Vintage details: Paisley fans


I just came across this pretty paisley dress at croatiavintage and was really taken by the little fans along the front placket. Wouldn’t this be a darling application for a button placket on a silk dress? I think it would look amazing in a knock-out solid color.

They look extremely easy: just strips of fabric that are gathered at one side to create a fan shape.

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I really don’t like paisley, but I love the detail!


I feel pretty much the same, though I like paisley a little more than I used to. It does have a nice menswear-ish vibe in the right circumstances.


I’m not that keen on paisley in general but love the colour of this and the fan details are adorable. Must try this technique on a garment!


I love all things paisley and that fan detail is gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration.

Twill Jill

Those fans are one of those things that Threads magazine likes to call a “delicious detail”. I’m going to have to try them on something!

Jane from NZ

Ooh I love them! I am planning a winter dress with a placket and these would look great. Thanks for once again finding something cute to inspire us all

Kirsty Mowatt from UK

i really love this. Particularly the vintage pattern and shape.
Great piece.
Very inspiring for my projects…

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