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{image: duffle coats on polyvore}

I thought I’d share a few bits of sewing inspiration to kick off our upcoming Albion sewalong, starting with a few lovely duffle coat modifications above.

The zipper and double breasted placket (upper left) is really unusual, but would actually be a pretty easy modification. The leather or vinyl tabs and welts (upper right) would be another easy thing to add on. I love the idea of loop and button closures (lower left) or doing an unlined version with bound edges inside (lower right).


Everyone looks good in navy!


Classic black and white


The perfect unisex look


Make it in plaid, pair it with a shift


Or put it with a plaid shift


Red with flared sleeves


Short and casual


Stylish and woodsy

These are just inspiration images of course, not the real coat, but perhaps this gets the creative gears turning a bit? I especially love the dose of masculinity this coat can add to otherwise feminine outfits.

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Shelley Gibb

How do you wear the fir cones?

Lady ID

LOL. I had to scroll up and look.

Shrink them, paint the tips gold and wear as earrings. :)


Or just stick them to yourself and do your best impression of a crazy lady. :-D


That is left as an exercise for the reader.


I could make suggestions but I think I would be accused of lowering the tone… :D


Great Inspiration, I am not sure I can get things together in time for the sew along as my sewing space is in boxes and scattered due to a basement water problem. Until that is repaired I probably should not tackle anything time consuming. I will follow along.

Lady ID

I am still trying to decide if I want to do this…so tempted but it’s LA! Do I really need more coats?


wow all great looks! My favorite are n. 4, 5 and 6


These are lovely, but as with any sewing plan for me, the longer it hangs around in my mind the further it delves into the realm of crazy. Who’s up for embroidery? :-)


Here’s a beautiful example of embroidery on a hooded coat!



Jayne Slovick

OK, very inspiring. I guess I’ll go for the red. You talked me into it!!! Guess I better get the pattern ordered. I really do need a coat.


I love all these stylings, but I can’t look at Albion without thinking of Jonathan Creek! He really rocks that duffle coat.


How odd that, as a fellow Siobhan, that was my first thought on seeing the pattern too.


I have my fabric and am almost ready for the sewalong. Just need to decide if I want to go with toggles or a zip or both.


Ooooooooooooooooooo…I like the navy one! Great collection of styles..makes me yearn for fall time :)


Awesome styles! Still trying to find the perfect plaid for my vision… ugh – why don’t the fabric retailers know the exact fabric I want?! ;)

Anna Nicolle

I spent the week between Christmas and New Year making the Albion for my son who lives in Montreal. This is his first year living away from home (Ottawa) and I wanted to make him a Christmas gift that would a) keep him warm in a very cold and windy city – minus -20C to -40C is kind of the norm b) remind him that I love him–I guess the Albion is decent stand in for a hug. I made it with Melton wool, interlined it with flannelette, added a chamois on the back to cut the wind and finished it with a Kasha lining. It’s surprisingly light and super windproof. My boy is warm and stylish, which is exactly what winter in Montreal requires.
Thanks for the great pattern!

I’m not sure how I can share a photo of the finished product on your blog??

Sue Augustyn

Received the pattern, bought the fabric and lining–I think I’m in! When do we start?!


I’m really looking forward to using this pattern and might try to keep up with the sew along for once. I’m traveling to Europe in May/June and would love to make a lighter weight jacket that I can make waterproof in case it rains. Do you have any fabric suggestions?


You can try a waxed canvas, other waterproofed canvas, or a waterproof nylon. I’d look to stores that specialize in fabrics for activewear and outdoors, like Rockywoods or Fabricline.

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