Weekend reading: Redefining success, race & conformity, and why celebrity fashion is dull



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Nesha of Betty Red Design

Thanks for the blog love! xo

Alice Elliot

Great links to follow! I loved the Simon Doonan critique! Since Bjork wore the dead swan the gowns have gone steadily downhill, fun-wise


Where on earth do you find all these links? :-)


LOVE your link recommendations!!! The piece Grace wrote was great. I have noticed a lost sense of community in some blogs and just wanted to say thanks for nurturing the community here. So thanks you guys! I love supporting your company, clearly you all work hard to make this a great place for us!

Shira Y

These posts were very interesting! I also enjoyed reading last week’s recommendations :)

Anne Lyth

Thank your. These are links to real insight. I especially loved the first one, reg. success. I for one should absolutely redefine personal success.

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