Featured Seamstress: Christy


Name: Christy

Skill Level: Intermediate

Patterns Used: Meringue and Taffy from The Colette Sewing Handbook

Her Blog: Little Betty Designs

Her Posts about the Patterns: Taffy Blouse and Denim Meringue

What fabric did you use? For the Taffy blouse, I used a lightweight, black swiss dot voile, which was lovely to work with and lovely to wear. The Meringue was made with a remnant of denim from my stash.

How did you decide to reflect your personal style in the pattern? I love both of these items. I wear the skirt almost every day and my husband complimented me on the Taffy when I wore it out to dinner (he never comments on my clothes, ever!).

What thoughts do you have about the project? To speed up the construction of the blouse, I roll hemmed the sleeves with my overlocker and serged all inside seams. I also made 3/8 inch binding and sewed it under the garment rather than over the raw neck edge. For the Meringue I used a quilting cotton to face the waistband and the scalloped hem. I also used a regular zipper, as I thought it would be a little stronger with such a heavy fabric. I can’t wait till I get to make the Pastille dress, but also have the Rooibos and Violet ready to go too. Which first?

Thanks, Christy!

Caitlin Clark   —  

Caitlin is the Colette Patterns design assistant. You can follow Caitlin at her blog, the story girl.

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Gorgeous! very inspiring too. Thanks!!


Wow I can’t get over the angophora trees in the background. Beautiful outfit and beautiful trees. I miss Sydney :(


Fabulous outfit – it’s smart and casual at the same time…love it!

Sarah J


Bold Sewist

Love that Taffy!


I love this outfit! The scalloped hem on the denim Meringue is adorable and what a good idea to use swiss dot for the Taffy blouse! The Taffy is on my sewing list for spring as well, and I was thinking about doing a rolled hem to finish the sleeves on the sheer fabric – glad to hear that it works! Both garments look great and are very flattering on you.

Oh, and I vote for the Violet Blouse. It was the first Colette Pattern that I was able to track down and sew, it’s really fun! :-)

jenn x

That Taffy blouse is lovely but I really love the Meringue in denim! I keep passing by that skirt in the book but I think a denim one is in my future. Thanks for the inspiration.

Michelle Bannon

Very nicely done! Quite an inspiration.


This is my favorite version of Taffy I’ve seen yet.


You’re using two of my favorite fabrics – denim ad Swiss dot. I am a big lover of polka dots so it is no surprise that I like the dotted fabric. The scalloped hem is very unique; I’m not surprised your husband complimented you :)


This is adorable! I am loving the denim Meringue- that sucker would go with just about everything!


This is absolutely beautiful! I really like the skirt – casual but flirty.


Lovely clothes – but best of all are the beautiful gums and Sydney sandstone in the background. Thanks for these great “Featured Seamstress” articles – they have got me onto some terrific sewing blogs, as well as being a good way of seeing Colette Patterns on a range of body types.


Such a great skirt – love your version of it…


What a great outfit. Love the fabric choices. The outfit looks great on you! Your husband was a smart man to compliment you!

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