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Fabric Finds: Gorgeous summer prints on silk!


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silk print with beach balls and swimmers

I actually gasped when I saw this amazing print over at Thai Silks. First of all, the colors! Red and pale aqua is one of my absolute favorite color combinations, and these shades are just perfectly vibrant. And those adorable ladies in their bathing caps! The whole thing is so graphic and simple, it actually looks much more vintage than the typical “retro” novelty print. AND it’s on silk.

I’m also really into this red and white coral print. It would look stunning mixed with some solid red, I think.

red and white coral silk print

I’d almost forgotten about all the great prints over at Thai Silks. Personally, I love sewing with silk, and they are a fantastic place to look for fun prints.

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I love the coral print!


Although I am on a fabric diet…I think, I must get the first fabric! Love it. Thanks for the introduction of Thai Silks…


Glad you guys like them. Thai silks always has really great stuff.


These would be perfect for some summer dresses! I believe that swimming ladies print is a knock-off of a Carolina Herrera print, see this dress featured on the Vogue Jan 2005 cover:

Charlotte Dymock

I know this is a really old post, but I just came across it and thought I’d point out that Thai Silks AND Carolina Herrera’s prints are BOTH knock-offs of designs produced by the Calico Printers’ Association circa 1937. See the V&A Museum:

Reproduction and re-releasing of vintage prints is absolutely rampant in fabric manufacturing – and not always transparent.

xx Charlotte


Thanks for pointing that out, Charlotte. I saw that print at the V&A site long after writing this post, and I’m glad you brought it up again. It would be interesting to hear more about how reproductions like this work. I’ve only read a little about it.


Hi, I just found your website via Angry Chicken, and have bought your lovely skirt pattern.
Great blog, will be reading you in future!


Christina, that’s a great catch, wow. I kind of hate to say it, but I sort of like the fabric here better than the Carolina Herrera (though maybe the colors are just a little off in the Vogue photo… they look much more muted).


I love that top print. The colors are so lovely.


Lovely fabric! I ended up buying some of the Thai Silks charmeuse but in a different print. Oh, and I love your new patterns. Do you think they will work for a non-curvy girl too? I’m built more like a 2′ x 4′ than an hourglass. :)


I think some could work just as well on a slender figure. The Parfait dress would look great I think, and the Beignet skirt would also be so lovely!

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