Inspiration: 27 Topstitched Details


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I love the look of topstitching, but struggle to keep the lines completely parallel when doing it myself. Any tips? It seems like even the tiniest veer off course is glaringly obvious.


We’ve got a post coming up with some tips and methods for this!

I. Dodd

Thank you for the inspirational pictures. Beautifully executed top stitching can really transform a garment. Perhaps a tutorial on the type of thread to use on top and in the bobbin, tension, guidelines etc would be very helpful to get a truly professional look.


Here’s a post that might help you, with several tips for topstitching:

I’m working on a project / tutorial that incorporates topstitching, so we’ll have more to share soon. :)


Thanks for the link. Can’t wait to try some top stitching!


Love this!


WOW! Really inspirational! I can see how stitching can totally change the look of a piece. I am always shy with topsitching, it is difficult to make it straight and the smallest devitation ruins it all. Although with guides in the machine it can be much easier!

Aileen Vogel

Love this post. I’m a topstitch fan, and I loved all the great examples of this technique. So easy if we just take the time.


I love these examples – it makes me think about quilting versus topstitching but what great accent it can be – those Valentino pants! Wow :)

Anne Wright

Do excuse me please – I have a sudden unaccountable urge to topstitch something….


Fine examples of “out of the box” topstitching ideas! I do wish I could have seen more of the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries jacket. I love that program, and not only for the story lines…. Can you guess?!!!


Fabulous examples, topstitching takes time and concentration but edgestitch feet, or quilting feet help. Bernina feet have a hole through which a measuring rod can be inserted. Makes for easier measuring between rows.

Miriam Dema

I became obsessed with the Valentino jacket in this post while reading it, then realized I own that Schiaparelli hat in cream which made this post all the more satisfying. Thanks for all of that.

Carol in Denver

Excellent blog post with inspiring photos! I enjoyed the linked article, too. One suggestion I didn’t see posted: if you are topstitching in relationship to an edge, use a PAD of 1-1/2″ x 2″ Post-its, stuck to the bed of the machine, as the edge guide. A flat piece of tape on the bed of the sewing machine doesn’t give that ridge for the fabric to bump up against that is so useful.




I’m not a big fan of black fabric with white topstitching. I think that was a trend in the late 90s – I hated it! I remember not being able to find a pair of black shoes with plain black stitching to save my life. I like seeing all these different applications, though! Especially love how much interest it adds to that green jumpsuit. Would love to have that in my closet.


I remember this trend! I agree, it was one I avoided too. But those Burberry dresses may have changed my mind. I love that they incorporate different decorative stitches too.

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