Red lipstick and styles that don’t change


From the time I was first allowed to wear makeup, I have always loved red lipstick.

I’ve been thinking about simplicity and tastes evolving over time, and I also started thinking about all the things that I’ve always loved to wear, and always will. Red lipstick has to be high on that list.


Because of what it says about the person wearing it. It’s strong, it’s glamorous, it’s classic, even old fashioned.

Because it’s flattering on me. I’ve always liked my full lips, and bright lipstick instantly brings attention to something I like about myself. It automatically makes me feel good.

Because it feels like me. I’ve been wearing it so long, that it’s comfortable. And being comfortable in what you’re wearing always makes you feel more elegant.

These days, I’ve expanded into other shades and actually usually wear deep corals and pinks during the day. But I will always love red lips for these reasons above.

Are there things you are consistently drawn to, and do they meet the criteria above? When I think about any of the stylistic things that I’ve always loved, those three things seem to be constant.

Image above is me applying red lipstick on my wedding day, taken by the lovely Jillian Kay.

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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I love the idea of red lipstick, but have had acne since I was 14 and feel like any bold color on my lips calls attention to it, so I’m a gloss girl. Maybe when I’m 75 and my hormones aren’t an issue, I’ll wear red lipstick. haha! I think having my hair curled is what always makes me feel my best.


Red lipstick looks beautiful on you! I think it’s very timeless and chic. Personally I don’t wear it anymore… I used to work for an airline in the Middle East and wore bright red lipstick for 10 year, every day. I used to love it but glamor started to wear off after a while… Needless to say I’m over it!


It does look amazing on you! I also love red lipstick and wear some form of it almost every day. Since I’m a makeup artist in a department store I am required to wear a full face of makeup at work, and though the trends these days tend to focus more on dramatic eyes with somewhat nude lips, I find that for me some shade of red lipstick and a soft eye is much more flattering, time saving, and just plain classy. I love it. Plus, not to brag, but I get a lot more compliments on my makeup then a lot of the girls whom I work with that are more “on trend”. That just tells me that this classic style is never “out”.

Jennifer “Hope” Ogden

I’ve always loved a blue tinted matte red lipstick and Coco Chanel to me feel my best.


I love wearing blush. I’ve found a bright coral shade that looks great with my skin, and it livens up my whole face when I wear it. I definitely feel more confident about my appearance when I’m wearing blush, like I’m ready to face anything!


My hair color. I was born a redhead, but it faded as I got older. Therefore, as soon as my mom would let me I started to dye my hair. From platinum blonde to electric blue with green streaks I have always felt more comfortable with a bold hair color. As I’ve grown up, and once I realized the effects of over processing, I am happy with a henna wash here and there to bring out the natural red in my hair and make it bolder. It makes me feel like I am amplifying my confidence.

Tracy McElfresh


Tracy McElfresh

I’m iced in today here in Ohio, I should make a sexy Colette slip dress. Love, LOve, LOVE red lipstick!


What shades do you wear? I’ve been into Russian Red from MAC lately and Snow White by Nyx is pretty smashing, too.


I love Russian Red! It’s my all-time favorite. I also like MAC Lady Danger for a warmer orangey red.

Besame makes some great reds too, and they come in beautiful little tubes.


I’ve always loved the look of red lipstick. My grandma and mother would always wear this gorgeous shade of red when I was younger.
I’ve been meaning to find my perfect lipstick shade, but I mostly use various lip glosses, for now.


A few highlights. I was born a slightly freckly, strawberry blonde and remained that way till I stopped swimming during the sunny hours because of fear of skin cancer ( I had a small non-malignant one removed from my nose after years of wearing hats in summer and 50 spf year-round on my face – scary!). So now I have a few highlights put in twice a year – withough them I feel drab. I tried being natural – what my hairdresser called a medium ash blonde – and it felt mousy.

And I always wear lipstick, like my mother – not many women do here – I love coral and pink shades in summer, pink in winter – red is a bit too much on me and can look hard since I entered my 40s.

