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Happy Halloween, all.

I’m just back this week from an amazing camping trip in Yosemite, where I snapped a photo of this lovely creature and his family. It was so refreshing, after weeks of staring at a computer screen, to take in all that glorious fresh air and scenery.

I have some big stuff to talk about next week.

Weekend Reading:

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Thanks for the link to the article on Ursula Le Guin, great read indeed and so true!

As for the velvet ribbons I think I have seen a book about this Saint-Etienne collection at the Merci concept store here in Paris after they held a sale-exhibition in the store.

And sorry but Chocolate and sewing is much better to me than coffee and sewing ;-)

Wish you all at Colette’s a great Halloween night!


Thank you for including the Ursula K. LeGuin article, she’s an author I really enjoy. Her thoughts on remembering her mother are so perfect.

sj kurtz

The Poiret article was interesting. I saw a documentary years ago from the BBC (must have been early nineties) about fashion houses, and most of it was about licensing agreements. That it makes business sense (at least then, when there was a lot more money flying around) to invest in a house and designer for collections that cannot be worn and will never be sold to plump up licenses for fragrances and accessories that have nothing to do with the designs (think LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton).

What will Poiret smell like?


You visited one of my favorite places!!


Thanks for the reading by Ursula K. Le Guin, it was very authentic and inspiring.


I really enjoyed reading the article on Oscar De la Renta. I love reading about thw world’s top designers and how they started. I find their stories interesting and it mak s me realise how great a hobby sewing is as it’s not just about putting pieces of fabric together and clothing your body, it’s a lot more, it’s art , it’s like a painting or a sculpture.
Just wanted to mention that, so I may continue reading the other links

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