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I think most sewers get intimidated by denim. Two key things to remember: stretch denim is your friend, and a hammer (to flatten those super-thick seams) is your BFF!


And a Denim needle for your machine!!!


Aren’t those picture of chambray, which shares the white weft and colored warp of denim, but has a flat weave instead of the twill weave that characterizes denim?


Chambray I’d totally sew. I’ve done denim, it was fine (I second the use of a denim needle) but I never really want to wear a denim jacket or make a pair of skinny jeans so don’t have to deal with it!


Cricket, you are so right. I was going to make the same comment and also point out that the weft is not “filling”.

I’ve sewn with both and neither is difficult. But, with denim, you have to have a powerful machine. Some home machines simply can not sew through four and sometimes six layers of what amounts to canvas. Denim is traditionally flat felled, which makes for some pretty bulky seams.

Janee Lookerse


I used your image in my “inspirational images” post today! Here’s the link:

Thanks for sharing!

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