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Free Pattern Hack: Ginger with Shaped Patch Pockets


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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As much as I hate to admit it, summer is coming to a close here in the Northern Hemisphere. You can’t visit the supermarket without seeing pumpkins and cinnamon scented pinecones, reminding you of impending Autumn days. It all seems to soon! As I sit here writing this post, the AC is going and I am wearing a sleeveless shirt. I have to fight my instinct to sew summer florals and sundresses, and instead revisit practical and transitional separates.

The Ginger skirt is a classic. This a-line skirt can easily be made up in anything from crisp denim to summery linens, bold solids to sweet prints, or a luscious wool like I used in this sample. The possibilities are endless!


For this month’s pattern hack I wanted to add a feature that everyone loves to the Ginger skirt. POCKETS! I don’t think I am being extreme when I say that 99% of garments can be improved with the addition of pockets. Where else are you suppose to keep your chapstick and seam ripper (I know I am not the only one that almost always has a seam ripper on hand)?

The lovely folks over at Cloth House sent us the most delicious light weight wool in a stunning blue yarn dye. I knew it would be an amazing fabric for a topstitched Ginger with pockets. I have since been browsing their online shop plotting my Autumn sewing, because gorgeous wools make saying goodbye to summer a little bit easier, right?

Don’t forget Ginger is 20% off through the end of August when you use promo code GINGERMONTH at check out!

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Great skirt!


Nice hack! But more importantly, what shirt is that?? I haven’t seen it on the website before.


It is the version 4 of Laurel, sewn up in a really gorgeous silk georgette.

French Toast Tasha

I’m so with you here—definitely not ready for summer to be over, wool is the best, and everything is better with pockets!


I really like how you put all the hacks in a file together that we can update. Nice, very professional and streamlined add-on.

Agneta Olofsson

These pockets are lovely!

Right now this pattern can be found with a discount, only 7.66 usd, at (just change the currency and language). I am closing my store and selling all the patterns, but Ginger is actually my “pattern of the week” so it’s only limited time! :)

Have fun all happy sewers!
/Agneta, one of Colette Patterns online retailers.

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