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Thought I’d share a few photos of what’s been going on at CPHQ this month, courtesy of my Instagram feed.

We’ve been spending a lot of time getting straightened up and organized (as you may have noticed from some of my recent posts), and Kenn even bought us a giant display rack so we can keep sample patterns at the studio.

We also had a photo shoot this week, which I can’t wait to share! I even took some behind the scenes video, which I’ll start editing soon.

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I’m probably overcomplicating this. To sum up:

I really like seeing January all laid out like this, so perhaps it will become a monthly tradition around here.

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Diane @ Vintage Zest

Ooh! I am interested in seeing some pictures of the studio, once it is all fixed up (hint hint).

By the way, I love the all red ensemble! Also, in the picture under the thimble, I thought it was an almost scandalous picture of you wearing patterned tights. Eek! Someone please tell me, it’s not just me!


I love your pattern display!


Ooh, Gerladton Wax! That’s a native flower of my home state (Western Australia) :) Didn’t expect to see that popping up on your blog!

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