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Free pattern hack: The Oslo Sweater Coat


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You probably wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Oslo is an office favorite. I mean really, what’s not to love? A cardigan the looks stylish but feels like the coziest robe, it is hard to improve on.

But Sarai, being the clever lady that she is, came up with this hack almost by accident while we were day dreaming about fall sewing. While contemplating a project for a gorgeous textured sweater knit she has recently purchased, she had an “aha! moment” and came up the idea for an Oslo sweater coat with kimono sleeves. Immediately, we recognized that it would be a gem of a pattern hack.

This hack is incredibly easy and can be applied to so many patterns with set in sleeves.

This hack personifies laid back fall style. Sarai layered her Oslo sweater coat over an Akita lengthened into a dress for the perfect fall look.

Remember that through the end of September you can get Oslo for just $5, no promo code needed!

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Haley Glenn   —   Editorial Director

Five years ago, Haley left the apparel industry to join the world of home sewing. She has been empowering women to sew ever since – first through years of in-person teaching at Sew LA, and now through her writing at Colette. Haley writes tutorials and articles on our blog, teaches sewalongs, and writes and edits for our magazine, Seamwork.

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The coat is so lovely,thanks for offering this as a free hack! Will you be talking at all about the longer Akita? With the unique layout of the 1 piece pattern, I’m just not quite sure where to add the length! Many thanks from a novice sewist!


We will be sharing a tutorial on how to lengthen Akita over at the Harts blog on Thursday!


Thank you Haley!


So cute! Thanks!! Now if I could just make up my mind on what color fabric to buy!


A cozy sweater, that I don’t have to knit, what?! Thanks for this lovely version, if I can get my hands on some good sweater knit fabric I would love to make this. Do you have any recommendations on where I can find a big selection of sweater knits online? Alas, I do not have an independent fabric retailer or any aparrel fabric retailer nearby.


The sweater knit I used for this one is from Mood, I really like their selection right now.


Thank you for sharing this with us! I love your sweater! It’s encouraging me to actually sew up a sweater for myself. I always forget we can do that with just the right pattern and material – so much faster than knitting it!


I love my Oslo sweater . And I just received the pattern hack. It looks fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your creative genius with us.


Hi, I clicked the button “get the pattern hack” two days ago and I have been told I would receive the pattern within one hour, but I did not receive anything. Today I tried again but I still don’t receive it (also checked my spam folder).
Could you help me, please?
Thank you.


Thank you so much for the lovely sweater/coat pattern!! Where I live it gets cold ( –30 to -50 degrees) so when I get dress to go outdoors I do a lot of layering. Thanks again

Denise Dickson

I really like the sweater but I can’t find anywhere to click to get the hack.


Hi Denise, just click the button that says “Get Pattern Hack Pack” an email will then be sent to you with this months free hack.


Now I received the email with the Oslo pattern hack pack!
Thank you!

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