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Giveaway: Win a copy of 110 Creations: A Sewist’s Notebook


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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To go along with our new Wardrobe Architect challenge this year, Beth of 110 Creations has kindly offered to give away a free copy of her wonderful planning notebook!

110 Creations: A Sewist’s Notebook is a lovely little planner that you can use to sketch, scheme, and dream. Use the croquis and accompanying notes to plan out all of your projects this year.

I love the idea of not only having a single place to keep sketches and plans, but a nice little record of the things you’ve made. I was thinking it would be fun to attach a photo of the finished garment (even if it didn’t turn out perfect) to each page.

How to enter

To enter, leave a comment and let us know how you planned your last sewing project! Did you buy swatches? Did you start with the pattern? Fall in love with a fabric? Get an idea from a photo or a garment you already had? How did it come to be?

I’ll pick one winner at random on Sunday, Feb 1st at noon pacific time. This is open to international as well as US entries!

PS: If you’d like to purchase the book, Beth tells me that there is currently a 10% discount. It ends tomorrow (the 29th) at midnight eastern, and the code is MOREFUN.

ETA: Congrats to Claire, who won with this hilarious comment: “oh you’re supposed to plan? That’ll be where I’m going wrong then.”

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I did something I rarely do…. I actually sketched it out so I could play with fabrics and the fabric design placement. It worked out so well, I’m definitely doing it again!


I am often inspired by the fabric I buy, If you got to ,
the sheep fabric inspired me to make pjs (Obviously xD)


I sketched out pieces of it and then turned to what the dimensions needed to be of both the finished project and the seam allowances. Found fabric that would fit for the project, made a “prototype” and then wrote down a set of instructions from the prototype to be able to replicate it successfully.


Hello! My last project was a very simple blouse for my 9 year old daughter. I sketched it, than I’ve chosen the fabric, I’ve made the pattern and then I sew it. You can check the sketch and the final result at


I bought some spandex material online to make some leggings, but once I got it I realized it was destined for a bathing suit


I have been working hard to hone my sewing plans; spent a good deal of time narrowing (partly through the WA last year!) and figuring what I really want to wear. Knit dresses have been on my list and I did a little birthday shopping at Mill End and found some really nice colors/weights of knits. Moneta is all cut out and waiting to be sewn up! I also did a bunch of sewing planning on a recent plane trip complete with lists/color plans (colored markers are great for this!). And then there was the Saltspring Maxi…that fabric was bought months ago before I finally purchased the pattern and made it up but the vision was there!


First, as always, I fell in love with a wonderful orange wool. Then, back home, I start looking for THE pattern. As I had nothing on my sewing machine, I started it immediately !


For my last make, a Coco dress, I was inspired by black funnel neck versions I saw online. I searched for ponte de roma online, but ended up buying it locally so that I could feel the fabric. This was definitely one of my more planned makes!


I started by falling in love with the Dahlia pattern.


My last (and current) project is a black cotton blouse made with a 1940s pattern. I began because of a lack of solid tops, then I found the perfect pattern and went for comfy and versatile black cotton!


My last project was a Colette Moneta – I had found the fabric in a charity shop (un-used) and laid it out on the cutting table, and had Tilly’s Coco pattern in mind, pattern pieces ready to lay out but feeling the drape of the material, it had to be Moneta. The sewist’s notebook is ideal for the WA project. Fingers crossed.


Last year’s sewing projects were planned as part of the wardrobe architect. I decided what types of things to sew based on the WA. I picked fabric colors from my color palette for the year. I have never had such a curated wardrobe in my life!

I even picked the colors and types of sweaters I knit based on W.A. It has made getting dressed so much easier!


I usually buy a pattern and then buy fabric but as I’m starting to try and build a wardrobe full of handmade things I’m finding I have to plan things more careful so I have coordinating pieces.

Mabel Martinez

I fall in love with a picture usually, sometimes just looking at patterns. Look for the perfect cheerful fabric and voila! … Creativity begins. ❤️

Beth Goddard

I was searching for Art Deco and geometric prints online and found the most beautiful Joel Dewberry prints on sale. I am now building the decor for my new flat around the beautiful colours he uses; turquoise, yellow and gold. So excited to make lots of things. Have printed off flat floor plans and coloured then in :-)


I’m actually doing a whole capsule wardrobe for spring and summer of this year. It was inspired by your fantastic Wardrobe Architect series. And your drawing the winner of this book would be *perfect* timing, cause I’ve planning for the sewing to begin on Feb 1! Thanks for the giveaway.

