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Featured Seamstress: Kathleen


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Name: Kathleen

Skill Level: Intermediate

Pattern: Peony

Her Blog: Verbeelding

Her Post about the Pattern: Peony

What kind of fabric did you use? It’s some kind of rayon that I picked up at the sales corner of my local fabric store.

How did you decide to reflect your personal style in the pattern? I went for floral print with small flowers. Somehow I always end up picking up pieces of clothing in floral print with small flowers. That’s part of my style I guess. I didn’t really edit anything on the dress pattern itself, but I left out the cummerbund style belt. So once the dress was finished I opted for a small belt I already owned.

What thoughts do you have about the project? I had a blast making this dress. The instructions were very clear and there weren’t too many pattern pieces. I definitely love the shape of the dress, even though when I first saw it appear on the blog and in the shop, I wasn’t convinced it would be something for me. But it’s definitely a great basic shape and you can add all kinds of elements to it to tailor it to your liking. I can see myself making more of these Peony dresses in the future in all kind of fabrics with prints and without prints. A little black dress with this pattern would be perfect! Or a little blue dress. Or a little green dress…

Thanks, Kathleen

note: you can easily translate Kathleen’s blog from Dutch to English using Google Translate or adding a translation extension to your web browser

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Caffy Bundy

Hi Kathleen! uitstekende werk! I’m moving to Belgium next year to Bruges. Good to know there are dressmaking fans over there!

Nice Peony too!!

Caffy x


Hey, from which city/country are you moving to Belgium? I’m living in Brugge and I really love it, but there not much fabricsshops around here. But we do have a lot of enthousiastic sewers!!;-)

Caffy Bundy

I’m moving over from Ireland! Email me Sara!


That print is adorable and the dress looks fab! Well done! And paired with the lovely boots and glasses it gives me a whole 90s vibe that is rockin :D


Very cute – I love the floral!


I love every version of Peony I see. It’s such a versatile pattern


You did a great job on the dress but what I’m really in love with are those boots you paired with the dress. The dress is super feminine but the boots toughen it up quite nicely


Lovely! Great print (and great boots)!


Great job, your peony dress looks great on you!


Hello, I would like to get in contact with a ENTHUSTASTIC seemstress close to the Belgium coast …..OSTENDE…. with an interest in SEWING for me….dress size 40. Looking forward to hearing from you……..Jook.


Sewing dresses from patterns.

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