And I won’t leave the hosue without perfume. Love, love, love. I have a few I wear to death – a couple I mix as i like them better together – I even put some on before I sleep – nothing nicer than getting goreous whiffs as you’re drifting off!


Black winged eyeliner is my red lipstick. I think it began with my high school obsession with beatniks and valley of the dolls. Heavy lids have always just done it for me. It can look intense and tough or it can be vintage and feminine depending on how you do it and what you are wearing. Though after all these years I am still working on not screwing it up with the liquid liner!

I love red lips too. I just really can’t get the hang of wearing lipstick all day. So special occasions only for me.


My lips are not plump and dark lipsticks do not flatter me. You always look so chic in your red lipstick Sarai! For me, my glamourous look is sideswept bangs and smokey eye makeup paired with a light mauve lipstain.


Your such an inspiration. You look lovely. I think I may go out and get myself some red lipstick!


I meant to say “you’re* such an inspiration. I hate making grammatical mistakes!

I can’t live without black eyeliner and mascara.


A nude lipgloss for sure. I always feel more polished with this on and I love the fact it goes with everything. I wish I were brave enough to try reds though!


love it, it’s the sexiest color a woman can wear and not have to worry about her figure.


I don’t wear red lipstick often but I think it’s glamorous and chic and definitely a bit old-fashioned, which I love. And it for sure brings attention, which is probably why I don’t wear it more often.

I think for me, eye-liner makes me feel this way. I’ve worn it for so long that I feel comfortable wearing it and I think it adds a touch of glamour to this messy haired t-shirt mama :)

Jennifer Vance

I’ve been loving red lipstick on other people,but I’m not sure I’d wear it myself.
It’s not make up or anything,but there is a lotion that I can’t live without.And some body butters I have discovered that are awesome!I just feel so much better when I have plenty to use.


Skirts. I rarely wear (or even own) pants, and feel awkward in them, but a skirt, especially a swishy or ruffly one, makes me feel both comfortable and elegant. And I get a lot of “it’s so nice to see a lady in a skirt” comments from elderly women, which I think is very cute.


I love red lipstick on others but I haven’t yet found a shade to suit me. One day, I will :)

Mine are cat-eye flicked eyeliner – I’ve always been into eyeliner from my days as a teenage goth, but in recent years I’ve favoured the cat eye. Its thickness and drama depends on my mood, but it makes me feel like me.

Dresses – short dresses, long dresses, plain dresses, floral dresses, petticoats, pencil dresses, swishy dresses and vampy dresses.

Round toed (or almond toed) heels.

Wearing my hair in a bob. I’ve had a bob since I was about 11 – I’ve experimented with shorter cuts (which I like the look of, but not the maintenance – I hate going to the hairdresser) and growing my hair (no) but a bob feels like me.


Even if I overslept by three hours I couldn’t leave the house without my already full/shaped eyebrows filled in and mascara. It makes me feel Oscar ready. That and Chanel lipstick in Monte Carlo. I wear it like chapsick…. :)


Yes! Filling my eyebrows a bit makes me look a lot more polished too.


I don’t wear it every day, but I always feel so much more completely “ME” when I wear red lipstick :)


Flannel shirts are one of my favorite things to wear. Soft, comfortable, great as another layer when I’m cold. I usually try to have several and am getting into making them so they are more feminine. And I live in my favorite comfortable jeans, I don’t know how women got along before them! I don’t mind dressing up, and I have several pair of dressy slacks, but I’m more of a casual person and look for comfort and durability in my clothes. I’m a klutz and tend to “cook with enthusiasm”, so my clothes have to be durable and washable! Guess this comes form growin up when pants on women just weren’t acceptable. I was a junior in high school when we were allowed to wear pants to school, a reaction to mini skirts probably!


You look like Isabella Rossellini in this photo. : > )


What a compliment! I think she’s one of the most beautiful women alive.

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