Aimee O

My most current sewing project is actually a sewing/upholstery project. I printed out a sketch of a chair and then fabric swatches and made an image board in my notebook.

V Reed

I just finished an asymmetrical skirt. I knew I was getting to splurge on fabric for my Christmas present from the hubs, but I didn’t want a pile of fabric that would go straight into my stash and linger away for years. I weighted each fabric choice against patterns I owned already, or were on my list to buy/try. I narrowed the list of fabrics to match my pattern options until I was within my budget and ordered. When the fabric arrived, it was just a choice of which pattern I was going to sew up first! The preplanning made sewing very enjoyable and I’m looking forward to cutting into the next piece!


My last sewing project started with a flowing voile fabric that had been sitting around for awhile. I dug in to the folder with my Women’s patterns and picked the best dress for the fabric!


I wander aimlessly around my sewing room! But I’m hoping to plan things out more toward what I need in my wardrobe in the future.

Nancy K

I kept seeing pictures of long cardigans to layer for winter. I already had a pattern that I’d used before and bought some fabric that worked for me. It’s cut out and ready to sew. If it’s a new look I sketch it first on a croquis of my body. A planning sketchbook would be lovely to have.

Heather L

I had a pattern and found perfect fabric at the store. (Luckily, the two worked well together and I have a great new shirt…not always the case!)


I’d been wanting to sew up Deer and Doe’s plantain T-shirt for awhile, and I finally got around to printing it out and buying some striped knit fabric last week. I’ve already worn it three times!

Rox Guillemette

I planned my latest project by choosing the pattern first, McCalls 6696. I’ve been meaning to make this dress for about a year, but Idle Fancy’s Autumn of a 1000 Shirtdresses was the kick in the pants I needed. I chose some plain burgundy poplin for my first try, and I hope it goes well, because my secret goal is to make it in a glorious multicolored cotton-poly plaid. I just LOVE plaid.


For my last sewing project I looked for inspiration in the September Issue of American Vogue and based on a dress in an advertisement drafted a pattern and then purchased the fabric I wanted to use. I put a lot of time into this dress and because of that wanted to make sure that I had good quality fabric with which to construct it.


My last project was the Manilla leggings from Seamworks because I ripped my old store-bought ones and needed to replace them asap. I bought black double-knit and went to work. There was pretty much no planning involved.


My last sewing project began with a pattern I traced from a simple top I like and then the find of an animal print. Cut and sewed it all in one day…wore it the next with a great skirt and boots and got a ton of positive comments!


Well, I knew I had to make a garment for placement at school, and I looked for something that would impress the teacher (and myself). So, I looked around at patterns online, selected a few, made a decision, bought some swatches, and made a muslin while I’m waiting for the fabric to come in.

Pat Jankowski

I have a stash of fabrics and have them catalogued so I only need the right pattern. I go through all of the pattern company websites regularly to see what is new and if it will work with what I have.

Begum Sen

I never do swatches because I have huge fabric stash. I try to decrease my stash in each project but it always gets bigger! I don’t know how, maybe the sewing fairies ;)


I tend to start with an idea and I go hunting for a pattern. I have a vision of what I want so I search for something to fit that vision..


I haven’t started sewing, but I have so many projects on my to-do list. I would love to have something like this to help me organize my plans. As a beginner, it is hard to start a project because there are almost too many options. I have both of your books and probably four of your sewing patterns- so I guess I need to start on something simple and soon : ). Your Seamworks magazine has also been a amazing.


My last project was definitely fabric led. The fabric was in my stash and I’ve been working hard to use up stash fabric, so…I did!

Gerran W.

My last sewing project was a heart-shaped flower carrying bag! I love buying flowers at my local farmer’s market, and I wanted a cute carrying bag that they would fit perfectly into. I was inspired by the simple bag tutorial from Whitney Sews, and just winged it! Haha!

Emma Jayne

My last project was planned well in advance of any purchases by finding inspiration on Pintrest, seeking a similar pattern which went only my Christmas wish list. I unwrapped Christmas Day and traced Boxing Day. The fabric took a little while to find, two dud online purchases delivered jersey that was far too drapey but I finally found the right one. Meanwhile I’d made a practise make, altered the pattern pieces and now I’m ready to start. It’d be nice to have a notebook to keep my ideas jotted and in one place though… really bring everything in one place and keep track of fitting notes for future makes.

