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Fall Palette Challenge: Sarai’s Moodboard


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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Here’s the moodboard I put together for my Fall Palette Challenge. Mostly, this moodboard is all about the warm colors that are inspiring me for Fall right now: mustard, pumpkin, black, cream, and hints of red.

I’m planning a mix of shapes that I think will transition between late summer and autumn: two pairs of cigarette pants, one tie-neck blouse (all from the Fall 2011 Colette Patterns), and one lovely dress that I’ve just bought some amazing fabric for and can’t wait to sew.

To create my moodboard, I first looked through the inpiring images for Fall I’ve been collecting on Pinterest, then used COLOURlovers to create a palette based on those colors. Caitlin points out that my palette reminds her a bit of the German flag. Hmm, that wasn’t my intent.

Remember that you can share your moodboards, palettes, and progress in the sewing challenges section of the forum!

Also. Many of you asked if I could share some sneak peeks of the new patterns to help you plan your Fall palettes. So we thought, why not just make the new patterns available for preorder, since they’re almost ready to go?

So look for a post later today announcing the newest patterns!

Top images: vintage mustard wool skirt from Dear Golden, 1930s crepe dress from thirteeneightyfive, image via junebugweddings, the character Joy from Mad Men

Bottom Images: orange dress by Erin Fetherston via, red dress by Marc Jacobs Fall 2004 via, Orla Kiely lookbook via Honey Kennedy, image via ginnyandjudes Etsy shop (love the necklace!)

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liza jane

Cigarette pants and tie neck blouse? Very exciting!


More like the belgian flag, I’d say….

But anyway, I love the idea of make a plan ahead of time, instead of just sewing what I seem to be missing at the time I find out about that.. I’ve already started to make out the gaps in my wardrobe and think about solutions, but I’m desperate to use my stash and refashion (or buy 2nd hand) first. I’ll be in the sewing-game, but have less choice in choosing fabrics.


Dude, that orange dress by Erin Fetherson is killer!!


Isn’t it?! I’m thinking about adapting one of the new patterns to do something very similar!


Wonderful colors! I am totally psyched about the tie neck blouse option. My mother is coming for a visit tomorrow and we plan to do all our fabric shopping then. In an attempt to use what I have, I plan to convert my inspiration board into a shopping list for tomorrow’s outing. Can’t wait to see the patterns. It definitely sounds like it is going to be a Colette fall :)


Ah what wonderful pieces! I have been thinking about the fall challenge and inthink I want my pallette to be scarlets and plum with a punch of mustard!

Cigarette pants?!?!?


I’ve been refreshing this page in the hope of seeing the new patterns asap… I’ll stop that now, it’s probably not healthy. Well mayby I’ll just peek every 15 minutes instead of every 5.


I’ve been doing the same thing!


I’ve been checking every 5 minutes too!


Your palette is very similiar to mine! I have a buttery yellow, a creamy orange, and then I am adding champagne and fuschia.


Hehe – Rosesred, I’m glad I’m not the only one! I seriously cannot wait, either!

I love that you’re doing another Palette Challenge. I had just started up sewing last April so I discovered the Spring Challenge too late. Can’t wait to participate!


I’m ridiculously excited for the Fall Palette Challenge AND for the new patterns! I’m still tweaking out the wardrobe building AND the colors, but it’s so much fun…


Très belle création! Ces robes sont belles!
Belle soirée!


Just wanted to tell you that I love the new look of the blog! Nice work! Oh, and I love snippets too :)


OMG. Are you guys seriously putting out a pattern for cigarette pants? I was just thinking yesterday that I want to make at least a couple pairs.

*can’t wait*


I just love all of these too.
Decided to post on the previous comments about those beautiful youthful models!
I’m a member of a large group of women now falling into that category “OLDER WOMAN!” I’ve been there long enough to have become accustomed to to seeing the vast majority of clothing models being portrayed this way.
Having to fall in love with a pattern and then imagining it in way that looks flattering and appropriate for me is much easier to do with Collette patterns than many others. I like the simplicity of these patterns that become a slate for us to personalize our look. These classic feminine lines look great on all ages.
I’ve recently found Collette patterns and can’t wait to dive in and join all of you young things in creating beautiful feminine clothes for myself!

Mes ptits titis

Bonjour les filles

Si une comprend le français pourrais t’elle m’expliquer comment faire pour le challenge des couleurs j’aimerais y participer, car là j’essaie de lire en anglais mais j’ai un peu de mal
elle pourra me joindre en allant sur mon blog et en me laissant un message par contacter l’auteur
merci d’avance


Oh I think you’ve done the job for me – those would be my perfect colours, though I’d maybe go for a charcoal/pewter rather than the black with my colouring, but I love the red/orange/mustard combination.

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