Film Inspiration: 3 Coins in The Fountain (1954)


We recently watched 3 Coins in The Fountain and while I found the film rather silly, the wardrobe of the three main characters were quite stunning. The film takes place in Rome and centers around the lives of three American secretaries living there. Just look at that two-toned green beauty above! It has precious little buttons at the shoulder.

These images were captured by Sweet Sunday Mornings, a real treasure of a blog that explores costume and production design in vintage-oriented films.


This character was extremely annoying to me, but her clothes were pretty wonderful. I love that blouse in the top photo, and look at the buttons on the sleeve (which I didn’t notice until I saw this image).

A beautiful silk dress worn to an Italian countryside picnic.

Love the detail on this dress (and the kitten).

More lovely yellow silk. Notice the direction of the stripes… it looks like the top is cut on the bias.

Just lovely all around. Take a look at all of the photos at Sweet Sunday Mornings, along with many other pretty films!

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I utterly adore that green dress.


The buttons on the green dress is my favorite! Now if only I had the skill to recreate that!


Oh, so many of these dresses and details are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing. I love the green dress so much!


Gorgeous inspiration! Everyone looks so effortlessly elegant. Like if I threw on a dress like that I’d have the same instant style… I love the cornflower-blue dress in the last shot. Thanks for sharing!


I recently watched the movie before I went to Rome, to get some inspiration :-) Thanks for commenting on the silly character of Maria, I was really annoyed about her too! She had pretty dresses though.


I know Maria was supposed to be rather silly compared to the other two, but she was just such an annoying person…. there was nothing to like about her!


My sisters and I watched that movie more than once and NOBODY else has ever heard of it! I am so glad to see it mentioned. I always reference “Lacrima Christi” wine in reference to one’s pretending to like something he doesn’t, but nobody ever knows what I am talking about. Ha ha.
You’re right, the dresses are fabulous.


This post makes me smile :)


I haven’t seen this film but the styling looks sooo great! Another great film i thought had fantastic outfits was Rosemary’s Baby. Rosemary was constantly wearing the greatest late-60’s fashion.


Makes me want to move to Italy and become a secretary IMMEDIATELY.

Elizabeth Ann Lowe

My mom took me to see Three Coins in the Fountain in Brooklyn N.Y. when I was 14 years old. Fifty nine years ago! It has always been in my top three favorite movies! After the show we crossed the street to a small clothing store and there in the window was a white cotton blouse with three coins on each collar. The sleeves were long and each had a coin button on it. it was tailored very nicely. Mom bought it for my birthday!


Oh my lord, that suit and silk blouse in #3!! How do you even get something to fit like that? I must learn!


I would love to make any and all of the above … Now if a designer could be persuaded create the patterns…..

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