Mary Alice

My last project was inspired by a fabric swatch, I loved the neon floral pattern, and after I bought it I sketched out a design, and then created a midi skirt, it is a great pop of color to my wardrobe!


Ususally it’s the fabric that comes first, then it’s piled and cuddled and if I’m lucky I run into a pattern that “matches the fabric” some day.
It’s not the best way, though. It results in looooooots of fabric, and when inspiration strikes the fabric for the “perfect pattern” is 4 inches too short. Or too narrow.
So you pile even more fabric… waiting for the perfect pattern.

I really want to use what I have this year and will only make fabric purchases with a pattern already in mind. Not sure, if this will work out. Fabrics are too pretty!!!


My last project was a skirt made from Echino fabric, in a cotton-linen blend. I saw a coupon in my fabric store, fell in love and bought it without knowing what I’d make, I was thinking cushion covers. Later I realized I could just squeeze out a straight skirt, and that’s what I did, with a pattern I drafted myself, as explained by Mme Zsazsa (in Dutch, see here: ), and lined with some leftover from my previous project, another straight skirt (see this blog post: I got a lot of wear out of that Echino skirt, I really love it, but I haven’t blogged it yet. I should though, since it’s also the first project I used my own sew-in labels for. Luckily it fits right into my capsule wardrobe for the coming spring/summer, so that will give me opportunity to wear it, and hopefully document it in a blog post!

I did get round to those cushion covers, too:


I usually start with the pattern first, then find fabric to fit! But I’m very disorganized about it.

Mekaela Carter

I actually planned my last project once I found the fabric. I found the Lydia pattern through BurdaStyle, and it was perfect to replace some old worn out RTW long sleeve tees that I desperately needed to replace. Next up Dahlia V2!


My planning is all in my head – mostly when I can’t sleep! I find it very helpful in both planning my sewing and sending me to sleep :-)


I started with the pattern and then went to my overflowing cupboard to see if I could find something to suit. I’d love to be more organized, thanks for the chance :)


My last project was an impromptu Christmas dress for my daughter that was thrown together one evening after her bedtime.
We had lots of fun sketching it and when I told her that I might not be able to make something that was exactly like she wanted, she looked at me seriously and said, “That’s okay, Mom. I know you will have tried your hardest.”
That’s pretty mature for a five year old.


My latest project-in-progress was inspired by a Givenchy blouse I saw online, and thought, I have a pattern almost identical to that shape! Plus it was in a black floral, which I’m addicted to right now, so it was partly the fabric, and partly that I had a pattern I’d been wanting to make up — it all came together ;)


I usually start out with a pattern, but I do have a big fabric stash so sometimes I start there too!


My last project was a Marianne dress my Christine Haynes. I saw the pattern photo ladies in stripes and I knew I had to have one.

Chris Griffin

I was inspired by all the great color blocking garments I’ve been seeing and decided to use Dandelion pattern because I thought the different sections would make for a great silhouette.

Kacy Burchfield

I usually start with a pattern, but occasionally fabric really speaks to me. Sometimes I design and then find a pattern to mesh.


I start with a wardrobe plan (color schemes and all) and then choose which piece that I don’t have that will get the most wear. Then I think of fabrics, though I haven’t done swatches before (that would be a good idea though). Then I look at patterns and which ones give the silhouette and work with the material. Lots of thought goes into it.

Jenny Askew

I was given some fabric that i would never have picked out myself, and was trying to think of what to do with it when it hit me that it was screaming out to be made into a 60s a-line shift dress, which is, incidentally a style I never wear. So the whole hing was a bit of an experiment but it has paid off big time as I love the end result and it suits mee so much more than I thought it would. Most of the time my projefts start out with me seeing a fabric and knowing straight away what it needs to become.


My last project was the Oslo cardi from Seamwork. I had decided that 2015 was going to be the year I conquered sewing with knits. Loved the pattern. Actually found fabric I liked at my local store. Sent the pattern pdf to the print shop. Took out my serger – hadn’t seen it for 5 or more years. And it was threaded with the correct colour thread and it behaved! I have a new cardi and I quite love it! That was a satisfying project!

