September Sewing Inspiration


I can’t believe it’s September already.

I’m heading out to Montreal at the end of this week to celebrate my great aunt Clara’s 100th birthday (!).

I’ll have less time for sewing because of my trip, but somehow I’m still aiming to get three Seamwork projects done, because I’m just so jazzed about making them. Here are the inspiration boards I pulled together in my sketchbook for the month.




I’ll be making the Moji pants in black (silk? linen? rayon?), turning Akita into a dress using some really cool subtle abstract printed Helmut Lang fabric I’ve been holding onto, and reworking Oslo into a cozy sweater coat (stay tuned for the pattern hack later this month).

You can read more about my planning process here, or check out what I planned and what I made last month.

What are you planning to work on this month?

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Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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it’s been a long, but too short, kinda messy and awful summer. thanks for the nudge to get back in the game, as it were.


I am in love with Moji! It is the perfect pattern for a chambray/denim I have been hoarding for years! I have a generous cut of a challis I want to make Akita with, but the length is not enough so I will have some shoulder seams. I totally love this patterns.


Can’t wait to see the Oslo coat!

miss agnes

Pack light ! The temperatures are really high in Montreal, and will remain so over the week-end. But nights are slowly getting cooler.


I have that same linen pants picture on my mood board! I’m thinking linen-rayon blend. Let us know when you find the right fabric :)


I like the idea of linen or rayon, but I’m wondering if I might want something warmer now that it’s starting to cool off? I can’t decide!


Hmm, I see your dilemma. I think rayon would be warmer, or maybe a wool challis? My solution is to wear silk long johns under everything!


I am planning a pair in a lightweight denim after I finish a couple of Akita’s. After that I have some wool laying about I may try that for those pants for winter, lengthening the bottoms just a wee bit to cover our ubiquitous boots in Maine. I want to make the Oslo badly but I haven’t found any fabric yet that screams Comfy sweater.


I have the Sencha blouse and scallop skirt to sew this month as part of my wardrobe to sew. I’m also including Akita and Moji. I want to make more than one pair of Moji. Already purchased a med weight navy blue twill fabric, but thinking about buying olive twill fabric from Mood. I like the wool boucle and wondering if I could make a lining for the upper portion of the pants.


Sarai I adore your colour palettes! The Wardrobe Architect series has inspired me to lay out my stash in the spare room, and start pairing up patterns with fabrics. I have some lovely heavy silk/cotton mix in a very dark navy, hoping to eke out Moji pants from that. And I love the idea of an Akita dress, and an Oslo sweater-coat! I’ll look forward to reading more about those.
It feels so good to be taking control of my style and with it my body confidence – I’m wearing my fresh-made Moneta with a self-knitted sweater (seems Autumn arrived pretty early in the UK!) and it feels lovely.


Are you planning a trip to the fabric stores in Montreal? There are amazing wholesale type places there.


My graduation ceremony is next Saturday and I really want to wear something handmade. I’m gonna try to have a (lengthened) Mesa done by then. If I don’t make it, I still have a selection of dresses I made earlier.


I look forward to seeing the Akita dress as well!!


I have a delightful ditsy floral wool/cotton blend that’s screaming to become a dress to wear with boots. And I’m pretty sure there’s a slouchy-blazer-shaped hole in my wardrobe too! Maybe in a charcoal or burgundy, with a lurid lining. I like absurdly colourful linings, especially when the outer is a more sober shade!


Any chance you’d also be willing to show how to turn Akita into a dress? Have back to back family weddings and need dress options.

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