Design Detail: Meringue with Piping


I wanted to share this striped Meringue skirt from the Colette Patterns Handbook. We added a little piping to this version.

To make the piping, use this tutorial. Check out this tutorial for some tips on sewing piping to a garment. Have you sewn up a Meringue skirt yet?

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Caitlin is the Colette Patterns design assistant. You can follow Caitlin at her blog, the story girl.

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I actually started working on my muslin for the Meringue this week, and for as si


Oh no! Internet error…. Well for as simple as it is, I am struggling with it! I have narrow hips, but alittle bit of a bubble butt. So it is hanging really wide off my hips ( I would describe it as too wide of an A line). Hen, also at the same time pulling too tight across the butt. Not sure how to start adjusting it- take in the Aline, but add across the upped back piece? Cut a larger size and take in the waist? Any suggestions would be wonderful!


I love piping! It always makes everything look more professional somehow!

Emma – if its just the bum that’s too small, I would just add the extra to the back piece, tapering that out as you go down, then take in both sides on front and back at the hip area and below to pull the whole thing in a bit. Depending on how high your bum sits, you could adjust the waist line slightly so it sits flatter if you find that it is being pulled off or sitting too high.


Thank you- I am going to try your suggestions. I’ll make sure to post in the forum when I complete it!


i made the meringue! i drafted a waistband & added piping at the waistline seam and lined the whole thing. i used some nice wool houndstooth – love the combination of the masculine fabric with the feminine scallops :)

i posted it on the flickr pool:


I also made the Meringue! It’s an adorable skirt. I accented the scalloped hem with contrast piping. I blogged about it and posted photos in Flickr:


I’m about to cut out a teal meringue in a firm but not heavy wool fabric – which I plan to line. I wonder – any opinions on using lining to back the scallops instead of a facing? Maybe not with this fabric…. but I have a black sort of brocade wihich is quite thick, and I think the fabric facing might be too bulky. Even if I don’t line the black skirt, so as not to risk hanging problems if the lining pulls, would it work to cut the facing in lining or maybe some other lighter fabric?

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