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Weekend Reading: Would you ever join a fashion competition?


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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This week I found a bunch of inspiring little videos. From this clip of the film “Desulo” which tells the beautiful story of traditional dress in Sardinia, to Mort and Ginny Lidner’s fashionable love story. There’s even a book that will grow into a tree when planted! Enjoy reading—or watching—and be sure to leave your thoughts for discussion in the comments below.

Weekend Reading Discussion:

  • The Business of the Fashion Competition: Have you ever watched Project Runway and wanted to show off your own creations? The role of the fashion competition has changed the way that many designers approach creating their collections, and seems to have a lasting effect on brands. Would you ever join a fashion competition?
  • On shooting sub-cultures and visual self-expression: Photographer, Chris Saunders, discusses his recent project photographing Pantsula, a vibrant dance heavily featuring fashion, in South Africa. As a white man photographing subcultures that are mostly invisible to mainstream media, he often has to reflect on his privilege as much as his purpose. When you look at portraits or fashion photography, do ever stop to consider the photographer’s relationship with the subject?

And here are a few more reads:

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Oh god, no. I often comfort myself with the thought that Tim Gunn will NOT be coming by my sewing table with concerns, telling me to ‘make it work’. I cringe at the thought!


Lol me, too


When I’m watching the British sewing bee I usuallly think ‘I can do that!’ when seeing a technique, but then I know that I would completely mess up due to the time constraints.


My problem would be the time constraints on the shopping. There is absolutely no way I could ever decide on a fabric and get everything else together in 30 minute!

Deborah Morrison

I am not the Runway type, but would adore being on an American version of Sewing Bee. What fun!

Rae Cumbie

I take the challenge that Threads Magazine gives to the members of ASDP ( Assoc. of Sewing and Design Professionals) each year. It has a theme and I find the perameters they give inspired me to design and sew in a new direction each year. There are deadlines, but you can work them into your schedule.


I think the idea of competitions is generally a good one. I could never watch more than a single episode of Project Runway however. This reality show version of a competition is just too much drama, and most of it manufactured for the camera. Although I do appreciate Tim Gunn.

I much preferred the Great British Sewing Bee – a friendly competition, no drama, no hysterics, and I always learned so much and empathized with all of the contestants. They seem to genuinely enjoy one another’s company. So much more positive a take.

The competitions featured in the article seem so much different – much more like an architectural competition, so much more professional based, not amateur based.

It will be interesting to watch how the fashion industry continues to unfold.

Bonnie C Westrom

I’m no way near ready to take part in a runway event, though I have to say that the thought appeals to me to take on the challenge of trying out a new pattern.


Thank you for Desulo!

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