Jenny Askew

I was given some fabric that i would never have picked out myself, and was trying to think of what to do with it when it hit me that it was screaming out to be made into a 60s a-line shift dress, which is, incidentally, a style I never wear. So the whole hing was a bit of an experiment but it has paid off big time as I love the end result and it suits me so much more than I thought it would. Most of the time my projects start out with me seeing a fabric and knowing straight away what it needs to become.


last project was a challenge from our sewing club. I used stash fabric and made a jacket because I also found in my stash two matching fabrics for pants. I have lost sixty pounds in the last year and I am still working in more. I am going to wait until warmer weather to see what size I wear to make the pants.


I pick the pattern first most of the time but sometimes the fabric calls to me and then I need to find the perfect pattern to fit the material


I feel in love with a pattern, but swore I’d work from my own stash.

Emily Keebler

I based my project off a pattern and then just picked some fabric I liked.


I was given the Victoria Blazer pattern for Christmas and when my favourite fabric store had a 40% off sale last week I spent a loooong time browsing to find the perfect fabrics. I knew in my head how I wanted it to look. I’m a 50/50 planner, pattern first then fabric, however often fall in love with fabric and so buy it without an end goal in mind….and I wonder why my stash grows


There’s little to no planning in my sewing world. I try to match a pattern to a suitable fabric in my stash & go from there! Maybe my sewing & wardrobe would come together better if I actually planned stuff out.


My last project will actually be my first!!! Online bloggers, inspirational websites and habadashers have encouraged my desire to make something into reality. A fantastic friend bought me a beginners book and I’ve been buying bits and bobs in readiness for the first item. I’ve just purchased my first pattern and I’ve been studying the instructions and looking and what adjustments I will need to make. I’m S L O W, so much slower that others I know, but I’m having such a fantastic time. I’d love a planning book (love the buttons on the cover !! ) to be able to write what I do in and what worked and more importantly what I know will not go so well so I can avoid. I’m not expecting anything fantastic from my first item but as long as it fits I will wear it. Just holding the pattern, ordering my pins, and looking at the world of fabrics gives me such a fizz! Even if I don’t win the book, I’m going to make my own :)


For my last sewing project, I found some really beautiful vintage fabric while out thrifting and I decided rather willy nilly to sew a skirt. I drove up to Santa Barbara to visit my best friend (also an sewer!) and we came up with a skirt pattern with an elastic gathered waist. I would love a notebook to plan ahead better!


I tend to draw up a sketch for silhouette, then go to the fabric shop and just have a play with what’s there for what might work. I almost never work off fabric first – I think I only have one garment that the pattern came after.


I got inspired by a photo of a beautiful Miss Dior Dress from 1949. Then I gathered supplies from all over the world – pattern from Italy, steel boning&artificial flowers from US, and italian fabrics from Poland. It took quite a long time, but a dress turned out beautifully!

Macey F

I’m the worst at planning out projects. My last one, a stuffed animal for a friend’s baby, I mostly free formed because I didn’t know what I wanted it to look like until it was done.


I started with a pattern I wanted to alter – converting a gathered skirt to a pleated one – then stash dove for some test fabric and got started. :)


I found some fabric I loved then searched for a pattern to go with it. I think maybe had I kind of sketched what I was looking for I would have been happier.


I buy fabrics without a plan. And then I try to find the perfect pattern for the fabric. I have some inpiration pictures but sometimes it can be dificult to find the similar pattern or fabric. The latest sewing project started long time ago, when I saw the pattern in sewing magazine, but I just found the perfect pattern so my new cardigan is almost ready :)


The last project was inspired by a comment by my Mom, which lead to the pattern selection and finally the fabric was purchased.


As with most projects, I fell in love with the fabric first (I find that when I have a pattern in mind, I’m never able to find the perfect fabric) and felt that it was perfect for another Archer shirt. Thanks for offering a lovely giveaway – sketching out my sewing plans is something I want to improve this year!

Alex K

My current project is a little summer outfit for my niece. She’s already way above the curve on the growth chart, so I’m already praying that it fits. I had picked up a vintage pattern at a thrift store and I had bought geranium print fabric that I just love to bits. I’m hoping I can fit a shirt for myself out of it also. It’s quilting cotton, but the print is adorable. She already has a bapron out of the same fabric.


had a lovely piece of black merino .. I was waiting till I knew exactly what I wanted and finally decided on combining the Jalie asymmetrical top with a kind of turtleneck-cowl neck cross and ended up with a go with everything top that I have been wearing twice a week since I made it! Thinking about it and sketching out ideas over a couple,of months really paid off.


New current project: A dress. I started with the pattern! Now I’m just waiting to come across the perfect fabric for it!
Last project: I started quilting, and signed up for a class since I was intimidated by binding.

