Vintage Details: topstitching


topstitched pocket

Isn’t this gorgeous? It’s a lovely shaped cuff and pocket on a vintage 1940s jacket from ladyday0_5.

The jacket looks like gabardine (which I love). But my favorite part is the top stitching on that pocket! It just makes the wonderful shape of that little divet stand out even more. This would be a very easy detail to add to a pocket, faced neckline, or cuff!

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Wow. That is really very unusual and beautiful. I had to look at the pic twice to make sure it was not a cuff. I think that would be a beautiful 3/4 cuff on a swing jacket. Don’t you? The edge stitching is so perfect.


It also would be cool if the person’s last name started with a “W” like mine. Sort of a cool and subtle way to work a monogram onto your handmade clothes.


Love this! I am a topstitching fool.


I bought the jacket on ebay and it turned out ridiculously too small for me, I was devastated and held on to it for a couple of years in case I lost a rib or two! I have banked the images for furture inspiration though :)


that’s a beautiful idea :) how lovely

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