Featured Seamstress: Katy


Name: Katy

Skill Level: Intermediate

Pattern: Beignet

Her Blog: Ms. Modiste

Her post about the pattern: Beignet

What kind of fabric did you use?: 100% wool crepe.

How did you decide to reflect your personal style in the pattern? I tend to prefer simplicity and functionality, and this pattern spoke to that with its straight lines and practical pockets. At the same time, I also tend to make “safe” choices, so I stepped outside my comfort zone by making it up in such a bright colour. I’m glad I did, as it really does make me happier just to look at it! To keep it clean and polished, I opted for a matching belt and covered buttons.

What thoughts do you have about the project? I’ve always had a bit of a difficult relationship with high-waisted garments, probably because I’m quite short-waisted, but this skirt fits like a dream. I particularly love the placement of the belt, which is comfortable and flattering. The pattern itself was so fun to put together – full of challenging little details and yet very easy to make. I can see myself sewing several more of these – in fact, I even have plans to make a version with a solid front and a side zipper for the ultimate simple TNT skirt. I just love this silhouette!

Thanks, Katy!

Caitlin Clark   —  

Caitlin is the Colette Patterns design assistant. You can follow Caitlin at her blog, the story girl.

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What a beautiful make, the colour is stunning! I also have trouble with high-waisted skirts (due to my short torso) so I know what you mean, but this Beignet looks great on you!


Gorgeous! i’m short waisted and you are inspiring me…..
I still haven’t figured out what TNT stands for……

Bold Sewist

What a gorgeous skirt – I absolutely love this colour, and the wool crepe gives it a lovely look!


TNT stands for a tried and true pattern , one that you reach for a* lot* b/c you have it fitted to you well and you KNOW you look great it in! ( HTH!)\

Having said that, I think many seamstresses that I have spoken to in my years of sewing are always searching for the ultimate TNT pattern for any particular area( pants, blouse, etc) and once they find it they still go on searching for more!
I have a different theory, once I make up any pattern I love an fit it to me, I make up 3-4 of them right in a row,continuing to tweak each time to perfection , that is, if it is necessary ( sometimes it is not) but I like to push the envelope so to speak, to see how far that particular pattern can take me~
Then I make a master pattern out of that particular pattern , stiffen the pattern pieces and hang them on a pants hanger in my sewing room closet, they are marked and ready to go if I am in need of the perfect skirt, pant or whatever immediately, and I file the rest of it away in a large envelope w/ the front of the pattern taped to the front, the back to the back with directions and all inside~ it keeps the sewing room neat and I know from a glance which patterns are ready to go w/o fitting when I get the inspiration and time to sew again~

Maria M.

Thanks for the great idea.


Wow – thanks Pamela – not just for the definition but for the great idea!


Beautiful skirt! I love the color and it looks really well made.


Your skirt looks fabulous! The buttons look excellent, too. Great job.


Wow, what an absolutely gorgeous berry color! You did a great job, your skirt looks fabulous and I love the choice of the fabric covered buttons to match. I am bumping this skirt up on my “to sew” list right now! :-)


That is a lovely skirt!!!! Great job Katy!


Love the skirt Katy! The color suits you beautifully. I can also picture the same skirt with contrasting binding and buttons!^.^

Amanda D.

I love Katy’s blog and this skirt! A beautiful color, it looks great!


This is gorgeous! Katy’s blog is one of my favorites– everything she makes is superbly crafted and beautiful!


I’ve always thought that covered buttons were old fashioned looking, but your skirt has changed my looks really finished and modern with them !

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