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Vintage Details: Pink taffeta


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pink taffeta dress

I love the details that you find in vintage clothing. With some notable exceptions, it seems most of these details have disappeared from mainstream off-the-rack clothing, and are now only echoed in very expensive designer garments.

That is, unless you can sew. There are a million ways to be inspired by beautiful vintage clothing and incorporate those details into the projects you work on. True, some of those details are a structural part of the pattern, like the pleats in the gorgeous pink taffeta dress pictured here from ladyday0_5. But many others can be easily incorporated into anything you sew: hemline details, collars, applique, ruffles, insertions, piping, the list goes on and on. I hope to bring you some of these ideas, inspired by real vintage garments, in the future.

I don’t usually go in for fluffy taffeta prettiness in my own wardrobe, but this skirt is quite amazing, isn’t it? It does look like it would be trouble to iron, though.


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Mmm such a yummy color!

I agree about details in clothes. Whenever I go to the thrift store, I’ll usually find a skirt or a dress with very creatively placed pleats and think why aren’t clothes being made like this anymore? It’s amazing how such simple little details can give such pizazz to a piece of clothing.

Twila Jean

Oh my, that dress is delicious!
Dear goodness, I love vintage dresses.


That is lovely! I look forward to seeing what creations this piece has inspired from you!!


I love this dress–color and design! thanks for sharing.


Oh yeah–might be a nightmare to iron, but it’s such a unique and eye-catching detail (perhaps worth the trouble? lol).

I think this is exactly why I love collecting bits and pieces of vintage clothing and images: the details that can be found in them are so much more interesting than most modern clothes! Makes a girl feel extra special when she puts on something that has a bit extra thought in the design. ;)

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

This is just gorgeous. Nice to find your site and look around. It’s a pleasure to browse.

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