Weekend Reading: Sapeurs, seasonal scarves, and what to remember when you shop



A few good reads and links for your weekend. I highly recommend checking out the first in particular:

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Just wanted to stop in and say “thanks” for posts like this. I always love the articles you link up to that help sewing your own clothes have just a little more meaning. So thanks for great links that always give me food for thought!


LOVE this week’s links!!! Great reading all around! Especially loved seeing the Sapeurs mentioned!


Those eco articles are really interesting and frightening at the same time. I’ve been trying to be more chemical free (in my hair/skin products anyway) since last year, I didn’t think about my clothing being a factor at all. Well, all the more reason to sew my own I suppose!


I’ve been making myself unpopular for years with my friends by insisting that the truly green consumer decision to make is just not to shop. That all products come with footprints and, if you don’t need it, the best thing to do is just not to buy it. Buying three reusable lunch bags is really not great for the environment, you know? I’m glad to see I’m not the only one making that argument. :)

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J’aime beaucoup Les Sapeurs!!!!

I heard about them a while back since I’m always following African fashion, then they were in a Solange video which made them quite popular. I sort of forgot about them until the super bowl ad featuring them. But I love it – putting an effort into dressing up because why not?

I haven’t read the other articles but if they are anything like Overdressed ( the book), I’m sure I’ll learn some things:)


I love the dandies. A great film about the subculture of the Sapeurs is The Importance of Being Elegant.


*Love* these links today. Actually, the blog as a whole has been extra awesome lately.


Love The Sapeurs! They are featured in a Guinness advert over here so I was already intrigued and so pleased that they are real. Bring back Dandyism for all men I say!


thanks sarai for some lovely/interesting/thought provoking sunday reading for a couch bound sickling!


Been thinking about ethical clothing for a while now. I want to be better about it. Too much disposable clothing in my life. But then the question is, what about ethical fabric? I don’t think most of the fabric I buy now can be ethically made – I don’t spend enough on it. Gotta be less of a cheapskate, I guess. Being able to sew and KNOW it will fit my body helps, since I need fewer items.


Also perusing some of those eco-fashion links is a bit depressing. Caring for the environment is for thin people, I guess. :(


I really love and appreciate this post particularly about the ethical shopping. Since beginning to sewmany years ago, I really think long and hard before buying anything, which has definitely brought a new level of mindfulness to my consumption habits. Just another reason sewing is great!


I always enjoy these Friday links, and the photographs of the Sapeurs were particularly lovely. Thank you for sharing!

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