Fabric Finds: Silk Butterflies


butterfly dress

I recently acquired the gorgeous vintage dress, which appears to be handmade (looks like the early 1940s?). There are many reasons I love this dress, but first among them is the beautiful, bright, silky butterfly fabric.

butterfly fabric

Excuse the wrinkles, it had just had a bath.

So now I’m a bit obsessed with butterfly fabrics, especially in silk. A little 90s perhaps (does anyone else remember that trend of photorealistic insects printed on fabric?), but I think they’re very pretty.

These are all silks from Thai Silks

huge butterfly

This is a print I’ve been admiring for a while. The butterflies are huge, over 9 inches!

white butterfly silk

This one is very loud, but I like it.

black and white

And this black and white print is really stunning. Couldn’t you just see it as a dress with some brightly colored trim?

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Nancy Solla coldspringsstudio.blogspot.com

Oh I just love that little dress! The print is so nifty. I would have snatched that up, even if it wasn’t my size, just for the fabric! I’m trying to imagine a project using the Thai silk print with the huge butterflies…. I’m sure I can think of some reason to justify buying it!

Andrea crownology.blogspot.com

Beautiful fabrics.
I’d love to see the dress on, with your choice in accessories!

Faith Terrell

Hi! Do you know where do get silk fabric with a design of a monarch butterfly wings. Not a bunch of a butterflies, but of the wings?

Angela Haynes

I love these fabrics, do you know where I might find the “loud” one as the link is not available.

Thank you

marcia kunene

Hi I would like to know where can I get butterfly fabrics in south africa ,am crazy in luv

Virginia yahoo

How do I fine out what the cost of the black butter fly material is a yard and how to order.

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