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Fall Palette Challenge Week 2: Glowing Clover


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Look, it’s Fall! How did that happen? Last weekend, I spent hours canning tomatoes with the air conditioning cranked up, and today there are leaves all over the ground and a chill in the air.

I made Clover pants this week and I l.o.v.e. them. Look at that glowing golden mustard color! I think mustard is a great almost-neutral. It goes with nearly everything, and I’m especially fond of the way it works with red.

Kenn told me to do a silly dance for that photo above.

So I bought this rayon/wool stretch suiting online. Since it was described as a crepe suiting, I thought it might not work for these pants (too much drape), so I bought enough to make a dress in case the pants idea didn’t work out.

When I got the fabric, I was utterly disappointed. It was the perfect color, exactly what I wanted for my pants. But indeed, there was too much drape and I knew they would end up looking weird.

But then, inspiration struck! I also had a length of very lightweight stretch twill in a nice apricot color. The twill was lovely, but I had no idea what I’d use it for, especially since it was dangerously close to my skin tone. Caitlin warned that if I made pants with it, I would look naked. So I thought, why not underline the pants with it instead?

When I held the two fabrics together, they were the perfect weight and crispness. Now the suiting has a drape that makes it look luxurious and heavy, plus they will be very warm in the coming chilly months.

I decided to do a cool seam finish that I came across at the hungry zombie couture blog. It’s so easy, you just stitch the outer pieces to the underlining with right sides together along the vertical seams, using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Then turn them right sides out, press, and sew your seams with a 3/8″ allowance. You get a narrow enclosed seam which looks quite nice.

My only issue with this method is that it makes the seams a little bulky. Not a problem for light fabrics, but a bit much for bottom weights. And I think my fabric must actually have some poly in it, because I couldn’t get a very crisp press. Still, this is a very minor problem, and not at all noticeable. Finally, I finished the hems with some bias tape and a catchstitch.

I’m hoping to make a top or two to go with them this coming week. So fun! How are you guys doing on your Fall wardrobes? Remember you can also share photos in the forum!

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funny you posted about this color, because i’ve spent all morning drooling over this picture ( and the colors are very similar, albeit muted (i bet in “real” color they are much closer, though!). THAT is the fabric i want to make my clover pants with and now i want that cardigan too!

your hair is looking really fantastic, btw :) i am going to get mine chopped off tomorrow too – terrified, but excited! you have inspired me to go short!


Hmm, I clicked the link and was brought to an enchanting picture of Courtney Stodden. Perhaps a link mix up? Though I wouldn’t mind a fabric that shade of purple. ;)


HAHAHA!! oh god, no no courtney stodden… what a funny mix-up! i was trying to link to THIS picture:
omg that is so funny!!


Brilliant outfit and I agree with you, read and mustard yellow look awesome together.


The more times I see those pants done up the more I like them. Mustard isn’t a colour for me, but I do admire it on others. It looks great in your outfit.


Your pants are so cute! I don’t normally fall in love with trouser patterns, I’m more of a skirt or dress girl. But I adore the Clover. I can’t wait to see more. :)


I was always a dress girl, but the last few years I’ve really fallen in love with pants. They just have to be the right ones.


Fabulous! If anyone in the UK wants to make these pants in an almost identical colour may I suggest CC825 Burberry Chartreuse Cotton Drill from Stone Fabrics? I don’t work for the company, was simply looking at their swatches this morning! The one reservation I’d have is that this fabric doesn’t have the slight stretch that is recommended for this pattern.


Lovely pants. I agree that mustard is a great neutral. Love it with red!


LOVE mustard! Now I need to make a pair of clovers like this. And in all the other colors I’m imagining…….
I have a feeling I’m going to be sewing a lot of pants in the next few months.


So clever to underline the pants with another fabric to achieve the right amount of drape. Wonderful pants.

Tonya Richard

LOVE them! I can’t wait for my pattern to get here. I think I will be doing several pairs as well.


I got my new patterns in the mail yesterday! Between this post and the Peony post on Wednesday, this week has not gone by fast enough. I (like every other person who’s commented here) am now on the search for the perfect mustard color for these pants! They’re gorgeous!

