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What are your style signatures?


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It’s interesting to think about what you wear consistently and why. Is there something about the way that it makes you feel? And what does that say about you?

Sometimes these patterns in the way we dress are called signatures. I think that, in some ways, they’re the truest expression of how we like to feel about ourselves. They’re the things we turn to again and again.

One of my signatures is definitely the silk scarf. I have a big collection and, weather permitting, I wear them instead of jewelry most of the time. I like that they’re a classic item that not many younger women wear. I like that they’re colorful and have some amazing prints, so they’re easy to mix into a simple outfit. And I like that they draw attention to the face.

But most of all, I like that they make me feel classic.

If you’ve never thought about it, take some time to notice how you dress for the next week or so. What do you gravitate towards most often? What things do you like to wear? Do you do a little something that makes you feel unique?

Let’s hear from Caitlin:

“One of my style signatures is my hair. I am a hair chameleon! I love to have different hair styles and mix it up often. My hair grows quickly, so I can cut it without waiting a long time for it to grow out. Because of this, I feel like I can make crazy choices and know it won’t last forever. I’m drawn to this idea of hair as an accessory, just like you might be drawn to wearing vintage brooches.

Of course, I feel like I have other style signatures such as my love for stripes. I have to hold myself back from making impulse purchases just because stripes are involved.”

(This picture is from our Quilt Market set up, when Caitlin was sticking random things on her head. She doesn’t usually have random veils on her head.)

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Im a Scarf addict too.. I love the layered look..


I’d love a blog post on how you knot/arrange your scarves. I love scarves, too, but can never seem to get them to sit right.


I agree with Karen, I would love a blog post on that as well!


We have lots of votes for that here, it seems! It sounds like a good idea for a video, actually.


I love this scarf-tying tutorial! It’ll give you some great ideas… I love the braid and wear that almost every day with my lightweight winter scarves.


granted, the tutorial focuses more on long, winter, outdoor scarves, but all the ideas could be adapted for lighter weight silks. Plus it’s fun to watch.


I like to keep my clothes classic and mostly in muted solid colours, but I have a total weakness for wild shoes and boots! I think it’s because I hardly ever buy clothes anymore, so shoes are my only retail thrill!

A Sewn Wardrobe

My signature pieces are pointy-toe flats (Sam Edelman makes great ones!), wide-leg pants, and a jacket. I have a few pair of skinny pants, but I always gravitate back to wide-legs, for work or casual wear.


Jewels and a mix of no more than 3 colours in my clothes. I also do like patterned tights!


I’d also love a post about how you wear scarves. I’ve looked online for some inspiration before but not found just the right thing yet!

I love brooches and always look out for them at vintage and charity shops. I don’t have a huge collection, but I’m quite particular about what I like.


Animal prints are my signature. I’ve worn them since I was a child. It must be my inner drag queen. :)


When we were little, my sister had drawers and drawers of animal print… one for leopard, one for zebra, etc, and she would wear them all together. Nowadays, I’m much more likely to wear a bit of leopard print though. :)


I’ m a scarf lover too but the big wrap them round kind, pashmina? but with colours and patterns.

To feel totally comfortable though I like to layer, dresses over trousers, longsleeves under shortsleeves. I’m a bit of a hippy at heart.

I then totally swing the other way for 60s smartness when I have time away from the kids . I think I have a personality disorder afer reading that back to myself!!


Cardigans are part of my signature look, but mostly because I’m always cold.

I would also love to see a post about scarves. I have a drawer full of vintage scarves but I hardly wear them because I’m not really sure how.


Apart from the fact that I’m a dress or skirt wearing girl in a city where 99% of the people wear jeans, I think my signature look could be that I like color coordination. I love accesorizing my clothes with similar (or contrast colour) toned jewellery, shoes or barettes. I also have a love for pashmina scarves, I only own three or four, but they are great as a scarf in winter and as a wrap (or an occasional blanket in the park) in summer.


Oh, and I shouldn’t forget my weakness for polka-dots…


I would love a post on how to wear scarves, and maybe on how to make them!! My signature look is jeans,which I am tired of-so I am sewing up a new spring wardrobe with the help of your new book!


Check out this older post on how to do a hand rolled hem! All you need is a piece of silk. :)


I love Caitlin’s hair and I’ve been jealous of since the first time I saw a picture. Such pretty curls & color! Ughhhh why doesn’t my hair do that lol.

I think my main signature look is my actual body. I dress in very form-fitting clothes – I don’t like hiding behind a bunch of fabric! Even stuff like bulky sweaters are too much for me. I think that’s one part of my style that’s been consistent for as long as I can remember. I also like big statement jewelry – like big necklaces, sparkly brooches, and long earrings.


My “uniform” of sorts is an a-line dress, cardigan, tights and flats. I’ve been collecting more and more cardigans lately; my sweater drawer is stuffed! But they’re so great for covering my shoulders and underarms when I’m in sleeveless tops and dresses, and they can add a lot of color.


