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Halloween Sewing


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vintage halloween costumes

I love Halloween, but every year I run into the same problem. I always think, this year I will make myself a cool, elaborate costume. I will put my sewing skills to their intended use, making absurd outfits that you cannot buy for love or money, and I will celebrate my favorite holiday with style.

But every year October rolls around and I am insanely busy and costumes just sort of fall by the wayside. This year, I am going as an Edward Gorey character, so most of my costume bits are vintage (or cheap reproductions).

What about you, do you make your costumes? Any good Halloween sewing projects this year?





{images: from carbonated and rhiannonmars}

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There are some great patterns there! Here in Holland we don’t celebrate Halloween, but we do celebrate Carnaval (in februari). That is when the children here get dressed up and party. Maybe I should be wise and start sewing early this year. Because just like you, I always plan to make some wonderful costume, but in the end I run out of time. What’s up with that? :-)


These are too fun! I love the little girl’s costume (top image, lower right side) with what looks like bat’s wings–that would be too fun! (But then again, I adore costumes with wings… lol!) I always end up really busy come October too, and things just never seem to take shape in the costume department. Plus, we really don’t have any parties or places to go all dressed up, so this year we’re just laying low (although I’m hoping maybe we’ll get some cute trick-r-treaters visiting! I’ve got candy stashed just in case! ;)).


These are just gorgeous — what beautiful illustrations!


This might sound silly but I had no idea they celebrated Halloween back then. For some reason I thought it was newer than that. I am so into those Arabian Nights looks…


Wow! these are spectacular–very inspiring. I love the Magpie. Maybe next year I can create something spectacular like this. Happy Halloween!

sushi pie

I am busy making a child sized skeleton costume. I dream about making a costume for myself every year just like you but I never get around to it. Those vintage halloween costumes are so amazing. I really need to get on the ball and make one. At least that way I can wear the same costume every year if I don’t have time to make a new one.


This year my husband and I are going to THE halloween party as Pierre and Marie Curie. For my husband I made a vest and a top hat. His head is huge, apparently, so we couldn’t buy one without ordering a custom hat, which was NOT going to happen. (Millinery is NOT my forte, but somehow I accomplished it.)

For myself I used a Burda pattern for a Victorian dress. It’s almost done! Since I’m wearing it tomorrow night I really should finish it. I have this feeling I will be up all night tonight…


Ohhh, what a beautiful and interesting blog. I have to spread a voice;-)


I’m glad you guys like the illustrations, vintage Halloween stuff is the best.

We went to a Halloween wedding last night in our costumes and they went over pretty well!


Oh my, these illustrations are so lovely. I do hope that someday you are able to make the elaborate costume of your dreams!

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