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Fabric Vibes: Deep, dark florals


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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There have been so many incredible dark floral prints drifting down the runways the last few seasons, and we’re really starting to see it hit the fabric world lately.

Here are a whole bunch of beautiful garments, and tons of fabrics (with links!) to inspire you.

fabrics: 1. cafe au lait rose charmeuse, 2. nocturnal floral ponte, 3. bouquet floral faux leather, 4. lush red roses floral cotton

fabrics: 1. red floral silk cheongsam fabric, 2. red tulip jacquard, 3. dot and rose challis, 4. red rose jacquard, 5. red rose brocade

fabrics: 1. flagrant florals pleated charmeuse, 2. black and white floral jersey, 3. black and white floral poly woven, 4. Liberty fairy land lawn, 5. black daisy cotton jersey

fabrics: 1. floral silk chiffon, 2. floral rayon velvet, 3. rayon challis, 4. american beauty printed viscose, 5. black rose chiffon, 6. black and ivory floral chiffon

fabrics: 1. Liberty Tresco lawn, 2. jardin multi silk charmeuse, 3. multi floral crepe, 4. michael miller sommer plockade, 5. coral and black sateen, 6. silk spandex tropical fabric, 7. rose bouquet silk charmeuse

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I feel so with it now. A recent bundle purchase included a red rose on black background ponte knit, which I promptly made into a tunic with a back cutout – OMG, I am never in step with fashion…until now! Great collection, thank you!


That’s cool, actually. I, on the other hand, dislike this stuff so much I went out to buy some things today and couldn’t find ONE PIECE I liked….
well, thankfully I can sew and am not a slave to trends.


I’ve got a rayon challis with a floral pattern and a black background in my stash! Looks like I’d better come up with something cute to make with it so I can embrace the trend! : )
Loving these dark florals, they’re so pretty!


I love fabric posts! Beautiful finds! I find it very helpful to see silhouette and fabric pairings. Thanks for some inspiration.


I *LOVE* these fabrics! I often shy away from florals because they typically are on a pale (particularly pastel) background; just not my style. I hope to see some bold florals on a navy or gray background as an alternative to black.


I have seen the dresses over the past year and I can not begin to tell you how bad I want a good six yards of a chiffon or goregette to make some of the dresses I have seen. Sadly, if I can find the preferred “fiber” it is sold out or only has limited yardage. The other obstacle has been price point!! Some of these lovelies are upwards of $50 to $80 a yard if I can find what I am invisoning. Just thins week I purchased a lovely black with peach flowers in a 56″ Chiffon/6 yards. I am a tall curvy girl and I want that flowing skirt. Here I go… : )


What a beautiful selection of fabric! I love all of them


I’ve always loved vintage florals and especially love the drama against black. I like the analogy of going from winter to spring. Definitely peaked my interest!

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