Here in Laredo we have maybe 1/2 day of winter, and the rest of the year is summer… I’m from East Tennessee where the fall season is just GORGEOUS, so I’ve been missing the beautiful leaves like crazy since I’ve left. These pants will put me in the spirit, even if it’s 80 degrees outside until December.

Have a lovely weekend, Sarai!

Brandy Layton

Wow Sarai! That is a pair of fantastic pants right there! I have my fabric picked out for mine. I also have fabric picked out for all of the other patterns too. Amazon says November, that gives me time to finish my fall palette challenge and that frees me up for more sewing projects! I love what you did with the two fabrics.

Veronica Darling

A beautiful dreamy colour Sarai!

I don’t think I’d ever have wanted to make pants as much as when I saw your Clover pattern. Cigarette trousers that look *just* right!



Bonjour Sarai,
Ton pantalon est réussi! Il est bien fait mais je préfère les jupes!
Beau travail!


Gorgeous pants! Now I want to make them in that color too. I originally wanted to make these in a houndstooth suiting, but could not find the right fiber combination, so I’m going with a medium weight twill I think . . . was thinking dark purple, but that mustard is awesome!


Fall colors are my very favorites, maybe because here in the deep south we have to wait a little while longer for them :-) Your newest version of Clover is perfect!

liza jane

That color is so gorgeous! It looks awesome with the red shoes. And I have to say that I really love your haircut, too.


They are gorgeous! I am so excited to start my first pair!

Carlotta Stermaria

I plan to use a wool suiting of the very same color! It’s very drapey too, and hopefully it will gather without too much difficulties… The pants look super good with your red shoes ; I hope we’ll see more Clover in the course of fall and winter!


Come on, nobody asked about the shoes yet? I guess I’ll have to be the one. Where did you get those fabulous shoes, Sarai?


Aren’t they cute? They are Jeffrey Campbell, but I got them used for 5 bucks at a vintage sidewalk sale!


I love it! They look really great on you. I love your blouse too, that style works for my figure. Is it one you made or store bought?


I bought the blouse several years ago at Jeremy’s in Berkeley, CA, though I think it was originally from J.Crew.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the colour of your clover pants!! Being a shoe fiend, they were the first thing I noticed. There is just something about a pair of red shoes… but back to the pants, they look great and comfortable. I picture them lining my closet in 3 or 4 colours.

Must share my excitement – found a place locally that sells your patterns. Did not realize until recently that they are listed as one of your stockists. Well, yippee for me!!


Most of the comments are about the color, but I really love the fit of the Clover pants too! I’ve ordered the pattern and seeing the pictures of Sarai I’m totally happy that it is going to fit on my not-so-supermodel-skinny thighs! That’s my problem with most of the pants patterns and even when buying jeans: they would fit in the waist and hips IF I could get them pulled over my thighs… so frustrating! It’s good to see these pants have a beautiful fit and look so flattering. Can’t wait to make them!


Gorgeous color on you, and the red accents are perfect! What a fab way to combine two fabrics into the perfect garment. They sound cozy and warm on the inside, while being fabulous on the outside.


I just got my pattern today and I can’t wait to make these! I have an awesome green/black plaid I’m thinking of using and (thanks to Caitlin’s suggestion) might try them in some lightweight stretch denim plus maybe a hundred other colors!

Jessie L. Bower

1. Your new hair cut is too cute!! I love it.
2. That orange color is amazing!
3. Those are the best pants ever!

If my dreams got together and had a baby it would be those pants. I can’t wait for the sew along, this will be my first. I have also never made pants before. Hum, (gears grinding)… I am a bit nervous and excited.

Jennifer Tidwell

Those look ab-fab on you! I’ve wanted to do a cigarette pant for a while now, and I have a pattern for a “slim ankle-length trouser” that I think would work. I am trying to buy fabric and use the patterns I already have, and this post inspires me.

I’m thinking a yellow pant for fall would be great.


i love the clover pants but when i tried to sew them, the pants fit me great, all but the waistband. my waist does not contour in, i am built straight up and down, how do i adjust the waistband to fit?

also, i am in my 50’s and not so cute and thin as the rest of you, lol, so it is difficult to fit patterns to my changing figure. any ideas?


thank you so much!
it’s like having a professional seamstress visit me and teach me!
sweeeeeet! so happy, pants are my biggest sewing frustration because of the
aging body.
many thanks my dear!

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