Vintage Details: Fan appliques


There’s a lot to love about this dress from The Church of Vintage. The shaping looks divine, the color is so soft and beautiful, and the perfect contrasting lining on the sleeves is a wonderful touch.


But check out those amazing appliques! Though it appears a detail like this would be incredibly difficult to incorporate into your own sewing, it’s really pretty simple: The “vine” portion appears to be bias tape, while the fans are just little pleated tubes of fabric, sort of like tiny pleated skirts.

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I love your site, so many sources of inspiration. The applique is just beautiful.


Oh wow–this is such a neat detail! What struck me as I was looking at these images is that from a modern standpoint details like this (appliques, self-fabric frog closures, bound buttonholes, and the like) are considered “couture” or the mark of extremely high end clothing. But back in the day, touches like these that made clothes special were not that uncommon. I think that is one (of the many!) reasons vintage clothing continues to fascinate me…


What a stunning dress!

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