Inga Helene

I have been drooling over sewing projects since I discovered the Norwegian version of the Great British Sewing Bee earlier this year. I uesd to sew clothes more than thirty years ago, but it came to a hold when I started working. I’ve done quite a lot of patchwork, but I stopped doing that some yars ago too. The rediscovery of sewing has made me so eager to sew clothes again. I went to a fabric shop in the city I’ve been visiting just to look, and there I found this gourgeous pepita/hound tooth fabric which I’m going to make a skirt from. The shop agent showed me another fabric, a Chanel-type fabric (you know those short jackets) which was impossible to forget. Today, just before our departure, I made my husband wait for me for a long time, when I went into the shop again. I’ve decided to make a copy of a dress I have in the cupboard. And guess what: it’s going to be THE project when I attend my first sewing class ever!


My last project was to make a pattern from an existing top that fit perfectly. I made several more variations in different fabrics!


Ha – my last project involved no planning! I got a serger for Christmas, so I hit up Joann’s in my parent’s town looking for an easy pattern and suitable fabric. Went with the first things I found and ended up making New Look 6298 in an usually nice quality, heavy weight, rayon knit. Despite the lack of planning, it turned out great!

Shannon Snyder

My latest project is a Negroni for my son. He loves plaid flannel button ups, so this pattern is the one for him! I found a nice red, white & blue flannel, but I’m putting the fuzzy side on the inside so he gets that against his skin and the smooth side on the outside so no pills will ever show! Thanks for the chance to win.


I am just getting back into sewing after 20 years of being away from it. I made a scrub top – to plan it I did a lot if internet research to find a pattern that is the style that I like, and then I went to the fabric store and picked a cotton fabric that was on sale. I didn’t want to spend a lot if money on something until I’ve gotten back into sewing with some practice. I’m envisioning making my own wardrobe soon though!


Ohh great!!! I really like this notebook, I have pined it a long time ago in case of my husband wanted to make me a gift but apparently he doesn’t understood my intention… ;p My last project was a pant by a french brand “Aime comme Marie”. For this project, like most of my projects, it was a love at first sight with the fabric, who has guide me to the perfect pattern :)

raquel from JC

My last project was my February contribution to the Burdastyle challenge: a top with yoke and side inserts. I used a knit fabric, very nice with drape (it has some rayon).

Suzanne van Vliet

last design project started on a napking, got transferred to a notebook and ended on pinterest.


For my last project, I was a pattern tester and used some fabrics from my stash…


My last sewing project was coat. I knew, this winter I have to try to sew a coat. I found a fabric – something similar to wool but not too expensive, as my first coat wasn’ t intended to be something extra – only a try. Then, I pick a pattern (Malau coat from Schnittchen, because it has a hood and doesn’t require attaching sleeves :) ). Tracing the pattern, cutting and sewing took me almost a month (mostly evenings), but in the end I have a coat I’ve sewn myself and it is wearable ! :D


I am just learning to sew, so I decided on my project by looking at what classes were being offered at my local craft store. I’m really excited about finishing my first dress at our last class tomorrow!

Sarah Clark

The last garment I made was inspired by the many Black Friday fabric purchases I made. I am sure that there is many more to come out of that treasure trove of inspiration.


My last sewing project was a collection of coincidences. I was in the library when I happened upon a bag making book that looked interesting. Then, a couple of days later, I found some quilting fabric that needed to be a bag lining. A couple more similar happenings, and next thing I knew, I was working on a purse. I’m happy it worked out, but I feel like I got lucky. I didn’t even think I wanted/needed a purse this size, but I use it almost every day.

I’d love to have something to plan things out with because I buy materials all the time, then forget what inspired me to get them all the time.


My latest project is a coat which I am making at a workshop over 4 weeks so there has been quite an investment in time and money. I decided to go with a monochrome theme and got swatches – it was the first time I have done that and it was brilliant. My planning also includes posting progress updates on the blog – week one already done!


I use a few methods when planning what I going to sew next. I’ve created my own lookbooks from photos I’ve collected off the interwebs. Sometimes the pattern envelope inspires a stash dive. And then once in a while that stash dive rewards me with a piece of fabric I hadn’t thought about in awhile. I too would love to have one place to keep my ideas and random musings. Please toss my name into the hat.

