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(P)review, project management edition


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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℗review-oct-11This week on Instagram: Pretty fall roses on my walk to work, Sheli’s cat was surprised by her freshly cleaned room, Kristen had an awesome duck embroidered on her vintage button-up, and I visited some goats who live near our office.

Dear Readers, this week has been all about project management.

It’s easy to come up with new ideas, but actually implementing them is another matter. As our team here at CPHQ grows, we have more resources to follow through on the grand plans Sarai has been percolating. If, that is, we can suss out task delegation and timeline communication.

After a failed attempt at maintaining a large project calendar, we decided to post what we are each working on individually. We made a Project Status Board using a washi tape grid on our chalkboard. It gives us each a chance to map out our weekly tasks, and lets other members know what we are working on. Kenn also decided that anyone who forgets to update their column before our Monday Meeting has trash duty for the week.

kristen-colette-pattern-editsHere is Kristen fastidiously marking edits on an upcoming pattern.

rachel-photography-lessonAnd this is me experimenting with our digital camera. I’m trying to improve my photography skills so I can share more lovely studio shots with you folks.


Style Inspiration

I came across this great series of vintage Sports Illustrated winter sport fashions over on the Exhibition Fashion blog.



Lovelies For Sale

Get Crafty!


Did I mention that it is officially rainy season in Portland? [Image Source]

And now I have a question for you all: This new (P)review segment was inspired by our short lived Friday Link Roundups. I’d love your feedback on what things you find interesting in these posts, and what other things you might like to see included. I’m all ears!

Rachel Rasmussen   —  

Rachel is a nerdy Oregon native with a philosophy degree and classical dance background. She fancies her personal style to be quirky sophistication, focusing on the importance of fit while adding special touches of handmade embellishments. She is also a connoisseur of whiskey and nap-taker extraordinaire.

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I’m always inspired by all the lovely vintage photographs you all post! Even if they’re more lifestyle than fashion related, I think they’re very inspiring! And I always love to see what you all are up to around the office. :) Makes me dream of working in such a space someday. xo


what inspires me in this post is that amazing dress you have on in the photo of you taking a photo of you… vintage? or Colette? or soon-to-be-Colette?!


It is the Peony dress by Colette! I made it using vintage Pendleton wool. You can see more details here.


Is the new pattern another dress? I ask as there appears to be the master pattern in the corner with the letter M on it – maybe a pattern with lots of pieces … ie a dress! Plus there is a dressmakers doll in the first photo wearing a dress and it looks like the green check dress in the 2nd photo!

Bet it’s a coat now LOL :D

I like to see more ideas and tips on how to up cycle clothes please such as how to draft different types of collars and cuffs for pre-loved shirts/blouses. Thanks


The white dress on the form is a Hawthorn. :)


You guys are so inspiring!
I loved the cateye-liner tutorial this week! Love the vintage photos, Sarai’s post on how to style the zinnia (so many great ideas), loved True Bias little up cycled sweatshirt(I want one in my size).
I would love a tutorial on vintage hairstyles. Fall decorating ideas or what you guys are sewing for your own closets this fall.
You all are amazing!


Like Gwen, I love your plaid Peony, Rachel!


I adore your studio shots Rachel!

Annette Siverson

Plaid Peony is beautiful and looks fab on you! Love Collette and can’t wait for more posts!


I second Meghan on the cat eye tutorial! Tips on styling are always nice! I love advice on styling the pretty clothes I make!


I really like the craft links – more of those, please! :-) And I’d second the comments about styling tips (so helpful).

Poonam Sharma

Wow nice pattern, really good to share with us


Thanks for dress code, looks very nice…..Thanks again!

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