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I recently took a little trip up to Vancouver, British Columbia, and managed to stop by Button Button, a lovely little button shop in Gastown. I thought I’d share a few photos of the wonderful collection of buttons for sale. As a lover of buttons, I highly recommend the stopping by if you’re ever in town.

Sparkling clear glass buttons are my favorite. They’re beautiful, fancy, and show the color of your garment so they go with almost everything.

Just look at these beautiful carved bakelite pieces!

Button Button is at 318 Homer St in Vancouver, BC.

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Wow, Vancouver must be fantastic! I wish there were entire stores devoted to buttons where I live.

Petite Josette

I LOVE this store, ever since I found out about it, I only go there for buttons and I always managed to find the perfect match for my projetcs. The store is tiny but there’s TONS of choice and some of it is pretty rare…

some of my recent finds:



A great store! I go here all the time, the owner is wonderful; however, let it be known that Vancouver really isn’t a great city for sewing enthusiasts, there are very few fabric stores that sell garment fabrics…

Della Toral

Hi, love those buttons! Do you have any opportunities for wholesale? I would buy at least 200.00 in buttons at a great price? Can you please let me know?


I disagree with Chelsea about Vancouver not having a lot of garment fabric stores – though perhaps it depends where you’re traveling from! I love to get to Vancouver for fabric shopping – there seems to be better pricing than here in Calgary where Fabricland is the only real fabric store. (There are others of course, but most deal with outerwear or upholstery fabric.)

In Vancouver I used to LOVE to visit Jax fabrics (end of rolls from the clothing manufacturing company) and around the corner from there Dressew (still there). On Granville Island there’s a fantastic shop selling natural fabrics along with supplies for printing and dying, and Gala Fabrics has a beautiful selection. Rokko’s Saree store has loads of Indian fabrics but also a lot of other fabric too suitable for fashion/garments, and there are other similar stores in the area. I still have a few other shops on my must-visit-next-time list (like Atex) too…

I’m sure that other cities (like LA or NYC) would put Vancouver to shame… but coming from Calgary, I’m always happy to spend at least a day or two fabric shopping in Vancouver!

Richard Letendre

Hi! I never when to Vancouver, but I know Coleen from Button Button because I have… a button shop!!! But I’m in Montreal. The name of the shop is: Rubans Boutons…. that means?… Ribons and buttons!!! Thousands. You can have a virtual look on
I found you blog by searching other buttons lover on the net.
Have a nice button day!


There is nothing more exciting to me than a store full of buttons and I truly did love visiting this store a few years ago. I did not get to visit on this trip but I am glad I found your blog to get my button fix. Fantastic shots. B


Hello I am looking for some buttons wholesale to buy online i am in a Native Button Blanket class and we live on a Island that only has one store so it is hard for us to get buttons.

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