Stash Bustin’ Fabric Swap!


You may have seen my post here on this blog a few days ago which spoke about the Stash Bustin’ challenge I have set myself and others to work through our fabric mountains and avoid trips to the fabric store. Well the post received many lovely comments, including a couple calling for some kind of fabric swap. So I’ve been giving it some thought and think I’ve figured out a way an international online-based fabric swap could work. Initially it will run for one week starting Monday 22nd over at my personal blog, with a different piece of fabric up for grabs each day. People interested in the piece of fabric on offer must also have a piece they are willing to give away and send to another sewer. All the details of how it will run are here. If this initial week of fabric swapping goes well, I will host a regular fabric swap, helping the world’s sewers to redistribute their stashes!

So, do you have a piece of fabric lurking in your stash that is perfectly good but just isn’t sparking your imagination? Would you like to send it to a welcoming recipient and get sent a new (to you) piece of fabric that does give your creativity a buzz? Fancy giving and recieving potential-filled fabric without being responsible for the massive environmental damage that fabric production and treatment causes? Alright, then head over here from Monday and let gets this underway!

Zoe Edwards   —