November Handmade Favorites



This month, things have finally gotten cold. All I can think about is sweaters, fires, and hot hot tea. This handwoven (!) merino wrap from texturable looks like just the thing to snuggle up in.


I am very excited about these coconut buttons I just picked up. I’m going to make toggles for my Albion!


A beautiful 2 yard cut of vintage cotton.


Have you seen the cupcake pincushion rings by Made in Lowell?


I desperately need a yarn holder like this. I’ve been knitting with silk and that stuff is so slippery.


I recently bought the lotion in this scent and have been thinking about the lovely perfume oil. It’s described as “woodsy pine and cedar, amber, sandalwood, dried leaves, heliotrope, and soft hints of vanilla and roasted marshmallows.”


Pages from one of my favorite sewing books, The Art of Manipulating Fabric. Curl up with this book on a rainy day and you’re guaranteed to be inspired.


A beautiful handmade dish for holding your pins? So affordable too!


A pretty notebook for sketching.


I love these DIY embroidered card kits we’ve got in stock, made right here in Portland.

How are you staying warm and cozy this month?

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Karen June

Such a beautiful and cozy collection of handmade goods. I’m particularly smitten by the DIY embroidered card kits! We are exploring the theme of “Cozy” this month on our blog ( We have had a soup exchange party, made cozy felted acorns, baked fresh bread decorated with cozy candlelight and more. I Love this time of year!

Karen June

elizabeth rehmer

I ordered the cupcake ring after your trip to boston and I LOOOOVE it–it is on my list to give this year to my fellow sewists!! That book on fabric manipulation just went on my wish list!


That yarn bowl is very sweet but if you really need something in a hurry, I’ve seen an old teapot being used to good effect – feed the yarn up through the spout!

gabriel ratchet

eye candy of the finest kind…. thanks. it’s time to light candles, bake and write letters by hand.


I love that yarn bowl… I want one! My yarn ball is always getting stuck behind me because I can’t let it roll around or the naughty kitten will bite it and take it away (it’s happened LOL)


We once came back from a trip to find our old apartment completely covered in a spiderweb of yarn. Apparently, the kitties had discovered my yarn basket while we were gone and had a great time.


Love the yarn holder, wonder if it would stop my cat from constantly running off with my yarn and refusing to give it back. I have had the Art of Fabric Manipulation for several years and you have reminded me I haven’t looked at it in a while, agree it is a great source of inspiration. Have just bought some soft as butter Scottish tweed to make yet another Laurel, this time a jumper version, this should keep the chill out.


I’m going to keep warm knitting Purl Soho’s worsted seed stitch wrap – a total splurge and I’ll be sort of holding my breath about the price of wool while I’m doing it, but I fell in love with it at first sight a few months ago and saved up specially so I could cosy up my winter evenings with it! Your picks are all gorgeous. And wow, knitting with silk! Show us when it’s done, whatever it is!


I love the moon shaped buttons! I would love to make a pair of toggles for my Albion during the sew-along. Will there be a tutorial on how to make toggles?


Thank you for your post! You choose exquisite products to show. It’s a pleasure that one of my handmade scarves was featured here. Cheers,

F. K.

The wrap, yarn holder, and embroidery card are my favourites!!

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