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I just got back from a short but phenomenal trip to New York. I used to live in Manhattan, so it is really wonderful to be able to return and visit friends, eat delicious Indian food, enjoy some fabulous cocktails and, of course, shop for fabric.

Guys, I forgot how amazing the fabric shopping in New York is. Utterly, truly amazing. This time around, I was accompanied by Gertie, who is every bit as lovely as you might believe from her blog. I had a really nice time just sitting and chatting, then hunting for fabric together.

After hitting B&J and Mood for fabric, we stopped in to Tinsel Trading Company. I just can’t get enough of their incredible selection of vintage millinery flowers, all so beautifully arranged. A small selection of them are available on their site, but it doesn’t really compare to the in person experience.

gertie at tinsel



This is where I bought the pips for the hat I made for my wedding, by the way.


It is definitely a recommended stop if you are ever in the garment district.

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karen ball

I am so jealous at all this wonderful shopping AND getting to meet Gertie.


Ooh, stealthy picture-taking! I had a great time, Sarai! Can’t wait to see what you do with those gorgeous flowers. xoxo


Yes, I should join the paparazzi!


I love Tinsel Trading! And you’ve reminded me that I haven’t visited in awhile and I need too! Glad you had a great time with Gertie.


looks so amazing, those flowers look like you can almost touch them.


I’m drooling… right now. amazing!


Oh, I’m excited! I am visiting NYC this summer. I was just telling my host that I HAVE to go to Mood fabrics, so I will definitely have to check out this place, too. Any other great fabric/sewing destinations I should know about? What is B&J?

And I just discovered Gertie’s blog last week. Good stuff.


Oohhhhh that shop looks amazing – I don’t think we have anything even close to that in England! Just another reason to visit NYC I guess :D


Thank you for the kind words & wonderful pictures. Glad you enjoyed yourself.
owner of Tinsel Trading


Thank you for stopping by Marcia, you have a truly wonderful shop.


I’m a New Yorker now in Los Angeles. Of course LA has an amazing array of fabric stores, but this post is making me all nostalgic…will have to go here my next visit!


Wow! That shop looks amazing. Why is New York so far away? We have nothing resembling that here in Stockholm.


Oh wow! I’m so jealous you got to meet Gertie AND go to Tinsel! lol. ;) How neat–I have a friend that stopped at Tinsel Trading Co on a trip to NYC and her tales of the goodies there have made me want to go! Maybe one day… ;)

♥ Casey
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beth lemon

I would LOVE to know some of the other awesome places you visit in Manhattan. I always go to Purl (and Pearl River) but I had not heard of Tinsel Trading before. I will add it to my list.

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