Styling Licorice for Winter


Last week I posted some styling ideas for the Meringue skirt. Today I’m showing you three different Licorice dresses, the final project in the Colette Sewing Handbook. The dress is so pretty in either solid or print fabric. What would you choose?

Texture Differences with Black

Tights, Shoes, Purse, Bracelet, Scarf

Graphic Statements

Shoes, Coat, Sunglasses, Bag, Earrings

Cool Winter Hues

Sunglasses, Sweater, Bag, Brooch, Shoes, Tights

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Gorgeous accessorizing, I love the tights :-)

Paige @ luxperdiem

here’s a polyvore on how I would style it!


Love the styling (especially the shoes in the last one! Where are they from?!), and these outfits would be perfect for October/November. It’s already too cold to wear sheer tights in Michigan, though, or leave the house without wool something underneath your coat, and I’m at a total loss about how to stay stylish and really warm in the dead of winter (in Michigan, it hit -19 degrees F last year). I could use some help getting out of my jeans-and-sweater rut, and I’d love to see a post styling Colette patterns for super cold temps!

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Kathy M

Please tell us where the shoes in the last bicture come from – the ones with blue laces. I *need* them!

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The shoes with the blue laces are from Irregular Choice –

Think I need them too!

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