The solid-colored, classic-shaped dress. (I have several!) Below the knees when I’m wearing my teacher hat, thigh-high when I’m wearing my vixen hat. It’s so simple and always makes me feel lovely, and appropriate. I like to feel appropriate, I guess! I gravitate toward knits and jersey materials because I like to be comfortable… it’s my little secret that dresses are actually more comfortable than jeans. No hip-hugging nonsense here!


My biggest signature is the cardigan… I can’t seem to put together an outfit without one, but I also wear a lot of scarves as well. The scarves started off for function reasons (it was really cold at work) but now I am using them more and more to spice up and outfit.


It’s taken me a while to develop my signature. Folks now recognize me for my close fitting, neutral colored outfits with bright shawls and scarves (usually hand knit).


I too am one who revels in scarf wearing. I own several in several different fabrics weights and types and love them. Wearing a polka dot one right now.
I think overall, this year I’m going to try and define my signature style. Especially as I transition from working exclusively in an office type environment to working at home. I need comfort + luxury to work productively.


I find that dressing up a bit helps my productivity too. I think its partly just about the routine of getting dressed in the morning.


My signature piece has to be my socks–the wilder the better. Now I have learned how to knit my own, I’m getting a collection of sock yarns. I like to pair my socks with comfortable slacks and skirts. I love to wear mix and match separates.


I would love to see a scarf post, too! My signatures are crazy patterned tights, polka dot dresses and blouses, and my purple hair.


I wear earrings every day, I feel naked without them. My favorite kinds are ones that look like they’ve been stolen from an Egyptian Tomb or an Etruscan Burial mound, I really like the reproductions the Met and the British Museum sell. I wear skirts almost every day with black tights in the winter and nothing in the summer. Oh, and I usually put my hair half up half down, that’s my class thing. I adore scarves of all varieties, but I wish I knew more ways in which to wear them! And I wish I put lipstick on daily, but I never remember. Must remember lipstick, must remember lipstick…


Good question.
Already Pretty posted about stepping out of your comfort zone and I know when I’m doing that. I am trying to play with scarves, they still don’t feel like… me.

But what is my style signature? I’d say dresses have to be part of it. Yes, I wear pants, but more often than not, casual or work, I’ll choose dresses/skirts. I don’t wear a lot of jewellry but what I wear generally has significance to me. Purple is a colour that makes me happy so I wear it often, but more broadly it’s the avoidance of warm colours like green and orange in favour of purple, blue-reds, and blue.

It’s hard to see the patterns in yourself. I wonder what others would see as my signature style.


Its so funny, I really had no idea what my signature style was until I started sewing. I always thought I was style savvy, and used to really be into trends. But it wasnt until I learned about the construction of a garment that I realized I’m really into classic and clean silhouettes. I love slim pants, anything that highlights my waist, and high necks or boat necks to reveal my collar bone. I love the 60s style, only because its somewhat trendy (Peter pan collars and tie front blouses) without feeling ridiculous. I love lots of jewels, probably to off set the simple lines in my clothing. ;)


This has been a quest of mine recently, to find out what my signatures are! I’m too old to try every new thing and so tired of not knowing what looks good. I admire those of you who learned early on what worked & stuck with it. I too love scarves and red lipstick; I think it even helps out a sweatshirt & jeans kind of day!


I love lucite bracelets and brooches, another accessory very few younger women I know of wear. I’d also love a post about scarves and how to tie them!


Oh, me too! Pretty vintage bakelite also.


I have a bit of a blazer problem (my mom teases me over how many I own) and I have a growing love for hats, particularly cloches and fedoras.

Alicia C.

Black Converse (usually All-Stars), cardigans and earrings (for the past year mainly pearls and giant fake diamond studs). I have been trying to find a suitable replacement for the Converse as they look quite juvenile with most vintage outfits (which I’m trying to wear more frequently), but I walk distances often and quickly and no ballet flat or moc has stood the comfort and wear test yet.


Try some flats from Lands End– they male some of the most comfortable and serviceable shoes I have worn, and are inexpensive. Look nicer than sneaks but are still sporty.


It’s reeeally hard for me to find comfy flats. I walk a lot too, and I find boots work great, at least when it’s cold. It’s easier to find comfy ones, and sometimes I add the nice squishy insoles.


I find the same thing with flats – I find it hard to find ones that support my feet. But recently I bought a few pairs of the Vivienne Westwood/Melissa collboration flat shoes (the style is called Ultragirl) and they’re really comfortable, and because they’re made of plastic they’re waterproof as well!

Brenda Marks

Cole Haan teamed up with Nike to make ballet flats that have uber technology in the soles. Supposedly they are wonderful.


I would recommend Borns, or their slightly less expensive/more stylish line, B. O. C. I pretty much lived in those in grad school (lots of hiking across campus, over hill and dale)


If you want something retro and dressy, look at Naya shoes – I have the Jada pump, which ties w/ribbons and the heels are wooden and chunky. I’ve had foot surgery and worn these for long periods of time without my feet hurting, even after being on my feet the entire day. Plus they come in wide narrow, medium and wide widths. Or I would recommend Clark’s or their sister brand Indigo by Clark’s for cute flats that that funky.


I forgot to mention Irregular Choice and Poetic License shoes. They make cute flats and heels that are quirky and retro-looking and I’m told they are fairly comfy.