Shelley Gibb

I always have lots of plans, but there is no priority to my queue. I have had a lovely bit of jersey in the cupboard, I bought the. Moneta download to Cher myself up after a crappy day. Now ready to cut out – first time working with a knit pattern, yikes!


I sketch in a notebook before I sew. It helps to visualize how certain pieces will look on me (tall and curvy), and keeps track of what fabrics are intended for what. I glue small swatches of fabrics next to each picture, and try to match multiple swatches for each fitted pattern, to encourage myself to re-use patterns that work. I’m currently working on a mod-ified Laurel (with in-seam pockets, but sans the notched collar) made of a navy blue crinkled mystery crepe.


The amount of planning for my last sewing project was rather unusual for me….I’ve wanted to make pyjamas with a dessert/sweets print forever and was inspired by a pair that Rory wore in an old Gilmore Girls episode I recently re-watched. I spent ages looking for the right traditional-style PJ pattern, reading reviews, etc. and finally settled on a family pyjama pattern from Simplicity. The rest was a piece of cake (pun intended) – I purchased some adorable pink cupcake cotton flannel, white piping and delicious pink buttons at my local fabric store, and sewed myself some cuddly jammies for winter time!

Jennifer L

My last sewing project started by seeing a pattern I couldn’t resist. It was my first lingerie project so I used an excel spread sheet to organize what supplies I needed and where to order them from. I’ve been wanting this notebook forever because I come up with so many sewing project ideas and them forget them.


I usually sketch ideas and get inspired by fabric, but my last project was inspired by necessity. I was about to take a trip to a slightly warmer climate and realized I only had my huge Chicago-winter parka. I remembered hearing about Rigel Bomber January and happened to have just enough fabric scraps from a previous project, so I decided to dive right in! Very little planning involved, and it worked out perfectly.


I planned to sew some well-fitting items to take on a trip. Found my fabrics and was excited to find the patterns for my wardrobe. Because I hadn’t sewn in a long time, I took a deep breath and really measured myself. Off to the pattern store. Fours hours later I came back empty handed. Nothing fit my measurements. I’m not a great seamstress, so any major adjustments are not in my skill set. I still have the lovely material and am working toward a plan to still have that great wardrobe that is currently only in my mind.


my last project was a knitting project… and it’s not done yet. and a mending project, also not done yet. and a protective dog coat project… also not done yet. this is incredibly depressing to me.


I participated in the x-mas swap arranged by the Curvy sewing collective. We were supposed to send our partner a pattern of our choice and some sewing notions. My swap partner and I decided on a common pattern (the Jacaranda dress by Tenderhook patterns) and to do a sewalong where we could ask each other fitting advice:-) Random but cool way of deciding on a sewing project.

All the best,

May Phillips

The last garment I sewed up was the Oslo Cardigan and I was definitely inspired by the pattern. Luckily, I had some perfect fabric in my stash the came to mind right away but sometimes I let a pattern sit for a while until I think of the fabric I’d like to use.


I’m typically inspired by current fashions, usually something I see on a coworker (who is nice enough to let me examine her clothing!). Then I draw a couple of sketches, and put it out of my mind for a few days, as my subconscious likes to mull things over. After a week or so, I go through my fabric stash or go shopping, if necessary, before I start to cut and drape and figure everything out.


The last thing I sewed was my dress for my birthday – in the middle of Jan. I bought the fabric around a year ago and at the time had thought it would make a great sleeveless Laurel – and then the material sat about for many months and I had many more plans for it. But then we got to summer and I wanted a new dress for my birthday so back to the original plan …


My first love is fabric, so my projects usually are a result of finding gorgeous fabric. But my last project was based on the need to tweak a pattern. It ended up being a wearable muslin, so I’m pleased:)


‘t Is serendipity, for sure!
I was just about to order this nifty little book, when I saw the contest… :-)
I planned my last sewing project around an ‘idea’: I wanted (needed!) a blouse, and I wished to make it up in a semi sheer fabric, with ‘several’ waist darts but no bust dart.
So I hunted down patterns, ending up merging two different ones, and then needed massive ‘creative tinkering’ to introduce a much needed bust dart (D-cup) which I then needed to eliminate again. The end is near (only hemming, button holes and buttons), the fit perfect, but now I am in dire need of some quick and simple projects :-)

Brenda N.

My last sewing project was a “remake” of a favorite ready-made top in my wardrobe. I drafted up the sections, made a minor change in the length, and off I went! I even had a perfect fabric in my stash that worked perfectly. Win!

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