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You guys remember that one of my sewing goals this year was to make more lingerie?

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of making some pretty bras. These are a few that are sparking ideas right now: bright silks, fine lace, bustier styles, stripes, and color blocking.

I’m going to share a basic bra I made tomorrow, and a review of the fantastic pattern I used for it. There will be a lot more bra making in my future, that is for sure.

Images: Black & Cream, Black & White Stripe Bustier, Red & Gold, Pale Blue, Rust Lace, Raspberry Pink Lace

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Ooooh I can’t wait! I have also been planning on making some lingerie so any good advice is welcome.



So far, the hardest part has just been locating the wide variety of supplies needed! As I do a few more projects, I’ll share my findings (har har).


I would just love to have a go at this, with cute matching knickers!!


Oh, I just love making bras! I have a major crush on lace and lacy lingerie too! I have to say, lingerie is my most favorite thing to sew.


My goal this year is to make some new cute undies, I was thinking about just cutting up old ones to make a pattern. Can’t wait for your tips on bras so I can make a matching set! Are we talking full-on underwire? I’ve always been intimidated by that…


Yep, the whole shebang!

I think my friend Amy has some helpful tips on making underwear, and she suggests just using a good fitting pair for a pattern:


I will be excited to read your pattern review– I spend so much on bras because of my larger size, and they are much more utilitarian than I would like. The task of sewing a bra seems so daunting, I look forward to seeing what your experience was.


I’ve had a bra making obsession for the past 2 months. It was intense in the beginning – finally perfected 2 great patterns (for me), found a fantastic book and 2 good online sources for material. Now it’s super easy to have perfect bras! This is the one area of my sewing life where I actually save money and have a perfect fit – with no drama. And I can make a bra in an afternoon. From cutting to wearing.

I can’t wait to see if we use the same patterns! A couple of your images look very familiar…


I can’t wait to see what you come up with. My mother and I have thought about making bra’s, but somehow they seem scary. I would love to make some beautiful lacy bras that will cover large chests. This is awesome!


Oh, Lingerie! I love your gorgeous patterns and I wish you would go down the bathing suit line someday… What better than a hard to find vintage inspired one piece bathing suit?

I’m always on the lookout for bathing suit with full bust support and I don’t understand why there is none that would almost be like a bra top connected to panties… I think the old bathing suits had more support and would be more comfortable with today’s fabrics!

I’ve never sewn lingerie (Cinnamon pattern is waiting for me…) but this would be so fun to go away from the not too flattering black suit seen everywhere!


I have actually designed a cute bathing suit, but we haven’t published the pattern because I worry that it’s a bit of a specialty item and would be difficult to make without a serger. Admittedly, I think I made the design a bit fancy and it could be simplified a little.

On the other hand, it would be ideal as a downloadable pattern! There isn’t the same sort of overhead as a printed pattern, so downloads would be perfect for specialty sewing items. :)


A downloadable pattern for a bathing suit would be appreciated I think… Meanwhile : I love your lingerie post! Thank you!



Sky Turtle

Awesome, looking forward to reading your tips :)


Great! I’m excited because I’ve always wanted to make some lingerie.


I can’t wait for the live, in-person class. I’ve been wanting to make myself some lingerie for a while now, but I struggle with learning very-new-to-me skills out of books and off youtube.


I am excited! Can not wait for your post. I would also be interested in the swim suit, I have recently taken up swimming laps (mainly breaststroke) and there is plenty of time for me to imagine I am a vintage beauty in a lovely swimsuit and bathing cap lol (I can only dream).


I love, love sewing lingerie. Heather ( ) has been a huge help to me. She is my mentor! Getting to make a well fitting bra is brilliant, especially for larger busted ladies. The price of larger RTW bras is shocking, not to mention the poor selection and awful fit!
I can’t wait to see what you have made.
Elingeria in Germany is a wonderful source of lingerie making things, as well as swimsuit making.


You’re so sweet, Millie! Thank you!


As a smaller-busted (32-34 C) woman, I have the problem like larger busted women of not finding well-fitting bras, just on the other end of the scale.

I love, love, love the look of unlined lacy things but they just *never* fill out right on my small frame. There’s always weird puckering or flatness. Not flattering. Sigh.

Maddie Flanigan


This is so weird/cool/creepy that one of your goals this year was to sew a bra because it was one of mine too! I am a technical designer specializing in sweaters, knits, and intimates and to help with my work, I wanted to investigate and sew a bra. I even wrote an article/post on the construction of bras on my blog. I’m so glad to read about someone who has my same interest for lingerie.

Here is the URL to my post about bras. I hope you enjoy!

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