Sewing Advice from Kenneth D. King


Threads has a short little interview with Kenneth D. King in which he offers great advice to newer sewists:

“If I were to say one thing and only one thing, it’s this: perfectionism is a disease, and a form of fear!

When learning the craft of sewing (which I believe is absolutely necessary in order to know what’s possible when designing), you should expect to destroy several acres of fabric before you get good. This is an acquired skill which can only be perfected by means of repetition—practicing over and over, learning from mistakes, learning when you can save something, and when you need to cut your losses and start over.”

The rest is certainly worth a read over at Threads.

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karen ball

So reassuring to see that even the great and the good have had their fair share of sewing failures and successes! And all those mistakes I’m making? That’s called a learning curve.


completely agree!


Thanks for posting about this…I’ve been feeling so dejected about my garment sewing recently, and upset about the acres of fabric I’ve regretfully destroyed! I know you learn something from every mistake, but still…


This is just what I needed today! I was sewing my daughter’s birthday dress and jacket late into the night yesterday. I made a few mistakes, which I decided not to be a perfectionist about–I left them in. But, I also learned new things and was able to improvise like never before with this project. Hooray for sewing!


Recently saw this too and have been mulling it over. Totally agree!

Natalie B

such good advice! I primarily knit, and whenever I sew I have to consciously make the switch from thinking in terms of total yardage. Many a time have I had to return to the store because I mistakenly though my fabric remnants would magically combine to form usable pieces of fabric! :P I’m also used to just “ripping it out” if a make a mistake in knitting… I get so frustrated with sewing sometimes!

Lindsey M Nelson

Ha! Someone should have told this to my former employers! :)


Thank you! I needed to hear this because though I have been sewing for over 25 year I have “messed” up more than I care to remember.


Love it. I think I’ve destroyed “several acres of fabric” a couple of times over.

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