Weekend reading: Inside fast fashion, invisible zippers, and working out with Marilyn



I hope you all have had a good week! As I mentioned before, my folks were in town, and my dad and I ran a 10k, our first ever race together! The photo above is one I took during the race as we crossed the broadway bridge.

Enjoy your weekend, and check out these wonderful links:

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I LOVE that Man Repeller post – what a beautiful ode to unconditional self love and acceptance :)


What a coincidence, my dad is in town too! I hope you had a great time with him and congrats on your Marathon. I’m now off to read some good articles thanks to you.


Thanks for sharing that story about Marilyn, I love that she lifted weights to stay in shape!


as someone who struggles to try to wear some make up sometimes—for myself and for fun—i was interested in the manrepeller link. the post struck me as a bit weird and i really think that particular website did not jive with me (to put it nicely). i guess it presents too narrow an idea of young womanhood in america for my tastes even though i was reading it to be lighthearted.

as for contributing to chatter, i think wearing makeup is an interesting topic. earlier this week i tried to put on a bold lipstick and even after applying it nicely i couldn’t leave it on because i felt like a clown. i know that my make up application skills are not great, mainly cause i very rarely wear any, but i think i’m coming to realize that it’s more about not being able to see myself when i’m wearing makeup. i find this kind of annoying because i really enjoy how make up looks sometimes. for example i think well applied eye liner is super fun in general and theoretically would look great on me (with this example, applying it properly is definitely an issue! how do i get the inner rims? i end up blinking too much. at least they make iridescent white eyeliner that i can be sloppier with and still have look good).

i also think some of the men in my life sometimes struggle to understand me and makeup–since i don’t normally wear it i am supposed to be categorically against it. sometimes i just want to play. and i really don’t want to feel obligated to wear makeup either. but then again i also wish men wore more makeup just for fun (“everyone” looks good in eyeliner).

Jet Set Sewing

Wow, that fast fashion article was so enlightening! I had no idea so much of it was going through Los Angeles. The wasteful amount of clothes shopping we’ve been doing is an addiction we need to get over.

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