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In the UK, ‘calico’ is a plain weave, usually unbleached cotton which comes in various weights and is never printed. It is very cheap and we use it in dressmaking for making muslins.

I wish our calico were printed and pretty!!



I really like calico prints. Though I admit the actual term ‘calico’ always makes me think of Little House on the Prairie style clothing. :)


Like the commenter above mention for the UK, calico in Australia is also a plain weave unbleached cotton fabric. It’s usually what the US refers to as muslin.

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It’s not fair to have yarn in the background of your photo and no ID it. It looks like Kid Seta but I can’t be sure. Am I right?


I’m not sure, it’s not my photo but I did provide a source for it, so perhaps that will answer your question.

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