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Spool of Thread in Vancouver, BC


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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Another gem for sewists in Vancouver is the wonderful fabric store and sewing studio, Spool of Thread. The lovely co-owner Lili and I had exchanged some friendly messages on twitter, and she invited me to visit while I was in town. Lili was every bit as warm and friendly in person, and her shop reflects that.

Spool of Thread is a sewing lounge, so they offer classes, machines, as well as tools and material. I love that these sorts of spaces are popping up more and more in cities now! They are such a warm and perfect environment for learning. Lili and Henry have created a wonderful sewing space. Check out that counter covered in rulers!

And of course they carry our patterns, and use them in classes! Be sure to visit them if you can… they’re conveniently located right near other wonderful artsy/crafty shops, Collage Collage and RubyDog’s Art House. Check out the Spool of Thread website for more info.

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Stitch Rabbit

Spool of Thread is my local shop and I love every bit of it. Thank goodness Vancouver finally has a go-to in my hood for good quality fabric! Buying online just isn’t the same!
And Ruby’s is a Vancouver Staple!


It reminds me very much of my favorite little shop. I would never have guessed that it’s such a young store!


What timing! Tasia from Sewaholic just did a blog post yesterday about Spool of Thread and her visit there this weekend. And she’s also mentioned Button Button :) Maybe you both crossed paths? I miss the sewing lounge I used to live near, although I guess I’m not buying as much fabric as I did so that’s kind of a good thing budget wise…!


oh cool! I did see her pattern there.


Why, I was just there picking up a beautiful Sencha pattern!


Awesome! I hear they just got a fresh pattern shipment too. ;)


how cool is that counter? the whole shop looks amazing.


I still haven’t made it to Spool of Thread, but I’ve heard mixed things about the selection of fabrics, brightly coloured cottons only go so far, in my opinion. If you’re a serious sewer and want to make timeless items, I’d save up and purchase some fabrics from Gala Fabric on Granville Street. The people who run the shop are sometimes shy, but they are the most knowledgeable fabric retailers in Vancouver, hands down, plus their selection of wools, though pricey, is to die for.


Finally made it there today! Glad to see they’re expanding their fabrics and the selection of cottons was great.

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