and black patent??? Help?


They are really beautiful shoes! I believe they are made by a company called Marais USA.


Don’t know where else to post this …

I received the latest issue of Seamwork a few days ago. Nice patterns by the way.
But don’t you think there might be a problem with the ease of the Tessa Jeans? You recommend “medium weight denim or twill fabrics, and lightweight canvas”, but there is like no ease: size 0, ease=1cm / size 6 = no ease at the hips / from size 18, negative ease. With no stretch at all, will it be possible to actually wear the pants? Or did I miss something?

Thanks in advance for your help! I’d really like to sew the Tessa Jeans… but it would be nice to be sure to fit in!


That’s a great question! Yes, we made many pairs, and you will be able to wear them. Tessa is designed for a classic vintage look and fit, but you can use stretch fabric if you prefer. Just make a muslin in case you need to take the side seams in anywhere. If you use non-stretch fabric, there is enough manual stretch with the suggested fabrics that you’ll be able to wear them just fine! That being said, it looks like some of our metric conversions are slightly off, so we will fix that to reflect no ease, rather than negative ease, for the curvy size range. If you need more fitting help, always feel free to send an email (

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