Detail Inspiration: stars


I’m feeling so inspired by these gorgeous three dimensional stars on sheer silk from Temperley’s Fall 2011 collection.

That lipstick is making me swoon a bit too.

[images: via stylebistro]

PS: I’m in Thailand right now! I want to thank you all again for your wonderful recommendations for both here and Hong Kong, because they’ve been so so helpful. If you want to follow along with me on my travels, be sure to check out my instagram feed!

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Eeep lately I have been positively smitten with stars! I’ve been conjuring up what my dream New Year’s Eve party would look like and the theme would be silver, sparkly stars – I even made a pinterest board filled with them!


Sounds like you’ll be exploring a lot. Take care… but if you do wind up sick go to Samitvej Hospital. (sah-mitt-e-way) They’ll have people who speak the language well, and their is a pharmacy on site.
A novel idea for you is the flying chicken restaurant. It is on Bangna Trad road. They’ll fire the chicken at a …..don’t recall exactly, but it was entertaining.

You MUST SEE the original Jim Thompson house downtown. Also, I’ve followed your blog for a while, and since you are into ‘classic, well made’ etc, please stop by the Atlanta Hotel on the end of Sukhumvit soi 2. I promise you will love it.

There is also a forgers/counterfit product museum somewhere downtown. If you are interested you’ve got to book it, and then you get a personal tour. I’ve not done this, but was told it was worth it.

Enjoy your time here.
Mary in Thailand
(living here in bkk)


Thank you, Mary! We looked at the Atlanta Hotel when we were booking a place to stay, but a friend who lived in BKK steered us away.

We will most definitely need to come back to do everything (and eat everything!) we want. I am in love with it here, and see many more trips to SE Asia in my future.


Was just thinking, are you into different ethnic foods? Including Arabic…? There is an Egyptian place (also on sukhumvit soi 2/ chef imported from Cairo, by Kuwaiti restaurant owner) that has the best Kosheri outside of Egypt. Arabesque. Or if you are interested in Lebanese, there is a really nice place in the basement of a mall. Beirut is the name of that one. They are both really popular according to foodbyphone and chefsxp.

Glad you are enjoying your trip. Stay well.
Mary in Thailand


If you get the chance try Khanom Kruk. (Ka-nom crrook) This is a vegetarian safe street vendor dessert. It is little round coconut pudding balls. Usually served while they are still warm. Unfortunately they tend to drop either bits of corn or green onion into it, but the corn can be flicked out… (feel slightly sheepish about that) You’ll recognize the vendor, because of the large round cast iron pan they’ll be using. It’ll have holes in it, about half a ping pong ball sized…


I am intimately familiar with this dish, actually! When we lived in Berkeley, we often had breakfast at the Thai buddhist temple there (it’s a local institution), and these were a huge hit. We looked for them everywhere we went here and finally found some in Chiang Mai!


These are lovely! What a gorgeous way to sass up a sheer blouse… Urge to attempt this growing…


Gosh, if you don’t come back home with some great Thai food recipes and incredible fabric, I will be sorely disappointed from a show and tell viewpoint. BTW, since you’re a knitter too, is there yarn to be found in Thailand (readers, I’m asking you too). I’m a knitter and yarn is something I’d take home as a souvenir in a heartbeat.


I’m sure there is, judging by all the knitting and crochet books I’ve seen in the bookstores here. We did stop into a yarn shop in Hong Kong, which was small but had a great selection of magazines and pattern booklets!


Love the stars, love the lipstick. I haven’t found a coral that works for me yet, but I keep trying!

Hope you’re having a lovely trip.


i am glad you are enjoying your trip! i hope the next time you are in asia you stop by taiwan too, but i’m biased as my parents are from there and so i love going back to visit family, friends, bakeries, street food, and of course fabric/craft/stationary shops!

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