From about Autumn right through to the end Spring (or longer if I can) I basically live in dresses with cowboy boots. I love this look!!! My signature look is probably just dresses. 9 times out of 10 I can be found in a dress.


Fitted clothes, silver jewellery, usually a combination of different patterns…


My nickname at work is “Cardigan Queen”…so I guess my signature piece would be cardigans. I pretty much always wear jeans with a bright colored and/or print top with a solid colored cardigan. I have a serious weakness for pintucks, and anything mustard colored.


I have always been the jeans and converse girl. Heck, I even wore Cons for pat of my wedding last year. Though if I think a bit harder it is definitely brooches- the crazier the better. I have huge containers full of them and I don’t think any outfit can be complete without them!


I love love love brooches. I have some that are very meaningful to me (family heirlooms), and some that are just sparkly or weird or fun. Love em.


Love hearing everyone’s signature. I adore brooches and scarves, but my signature is my rose gold watch. I just love it. I wear it with my white gold charm bracelet and also a pearl bracelet…quite the eclectic wrist


In clothes my signature is be bright colors and prints. I do accessorize a lot : jewelry, bags, tights and SWATCH watches ( I own maybe 10 or more…)


I love cardigans! Solid, printed, embellished, knit, everything! They can really pull an otherwise drab outfit into something presentable, especially when paired with pearl earrings!


I too am a scaft devotee–they’re so versatile! I have a few lovely silk ones I bought in India that are absolutely divine. I also wear a lot of bracelets and earrings. Never necklaces or rings.


This is a really good question and I will be thinking about it some more. But I think mine is dresses. Even when I cannot afford them, they are the things I linger on when in clothes shops and buy in sales. A big part of learning to sew has been so I can make myself some dresses that fit well.


Pearls! Long strands, short strands, 1 strand, 3 strand, cultured, freshwater, colored, white, earring, whatever! I wear skirts or dresses everyday too(with tights and boots in the cooler months and sandals in the warmer months).


Give me a lovely scarf anytime. Love them with just about any outfit, a scarf can add flair to a pair to jeans. Very European, those ladies know the art of scarves.


1) dresses. So comfortable and so easy. They always make you look as though you put a lot more effort into getting dressed than you did.
2) color. I have very dark skin and I take full advantage of it. :)

To be honest, I wouldn’t have said anything was a “signature” of mine, but those are the things my co-workers seem to know me for…women I do not know at all often come up to me to compliment what I am wearing, and usually end with “you always have the best dresses/wear such great colors”!


This is the same for me! Well, apart from the dark skin – I am very pale – but I think my signature is brightly coloured dresses and cardigans.


My signature (right now) is made-by-me fabric headbands. Some stay on with elastic at the back of my head, some I tie into a knot, and have a fabric tail down a small part of my back. I like that it keeps my hair out of my face without requiring a ponytail, since my hair seems to fall out of those so quickly.


Dresses, silver jewelry and hats. Small hats to protect from the sun on summer, and to protect from wind on winter. I have many of them and I use hats even on working days, at lunch time on the city center. I don’t know why but this is not common in Rio, no matter how hot is the day. So, became my signature. Someone wearing hat? Must be me!


This post really made me think! At first, I instantly thought of dresses (I own only 2 pairs of pants), but I like to try different shapes, styles and colours, so that’s not really a signature. There’s one thing I’ve been sporting since, well, forever, and that’s my bangs. They’re classic full, straight bettybangs, and though I’ve let them grow out once in highschool (hello big forehead!) and cut them assymetrical a few times (too much styling required), I always return to the original. So inspiring to read all the other stories!


Mine would definitely be supershort fingernails–no white growth allowed ever–I don’t know why!!! And then painted horrible colors, like Fuschizzle, that match nothing–and left on well past chippage point. That’s me.

Jacqueline Cherie Moules troispetitmoules

*severe hairdo to counteract
* frills, peplums, silks, pretty skirts and dresses
* colour colour colour (lots of pink, red and cream, though getting into bright blue)
* red lipstick
* fab tights
* heels
* ALWAYS ~ a rose in the hair or headpiece
* Alannah Hill in Australia is my inspiration

Natalie | FrizzyDizzy

When I put my hair up I add a little twist on the side to add some shape to a plain updo. I also wear broaches. I love the retro feel of them.


close to 60 years old— just found ur blog site —love it— tried to print off the pantaloon pattern—– too many pages for my budget—but it is so cute i think my 3 newly teen-aged grandaughters will love them —– good descriptions and great tips– will be looking through my patterns to see if descriptions are close —low waisted—-the ribbions are a very sweet idea—txs


I wear a lot of Southwest jewelry — turquoise, Mediterranen coral, silver, white shell, lapis, a beautiful purple stone that I can’t remember the name of now. And lots of it. Bracelets, necklaces, brooches, rings, all at once. So, my clothes are classic, plain, simple in design. I try to concentrate on cut and style rather than prints or fussy-looking clothing. So many of the patterns from here are just about perfect. And I am happy to read that there may be more patterns coming during 2013.

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