Paper Dress by Jolis Paons


paper dress

Wow. Check out this dress made from the pages of a telephone book. I am fascinated by this sort of clothing-as-sculpture.

paper dress

paper dress

{more images on flickr, found via notcot}

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oooh for me this occupies the same beautiful, but impractical sphere as suede boots – lovely to covet, but totally unsuitable for a rainy climate!


This is amazing! I love when sculpture/art meets fashion and recycling. Magic. :)


melissa, that’s so funny. Just yesterday, I was eyeing a girl’s nice suede boots on the train and thinking about how quickly I would ruin them.

casey: I agree, the world needs more of this sort of thing.


I really like it… And as a dream : be abble to make same kind of dress…


I just want to say how amazing your work is :) i am doing my a levels at the moment and our project is Paper clothing. I dont want to take your style but please could you tell me your technique for how you attach your paper to itself. Thank you :)

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